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For horror fans looking for something unique... 

Read on for more details about Grandpa's Cabin by Victory Ross!

Grandpas Cabin Book Front 

Grandpa’s Cabin Expected Publication Date: September 13, 2023 

Genre: YA Horror/ Sci-Fi 

At eighty-four years old, widower and award-winning geneticist Bernie Crenshaw has reached the end of his life. Bernie gifts his only grandson, eighteen-year-old Inglewood high school senior Nova, his multimillion-dollar property located in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. Hours before his death, Bernie informs Nova that he did terrible deeds years ago. Bernie reveals that he never got caught because his freedom was contingent on an agreement he made with a “woman in the shadows” to keep the cabin in the family’s bloodline. Nova promises his grandfather that he will never sell the property. Years after Bernie’s death, Nova hosts a wild twenty-first birthday party weekend filled with alcohol, music, and OnlyFans web cameras. After a handful of eerie encounters in the surrounding Los Angeles forest, Nova’s friends allege that his grandpa’s cabin is the burial ground for people who disappeared during their childhood. The birthday weekend shifts from celebration to terror as the friends piece together that the man Nova knew as “Popsi” matches the profile of one of the most notorious wanted criminals in Los Angeles-“L.A. Love Hunter.” 

Will Nova preserve the Crenshaw family’s sadistic legacy, or will he choose the rare and valuable gift of friendship? 

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About the Author. . .

Ross Victory is an award-winning author and singer/songwriter from Southern California. After the loss of his father and brother, Ross dove into self-discovery, reigniting his childhood passion for creative writing and music production, launching an independent writing career. Victory has dedicated his life to empowering his community while entertaining listeners and readers. Victory provides a multi-format creative experience in Urban Adult Contemporary music and literature, with a focus on creative non-fiction and thematic novellas. Topics include: adventure, family, religion and philosophy, and bisexuality. Victory is best known for his father-son memoir, “Views from the Cockpit,” and multimedia production brand, “Books & Bangers.”

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Men in Uniforms: Marines, Book 2 (can be read standalone)

Military Romance

Date Published 07-27-2023

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Four years.

It's been four years since Olivia ghosted Dax as he departed for Marine Boot Camp.

Now a Lance Corporal, easy-going Dax "D" Cameron is shocked when the woman who left him with a shattered heart is standing before him.

The mix of fury and desire that bubble inside him rocks him to his core. Yet he's stationed stateside for the meantime, and if Olivia can explain herself well enough, it might help him finally get over her.

Which would be good, because his new training can't allow for any distractions. Let alone the buxom, golden, chestnut haired woman from his past. Any mess up or mistake can bring disaster for his entire squad.

When Olivia Hastings turns around to find Dax standing in front of her, she can't believe her eyes. It's the same Dax, only more muscular and his laid-back smile is wiped from his face. He seems larger somehow, and his presence after so long tears her words from her lips.

While she does owe him an explanation, he owes her one as well, because he bailed on her to join the Marines without even asking her what she thought about the idea or how it might affect their relationship. And now that she has a possessive ex dogging her heels, the last thing she needs is to have her emotions riled up by Dax's reappearance.

Because he's more irresistible now than he had been before he left.

Four years, however, wasn't enough time to extinguish the heat between them. And when they make their apologies, sparks fly even hotter than they had in the past.

But it turns out Olivia's ex is more than just an irritation -- he's dangerous. And when his jealously gets out of control, both Olivia and Dax are in his sights.

Can Dax and Olivia overcome their haunting past and her dangerous ex? Or will the challenges be too much for them to bear?

About the Author. . .

M.D. Dalrymple is a pen name for Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple for her contemporary series. She writes police, Marine Corps, and campus romances based off real places and experiences. Are you looking for pulled from the real word romance? Grab the Men in Uniform, Men in Uniform: Marines, or the Campus Heat series today!

