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Logan has always been a good girl, a beauty queen turned wife, mother and media personality with a hundreds of thousands of fans. So when her husband receives a sex tape of her in an orgy, everyone is confused and disgusted. But Logan, has no recollection of ever recording the video. She swears to her husband that it isn’t her but he doesn’t believe her. Since Logan was adopted, the only other explanation is that the woman in the video is her long lost twin sister… Bitter and angry that she didn’t get the life that Logan did, Lola, the twin, is out for revenge. She does everything in her power to destroy Logan’s life, starting with the sex-tape. Lola’s devious actions causes Logan to unravel, eventually leaving her with nothing. No job, no family and no friends. However, there is a huge dark secret between the both of them… This is a tale of two sisters, battling the dark to get to the truth. Are you down for this crazy ride filled with twists and turns? By the time you finish this book your jaw will be on the ground in shock! Download today!

The Sexy Nerd's Review. . .

I normally don’t read books like this one, but I decided to step outside my comfort zone and give it a shot. I had seen this book around for quite some time and just kept saying to myself that I’d eventually get around to it. Well, the time is now.

I’ve been a huge fan of the book cover and I decided to see just what this story was about. I’m not familiar with this author at all, but I had heard so much about her writing style and her books. So, it pains me to say that I wasn’t a fan of this story. I found several inconsistencies, too much repetitive speaking and facts that just didn’t add up.

I’m not the type of blogger to offer spoilers, so without giving away too much for those who’d like to give this a go, I will not place any here. Logan was a welcome sight. She’d been in several pageants as a child and she’s now a full-grown adult living her best life with her husband, Xavier, and her cute little daughter, Harlem. She worked for a popular TV show and was well-known throughout her community, as well as the country.

Logan’s world was turned completely upside down when her husband received a video on his phone. And this wasn’t just any ole kind of video. It was his wife in an X-rated scene with four men doing any and everything. What would possess a woman like that, who has it all, to be caught dead in a porno? Her husband wanted to know the same thing. One would think that, although a husband would be beside himself and ready to kill his wife for having done such a thing, he’d try to find out if this were indeed his wife in the video or if she were being setup…something? Anything? But Xavier decided not to check any of those things and instead opted for a divorce and that was that. Hmm?

Eventually, this porno video was sent to her husband’s coworkers. Some of his clients saw the video too, and even though this was going on behind the scenes, Logan appeared to go on with life a bit agitated, but ok, if you will. Hmm? You wonder what Logan’s excuse was for all of this, you ask? She has an identical twin doing these horrendous things. But funny thing though, her Aunt Veronica and Uncle Charles don’t recall Logan’s mother ever having another child outside of her. When she gave birth and threw Logan in the garbage, they only found one baby, but lo and behold, there were two. Hmm?

Logan became obsessed with trying to prove her innocence. Her twin was making her life a living hell, or so it would appear, but was it? To find that out, Nerds, you’ll have to read it. This is the best I can do without going into a whole multitude of issues I had with this story. The characters seemed a bit off to me. Some of them asked the right questions but didn’t follow up. And when a character would follow up, the explanations were too easily written away. There were many holes I found in this story line that just didn’t make sense to me and it wasn’t too hard to figure out where the author was taking us. I suppose what bothered me is that once I got there, I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome.

Rae continually discussed Logan’s issues and her backstory so much that I had to skip over those sections because she did it a great deal throughout. To me, once you’ve established the backstory of the character, the reader can take it from there. It was overly done and grated on my nerves. What I did like was that Rae got to the point and crux of what the story was about. She didn’t linger in that sense, and the story is a quick read. At the end of the day, am I sorry I read this? No! It wasn’t a bad book; it just has a lot of room for improvement.  To me, the author needed to do a thorough research on some of the key elements of her protagonist.  There were things that happened in the end that wouldn't hold up and aren't legal.  Research would have fixed those issues.

The Sexy Nerd gives The Coldest Secret Ever three blankets to heat it up. Was the ending a shocker? No! I figured this story out within five percent of reading. There’s so much more I’d love to say about that ending, but it would give spoilers, so I digress. Until next time, Nerds, you already know how we do!

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