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The perfect blend of detective mystery and everyday life, that will delight fans of Sally Rigby, Faith Martin, Joy Ellis, Simon McCleave, and Pauline Rowson.

Fatal Decision

The Freeman Files Book 1

by Ted Tayler

Genre: Crime Fiction

The perfect blend of detective mystery and everyday life, that will delight fans of Sally Rigby, Faith Martin, Joy Ellis, Simon McCleave, and Pauline Rowson. The first in a gripping series that will have you hooked.


Gus Freeman, a retired Detective Inspector, has spent the past three years alone. His wife, Tess, died from a brain aneurysm six months to the day after retirement. He is still coming to terms with his enforced solitary existence. His old boss wants Gus to head up a Crime Review Team investigating cold cases. Gus can't resist the chance to enter the fray for one last hurrah.

Wiltshire is an historic and ceremonial county in South West England, famous for its ham, white horses and, above all, for its many prehistoric monuments (like Stonehenge and Avebury). It's been home to the author all his life, and despite what you might fear from the stories that follow in this series, Wiltshire is a safe and beautiful place to live.

CASE FILE #1 - June 2008
The team tackle the brutal murder of Daphne Tolliver. The sixty-eight-year-old widow was walking her dog, Bobby, in woodland close to her home when someone bludgeoned her to death with a rock.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “
Ted Tayler brilliantly weaves the details of the mysterious murder dropping bread crumbs for readers to follow. We follow Freeman and his team as they interview witnesses, suspects, and friends of the victim. Along with his liberal use of British colloquialisms, he enriches the flavour of the tale. His prose brings the investigation to life. I think Gus Freeman will be as appealing as The Phoenix. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a solid mystery.” Elizabeth.

"The pacing is excellent, the characters believable and the cold case work excellent as well. I already know that I will be reading all of this series" Jenna.

"Carefully crafted procedural with quirky characters, that not only entertains, but also lays the foundation for a series of cases to follow." Nana.

"A fabulous find! Ted Tayler is gifted in making sure the reader becomes an integral part of what he has written, become one with the book." Dora.

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Ted Tayler is the international best-selling indie author of the Freeman Files and Phoenix series. His next project is another series of challenging mysteries set in England in the 1930s. Brothers In Crime is scheduled to appear on Amazon from October 2023.

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Ted Tayler lives in the English West country, where his stories are based. Born in 1945, Ted’s been married to Lynne since 1971. They have three children and four grandchildren.

Since he published his first novel in 2013, Ted has sold over 50,000 books and surpassed 20 million page reads on Kindle Unlimited. His thought-provoking mysteries appeal to readers of Sally Rigby, Joy Ellis, Pauline Rowson, and Faith Martin. His action-packed thrillers are a must for fans of Mark Dawson, Jack Mars, and J C Ryan.

Gus Freeman’s cold case investigations are carried out with reasoned deduction rather than bursts of frantic action. In each of the 24 books, unsolved murder is accompanied by romance, humour, and country life. The core message in the 12 Phoenix novels is that criminals should pay for their crimes. Unfortunately, the current system fails to deliver the correct punishment, so Phoenix helps redress the balance.

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