Writing in the dry heat of the Southwest, M.D. has written over 60 books under different pen names. She has a half-dozen kids, too many pets to count, and her hubby who is also a writer and is her happily ever after!


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Follow Maxie Gwenoch as she takes the job of Managing Editor for SNAP Magazine, the world's largest and most popular gossip media covering celebrities around the globe....owned by a family of vampires

The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles Box Set

Books 1-4

by Michelle Drier

Genre: Paranormal Romance

This boxed set includes Books One through Four of the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles: Book One, SNAP: The World Unfolds; Book Two, SNAP: New Talent; Book Three, Plague: A Love Story and Book Four, DANUBE: A Tale of Murder.

Follow Maxie Gwenoch as she takes the job of Managing Editor for SNAP Magazine, the world's largest and most popular gossip media covering celebrities around the globe.

First, she finds the owners of SNAP are a family of Hungarian vampires, then she discovers she's the reason for an escalating war between the Kandeskys and their archrivals, the Huszars.

Book One, SNAP: The World Unfolds

SNAP, a multinational celeb TV show and magazine, is the holy grail for Maxie Gwenoch. When she snags the job as managing editor, she's looking for fame, fortune and Jimmy Choos. What she finds is a media empire owned by Baron Kandesky and his family. A family of vampires. They're European, urbane, wealthy and mesmerizing. And when she meets Jean-Louis, vampire and co-worker, she's a goner.

The Kandesky vampire family rose in Hungary centuries ago. They gave up violence and killing to make a killing on the world's commodities markets and with that beginning they built SNAP, an international celebrity multimedia empire. Now cultured...and having found food substitutes for killing...they’ve cornered the world market for celebrity and gossip journalism.

They haven't fully left the past behind. Their Hungarian neighbors and rival vampire clan, the Huszars are starting to ramp up attacks, maybe looking to start a war to take over all the Kandeskys have built.

Maxie believes she's found her ultimate career. She doesn't realize that she's found a family feud like none other, a centuries-old rivalry between vampire families, with her as the linchpin. Bells ring with Jean-Louis, but she doesn’t realize they’re alarm sirens until she learns that Jean-Louis is second in command of the Kandeskys...but by then it's too late.

Book Two, SNAP: New Talent

In the second book of the SNAP Kandesky vampire series, Maxie Gwenoch, media-savvy editor of the multinational celeb gossip magazine SNAP, is pummeled in Paris and kidnapped in Kiev as the Huszars ramp up the race to oust their centuries-old rivals, the Kandeskys.

SNAP's owners, the Kandesky family of vampires, built the world's most popular celeb coverage empire but this isn't just a business take-over. These powerful vampire families lived with an uneasy peace for four centuries until Maxie came in to boost SNAP's coverage and started making inroads into the Huszar's traditional hunting territories.

Although Jean-Louis, Maxie's lover, vampire and second-in-command of the Kandeskys, tries to keep her safe, Maxie is determined to do things her way, a way that may lose her her job, her love and her life.

This is a new edition. It has been reformatted and contains additional bonus material.

Book Three, Plague: A Love Story

The third book of the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles begins the saga of the family's start during the chaos of 14th century Hungary. When Stefan's wife and infant son die in a minor plague outbreak, he has nothing to live for, so Theron's turning him to a vampire is just a way out of his anguish.

Until he takes over the estate of a merchant, recruits Jean-Louis to teach him business and meets Lady Penelope Kandesky.

Plague returns to Budapest and this time paves the way for Stefan to become Baron Stefan Kandesky, a businessman who builds a trading empire with the help of Jean-Louis and Pen.

Book Four, DANUBE: A Tale of Murder

The Kandesky management trio, Stefan, Jean-Louis and Pen, find themselves embroiled in a war with their rivals, the Huszars, which is bad for PR and bad for business, but after a judicious assassination they hammer out a pact.

This fourth book of the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles tells of peace agreements with their rivals and the growth of their now-international business ventures.

