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Who loves a cozy mystery? 

Then check our Claire and the Missing Heir by Amanda Nelson!

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Claire and the Missing Heir 

Publication Date: June 19, 2023 

Genre: Cozy Mystery/ Romcom 

When Mr. Johnson, the abrasive and crotchety bank manager who was almost universally disliked, is found dead in his house under suspicious circumstances. Best friends CC and Claire decide the new sheriff doesn’t know enough about small towns, and the people who live there, to solve the case. They begin asking questions, and generally annoying the sheriff, but one person points the finger at another until there are no answers, just more questions. With lots of reasons to want Mr. Johnson dead, what finally caused somebody to kill him? Could somebody they know really be a killer? Claire’s inability to keep her thoughts to herself cause hurt feelings, hilarity, and bodily harm wherever she goes, but that won’t stop CC and Claire from trying to find who might be a murderer. Nor do the sheriff’s hopefully idle threats, and pointed statements, to keep out of his investigation. As far as Claire is concerned, he doesn’t have much of an investigation. To make matters worse every time Claire and the sheriff are in the same area, he ends up injured. She didn’t mean to hit him with her car, or slap him, or hit him with a door, or feed him dog biscuits, or run over his foot, or … well you get the idea. A smart person would avoid the walking hazard that is Claire, but the sheriff keeps turning up wherever Claire goes. Is it a coincidence, or something more? The sparks and injuries fly as Claire and the new sheriff both try to solve the suspicious death of Mr. Johnson. 

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About the Author. . .

Writing has always been a hobby for Amanda Nelson. However, it was not always something she thought she could make a living with. After years of teaching elementary school, she finally sat down and wrote her first book. A cozy mystery about best friends solving a murder in their small town. Since turning her passion into a profession she is never happier than when she sits down at her desk and puts the opening words to a new book or story on paper. Amanda lives with her husband of over 20 years, her two grown children, and a lot of pets. When not writing she likes to spend time with family and friends, walk on the beach with her dogs, read, and take photographs. Follow Amanda on Amazon for notifications when new books release and connect with her directly at

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