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Book Title: Shadowy Illusions (D’Vaire, Book 38)

Author and Publisher: Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: August 3, 2023

Genres: MMM Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Fated mates, menage/MMM

Themes: Love

Heat Rating:  3 flames

Length:  98 000 words

It is not a standalone story, but does not end on a cliffhanger.

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For two thousand years, the sentinels were imprisoned. They lived in a world of grayness and loneliness. But those days are far behind Shadow Lord Gerard Treily’s people. Today, the sentinels are revered and distinguished members of society. And Gerard’s purpose is clear. He decides punishments and guides his brethren through the finer points of the law. That, along with being a member of a devoted task force, gives him purpose. But Gerard wants his mate.

Ardusian Valzadari has also distanced himself from his past. Once a sullen elf who pilfered small treasures, Ardusian is now a success and a friend to his chieftain. As an important executive in the renowned company Elven D’Vaire, Ardusian works long hours to avoid the loneliness eating at him. What he wants is the other half of his soul.

The enchanters belong to the same Council as Gerard and Ardusian, but Amaury Gennevois’s people guard their privacy and rarely interact with anyone outside their race. The Gennevoises are a powerful family, but Amaury has little to his name. He has no money or job, and his father and uncle control everything. Neither man cares for Amaury, and he has the scars to prove it. 

To the surprise of Amaury, Ardusian, and Gerard, they discover Fate has granted them a triple matebond. Although relationships like theirs do not have a high rate of success in the Council, the three men care little for statistics. They are determined to build something meaningful. But secrets rest between them, and the past refuses to stay hidden. It will take grit, courage, and instituting change for every enchanter to build the future they deserve.

Ardusian chuckled. “Now, should we get to kissing?”

“One kiss, mon lutin,” Gerard said. “Anything else would scandalize Réglisse.” Amaury’s cat, Réglisse, blinked at him from across the room.

“Better than nothing, I guess,” Ardusian muttered and rushed to Gerard’s chair. “Come on, Amaury, before Gerard changes his mind and we have to wait for a single little kiss. Tell me, am I pronouncing your name correctly?”

“You said it perfectly. How are we going to do this?” Amaury asked as he left his chair and stood close to where Gerard was seated. Gerard stayed put to make it easier on everyone since he was over six feet and the tallest of his mates barely topped five-foot-five.

“First kiss is the three of us,” Gerard answered. “Then we each kiss each other.”

“Fine,” Ardusian said, still on his feet and gesturing at Amaury to get closer. 

Whether it was the desire rushing into Gerard or so many people hovering nearby, Réglisse had had enough and jumped off his lap. Gerard held his breath for a few precious moments to absorb every sensation of this incredible moment connecting the three of them. 

Ignoring the awkwardness as their noses brushed, he closed his eyes as Ardusian and Amaury bent toward him. Both Gerard’s mates had lovely, soft lips, and he enjoyed the way their unique scents overwhelmed his senses.

“Amaury, is it okay if I kiss Gerard first?” Ardusian asked after he and Amaury pulled away. “You’ve had sexuality and practice, and I fear if I don’t go second, he’ll be disappointed.”

“I’ve kissed no one. I haven’t done anything with anyone,” Amaury confided. “We share the same lack of experience. But please go ahead. I want to watch you both kiss.”

Gerard wanted to growl with satisfaction that both of his mates were untouched, but he had no chance to react. After cupping Gerard’s jaw in his small blue hands, Ardusian pressed their lips together, and a second later his tongue filled the sentinel’s mouth. 

Although Gerard wanted to spend hours exploring Ardusian and Amaury, the elf pulled away. Gerard’s dick hardened painfully as Ardusian grabbed Amaury’s face and planted a deep kiss on the enchanter. Amaury’s moan nearly made Gerard forget that they shouldn’t get carried away. 

They were all new to intimacy, and Gerard wanted to ensure everything was perfect. Pleasing one man was overwhelming enough, but he had two mates, and he had to ensure they were both happy and satisfied.

Watching Amaury and Ardusian make out was intoxicating, and Gerard almost ordered them to keep going after they separated. Amaury glanced at Gerard with cheeks painted pink with passion, and his gaze was unsure. Gerard held out an arm to him, and Amaury smiled as he leaned toward him and rested his hands on the sentinel’s shoulders. His fingers dug into Gerard’s muscles, then relaxed again as their mouths met.

Unlike Ardusian’s aggression, Amaury’s caress was gentle, but no less sexy. Gerard appreciated the chance to command the kiss and eagerly explored Amaury’s sweet mouth. Amaury surrendered fully to the onslaught, and Gerard loved the way he yielded so readily.

“I think I need to jerk off,” Ardusian whispered, his face flushed purple as he scuttled away from the pair.

Gerard chuckled, then softly brushed his lips across Amaury’s. “We may all need to. There is a single bed in this room. We will have to share.”

“I can’t wait to sleep with you both,” Amaury said, mischief dancing in his plum gaze.

“Okay, not helping,” Ardusian remarked as he jogged to the bathroom. “I’m taking a shower. Be back soon.”

“Thank you both,” Gerard called out before Ardusian closed the door. “I loved our kisses.”

“I think Réglisse was the only one not a fan,” Amaury teased. “Are you going to take a shower after Ardusian?”

“You can go ahead of me. If you go after me, I might need a second one. I’m already imagining how naked Ardusian is getting right now.”

“I’m going to see you both naked soon, right?” Amaury asked.

“I certainly hope so,” Gerard replied, caressing Amaury’s cheek. As he watched Amaury’s lashes flutter, he briefly wondered what he’d look like in the throes of passion. Gerard cleared his throat and forced himself to think of anything but stripping both his mates.

About the Author. . .

Jessamyn Kingley has published over thirty titles and refuses to pick a favorite among them. With an extraordinary passion for her characters, she enthusiastically adds tales to her D’Vaire series and avidly re-reads them whenever her schedule allows. After decades living in the Washington, DC area, she now resides in Nevada with her husband and their three spoiled cats. When she is not writing or adding new ideas to her beloved notebooks, she is gaming with family and friends. 

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