It also follows Jean-Louis as he meets and falls in love with a young artist, Magda, who desires travel and adventure but never imagined the world the Kandeskys inhabit

Amazon * B&N * Kobo * Bookbub * Goodreads

Michele Drier is a fifth-generation Californian and spent better than 20 years as a reporter and editor at California daily newspapers. She is the past president of Capitol Crimes, a Sisters in Crime chapter; the Guppies chapter of Sisters in Crime, current president of NorCal Sisters in Crime, and co-chaired Bouchercon 2020.

Her Amy Hobbes Newspaper Mysteries are Edited for Death, (called “Riveting and much recommended” by the Midwest Book Review), Labeled for Death and Delta for Death. A stand-alone, Ashes of Memories was published May 2017.

Her paranormal romance series, SNAP: The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles, was named the best paranormal vampire series of 2014 by PRG. Book Eleven, SNAP: Pandemic Games was published in 2022

Her new series is the Stained Glass Mysteries, Stain on the Soul and Tapestry of Tears, and she’s working on the third, Resurrection of the Roses.

She lives in Sacramento with her cat, Malley.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Abducted by pirates, a naval officer is torn between duty and desire.

Author and Publisher: Joy Lynn Fielding

Cover Artist: Getcovers

Release Date: August 30, 2023

Genre: Historical/pirate M/M romance

Tropes: Enemies to lovers, forced proximity, hurt/comfort

Themes: Emotional scars, self-forgiveness, self-discovery, finding home

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length:  88 000 words

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.


Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 

All Crispin Merriott has ever wanted is to be a captain in the Royal Navy. Placed on half-pay after the war, he’s reduced to serving on a merchant ship. When pirates board his ship and force Crispin to join their crew, his dream has never seemed further away.

Billy loves the freedom he has as a pirate. As master gunner aboard the most beautiful ship to sail the seas, he couldn’t be happier. But then his captain tasks him with guarding the naval officer they’ve taken on board. Billy loathes the navy. He hates its officers even more.

Crispin is looking for a way to escape when disaster strikes the ship. Beset by danger, Billy and Crispin have to work together. But how can they trust one another when they detest everything the other stands for?

Trigger Warning: Please note this book contains material some people may find upsetting. The content warning page on my website gives further details.

Down in the dark, stifling bowels of the ship, where the stink of bilge water and damp made Crispin’s eyes water, Billy gave him a lantern and a ledger. “Start here and mark the precise quantity of everything against its entry on the list.”

The hold contained an esoteric selection of goods—cotton, spices, cocoa, rum, and those were merely the first things Crispin saw. The only things they had in common were that they were easy to transport and of high value. At least they were all lashed down tightly. In his poor opinion of pirates, he kept forgetting they were experienced sailors.

The afternoon crept by as they worked in silence, and the hold grew ever more claustrophobic. Still Crispin worked diligently. His throat grew parched and he needed a drink, but he wasn’t going to ask for anything. Occasionally he’d look at Billy, who appeared immersed in his own work and entirely unaware of Crispin’s presence. Yet something in Billy’s fierce concentration suggested he was very aware of Crispin’s scrutiny.

Completing his counting of boxes of cocoa, Crispin made a neat entry in the ledger, and moved a couple of paces to investigate a large chest. He dragged it forward to open it, kicking away the rat his movements disturbed. Puzzled by the clothes the chest contained, he sorted through the top few layers and swiftly realised this wasn’t cargo taken from a ship but stolen personal effects. Crispin’s breath caught as he lifted out a blue brocade frock coat, splendidly embroidered in gold thread. He knew the coat, as he did the gold silk waistcoat lying beneath it. Mr Spencer had worn them every Sunday when conducting the service. His eyes misted red with impotent fury.

It took him a moment to compose himself. When he called out to Billy, his voice was unsteady from the anger he couldn’t banish completely. “How should I record these?”

