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Welcome to the book tour for Bob Roger’s novel, Two Rivers. 

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Two Rivers: De Trouble I Be See 

Publication Date: June 10, 2023 

Genre: Historical Fiction/ Americana/ Southern Gothic 

July 1854, Colleton District, South Carolina A half-dozen years before Abe Lincoln’s inauguration, comes another collision between European immigrants and African abductees that does not end well. By 1854, the Tiffany family had enslaved over 300 Africans for more than a century on the 1,100-acre slave labor camp that they called the Tiffany Plantation. The Tiffanys were the largest rice producer in South Carolina’s Colleton District. While the toil of enslaved Africans earned untold riches for the Tiffanys, the Africans endured violence inflicted to force increased rice production and profits followed by the indignity of the bodies of loved ones being stolen from their graves and delivered to a medical school. Determined to put a stop to robberies of African graves was Posey, an eighty-four-year-old man whose ancestors came from the shores of the Bigh of Biafra, now known as Nigeria. It was Posey’s expert river-irrigation skills that made Tiffany crops successful. More conflict arose when James, the new general manager at Tiffany, realized that Posey’s expertise would be essential for the success of a plantation he planned to gain with ill-gotten money and slave mortgage-backed securities. All the while, the widow Ella, an enslaved nurse-midwife, sought to realize her dream of marrying widower Posey. Matters grew worse when Posey thwarted James’ first attempt to force his attention on Penny, a comely young enslaved wife and mother. Rich with history and a cast of unforgettable characters, Two Rivers is a sweeping saga of two peoples, European immigrants and African abductees. Together, they experience courtships, infanticide, homicide, rape, rebellions, revenge, sabotage, storms, high-stakes gambling, grave-robbing, counterfeiting, and more.

“De troubles Posey be sees” in Two Rivers reminds one of Southern Gothic storytelling 

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About the Author. . .

Bob Rogers is the author of the historical novels First Dark and The Laced Chameleon, which earned critical acclaim from Kirkus Reviews, San Francisco Review, and Baltimore Examiner. Bob is a meticulous researcher, known to spend extra time, magnifying glass in hand, deciphering 18th and 19th century handwriting for “just the facts, ma’am.” Bob, a former U.S. Army captain and combat leader during the Vietnam War in Troop A, 1/10 Cavalry, finds his topographic map experiences useful in field research. If not closeted in libraries or museums, you are likely to find him walking centuries old rice fields, battlefields, or in a canoe following the river trails of his characters. He is a member of the Organization of American Historians and his favorite places to write include his studio, parks, beaches, airplanes, and libraries. During and after his thirty-three-year sojourn at IBM, Bob created and taught gratis computer classes for under-employed youth (Norfolk, Virginia) and senior citizens (Charlotte, North Carolina) caught on the wrong side of the digital divide. When not making desserts for neighbors, we see him frequently at baseball games and concerts of the symphony. Bob tends his flowers, okra, and tomato plants in Mérida, Yucatán, México. Visit him at and see his other books, what he’s up to next, subscribe to his monthly newsletter, and get links to free eBooks by other authors. His Alma Mater is South Carolina State University, and he studied creative writing at the University of Maryland. 

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