Billy slipped around the edge of the crowded hold with the ease either of long practise or natural grace. “Clothes to go before the mast for distribution,” he said, as he saw the chest’s contents. “We don’t need any further details.”

“These are going to be pawed through by the crew to take whatever they like?” Outrage surged through Crispin. “What about the people you stole them from? What are they supposed to wear?”

Billy looked at him then, for the first time all afternoon. He’d tied his hair back earlier, and it somehow emphasised his cheekbones, making his beauty even more unearthly. But the Archangel Gabriel would never have had such scorn in his eyes. “They’re rich. They’ll buy more.”

Crispin shook his head as he thought of Mr Spencer’s cabin. He’d certainly had better victuals than the crew and his own supply of wine, as well as a painting that Crispin had presumed was of his wife, but it had been nothing like Captain Smythe’s cabin. That had been filled with luxury, with furniture designed for beauty as well as use, and his dining table had seen meat served every day on china plates alongside wine in glass goblets laced with silver. “This coat belongs to the master on the Eurydice,” he said, lifting it up to show Billy. “You have no idea if he’s rich—you stole it from him because he couldn’t stop you.”

The pirate simply raised an insolent eyebrow before wandering back to what he’d been doing. Crispin carefully folded Mr Spencer’s coat and decided not to dig any further into the chest, for he realised he would probably find his own best coat. And then a thought hit him, and he searched swiftly through the clothes, hoping to find his razor or knife. He’d like his compass back as well, but that wouldn’t be so immediately useful. Disappointingly, he found the chest contained only clothes.

He stood, aimed a fulminating glare at Billy, who was silently engaged in cataloguing everything he and his crew had stolen, and returned to his task.

About the Author. . . 

Joy Lynn Fielding lives in a small English market town, where she indulges her passions for vintage aircraft, horse riding and gardening (though not all at the same time).

Joy tends to wax lyrical about the fascinating facts she discovers during her research for books. Thankfully, she has a very patient Labrador who has a gift for looking interested in what she’s saying while he waits for the food to arrive.

Social Media Links

Blog/Website  |  Facebook

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Book Title: Cold Day Dawning (Jagged Shores #4)

Author: Thom Collins

Publisher: Pride Publishing 

Release Date: August 22, 2023

Genres:  Contemporary MM romance, thriller, suspense 

Tropes: Small town romance 

Themes: Family, rivalry, revenge, overcoming PTSD

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 63 223 words

Although it can be read as a stand-alone, this book is best read as part of a series.

It does not end on a cliffhanger.


Universal Link

Available from Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, Pride Publishing,

First For Romance, B&N, and Kobo


It should be the perfect weekend away. Dalton Caine makes the long journey to Nyemouth to attend a party hosted by his sister. Catherine is estranged from most of the family, but Dalton feels the time has come to build bridges between them. Things don’t turn out how he wants, however, when Catherine gives him a cold reception at the party. But the evening is not a complete waste of time when he meets local photographer Antoni.

Following a near-fatal attack six months earlier, Antoni has struggled with his physical and mental recovery. Catherine’s party is the first time he has been out at night since then, and he’s ready for an early exit when he meets Dalton. The stranger is warm, friendly and incredibly handsome. When Antoni overcomes his reservations and accepts a drink at Dalton’s hotel, it could be the start of something new for them both.

Despite the joy of fresh romance, things soon take a darker turn. The morning after the party, Catherine’s boyfriend reports her missing. Dalton isn’t initially concerned. Catherine has disappeared of her own will before, and he’s more interested in getting to know Antoni, but the men soon find themselves at the centre of a twisted mystery, one that puts both of their lives at risk.

Reader advisory: This book contains violence, murder, PTSD, memories of a child in danger and mental illness. Although it can be read as a stand-alone, this book is best read as part of a series.

A few moments later, a door on the right opened and a man stepped out. He caught Dalton’s attention straight away. Dressed in jeans, a black T-shirt and a dark overshirt, the man looked nothing like the pretentious people he’d encountered so far this evening. He was also very handsome, which didn’t hurt. He was naturally good-looking, with brown hair, slightly wavy on the top and cut short at the back and sides where it was starting to turn grey. He had a serious-looking face, and Dalton’s initial impression was of something quite sad about his eyes and downturned mouth.

“Hi,” Dalton said cheerfully, hoping the guy wouldn’t turn out to be like all the other guests.

“Hello.” The man didn’t return the smile, but seemingly noticing Dalton’s interest in the photographs, he came closer. “Do you like them?”

There was a trace of an accent there. Dalton couldn’t quite place it. Eastern European, he guessed.

 “Very much,” he replied. “They’re remarkable. I’ve never seen Catherine like this before.”

The man looked between Dalton and photographs. “I’m glad you like them. I took all of these.”

Up close, he was even better looking than his first appearance. His eyes were dark grey and there was stubble on his square jaw, also flecked with grey.

“Wow,” Dalton said. “They are sensational…really.”

At last, his mouth turned upwards into the smallest suggestion of a smile.

“Thank you.” He held out his hand. “My name is Antoni.”

Dalton accepted the handshake. The party had finally improved.

About the Author . . .

Thom Collins is the author of Closer by Morning, North Point and the Anthem Trilogy. His love of page turning thrillers began at an early age when his mother caught him reading the latest Jackie Collins book and confiscated it, sparking a life-long love of raunchy novels.

Thom has lived in the North East of England his whole life. He grew up in Northumberland and now lives in County Durham with his husband and two cats. He loves all kinds of genre fiction, especially bonk-busters, thrillers, romance and horror. He is also a cookery book addict with far too many titles cluttering his shelves. When not writing he can be found in the kitchen trying out new recipes. He’s a keen traveler but with a fear of flying that gets worse with age, but in 2013 he realized cruising is the best way to see the world.

Check out his website for news updates and a free ebook, The Night.

Twitter: @thomwolf  |  Instagram  |   Newsletter Sign-up   


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#OnTheBlogToday #BookReleaseBlitz...The Seldom Wings...@bekaboowrites @rrbooktours #rrbooktours #rrbttheseldomwings #theseldomwings #darkfantasy #adultfantasy #darkfantasybooks #fantasybooks#bookbirthday #publicationday @SexyNerdRevue

Happy publication day to Beka Westrup and congratulations on the release of 

The Seldom Wings!

The Winged Spirits Trilogy (Book One- The Seldom Wings) ebook

The Seldom Wings (Winged Spirits Series Book 1)

Publication Date: August 29, 2023

Genre: Adult Dark Fantasy 🔥 A Morally Gray FMC 🔥 Pansexual Rep 🔥 Witcher Vibes 🔥 Unbreakable Promises 🔥 Spice 🔥 Wings 🔥 Sleeping with the Enemy 🔥 Action/ Adventure 

For years, Sia’s hidden herself in the gnashing forest, dodging her father’s bounty hunters and ignoring the nameless magic in her veins. When she receives a letter from an estranged lover, she returns to the coast she used to call home, within reach of her father’s magical city hovering above the smog and the arranged marriage waiting for her. This place is not somewhere Sia wishes to linger—the land is noxious and filled with rebels, witches, and other humans who become walking corpses when they die. What was intended to be a brief visit turns into a death-bed promise anchoring Sia to Gwaith House for the foreseeable future. She agrees to look after her first love’s human child until her widower proves he can care for his daughter himself. The thing with promises is: Sia can’t break them. No seraph can. At least, not without severe consequences. While navigating the complex feelings she develops for the angry widower and her own grief, Sia becomes entangled in a mysterious string of dismembered corpses roaming the smog and a strange detective who refuses to leave her alone. As the desperate undead draw closer and closer to the child she is sworn to protect, Sia races to find the murderer responsible for creating them. She needs to figure it out quickly, or she may risk falling right back into her father’s scorching hands.


“It’s you,” he said in a mighty exhale. “You really are hiding down here in the smog, fraternizing with humans.”

My heart bottomed out. “Where I go and what I do is none of your business.”

His lips curled in wry amusement. “Isn’t it?”

Everything inside me went cold. He knew who I was. Reluctantly, I asked, “What exactly were you doing down here when you were captured?”

The seraph’s head tilted, the slow consideration of a predator.

“What do you think, Princess?” He rolled his shoulders and flashed his teeth, a lazy show of aggression. “I was collecting a bounty.”

I put the box between us as he prowled forward, raising my dagger in warning.

“Where do you think you’re going?” His eyes followed my every step. “You know you can’t outrun me, not with your pretty golden wings put away.”

Purchase Here

About the Author. . .


Beka Westrup is a genre-hopping author of fantasy and romance. The Seldom Wings is her second full-length novel. She lives in the PNW with her husband and two children, collecting more books than she’ll ever be able to read and drinking copious amounts of iced coffee.

Book Release Blitz Organized by 

#NewBlogPost #BookTour...The Four Suitors...#YA #Medieval #Fantasy @SilverDaggerTours @SexyNerdRevue

**Happy 4th Book Birthday!!**

Being courted by four suitors to claim the crown wasn't part of this princess's plan.

The Four Suitors

by Sophie Jupillat Posey

Genre: YA Medieval Fantasy

Quick-witted and confident, Princess Laetitia of Avaritia always gets what she wants—until her 17th nameday ball. The King and Queen, believing marriage will rein in their daughter’s rebellious nature, surprise the Princess with not one, but four suitors: a philosopher, an astronomer, an artist and a necromancer. If Laetitia can’t learn at least one suitor’s craft and prove herself to be a worthy wife, she will lose her crown—the one thing she cares about most.

Laetitia irks her suitors as much as she can while learning as little as possible about them—and their so-called “crafts.” But when she and Sir Blaxton resurrect one of the many peasants who have died recently from an unprecedented disease, the corpse’s cryptic words about his death set them on a race to find answers: What is the disease? How is it spreading so quickly? And why is it affecting only the peasants?

As Laetitia tries to find answers, she uncovers a web of corruption with a stranglehold on her kingdom. Like it or not, she’s going to need the help of all four of her suitors—even if they end up putting their own lives on the line.

Amazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo * Smashwords * Books2Read * Bookbub * Goodreads

French-Venezuelan Sophie Jupillat Posey wrote a poem about spring in the 4th grade and started a mystery series a year later. She’s been hooked to creating stories ever since. She studied writing and music at Rollins College. She’s had numerous short stories and poetry published in literary magazines since 2014. She enjoys reading and writing anything from science fiction and fantasy, to paranormal and mystery novels. When she isn’t writing, she is composing music, creating albums, and teaching French to students in Central Florida. She can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, and her website.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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#OnTheBlogToday #BookBlitz...Dear Prudence...#Adult #Contemporary #Romance @XpressoTours @SexyNerdRevue

Dear Prudence
Karen Janowsky

Publication date: July 18, 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Two lost souls find a tether in the power of love.

Pru Blum’s life hasn’t been easy, but working as a cellist with the Lower Georgia Symphonic Orchestra is her solace. She depends on her friends and uncle for support, but she’s resolved to become stronger and more independent. However, avoiding her abusive ex, Cliff, isn’t easy… especially since he’s a member of the orchestra too. His overbearing personality and unwanted attention stop her in her tracks each time she tries to move forward.

Shawn Levinson’s life seems disjointed, almost as though it’s someone else’s. His parents adore and expect him to marry his girlfriend, Helena, and for him to work for her father’s corporation. Deep down, he knows their relationship is a sham. Besides, sitting at a desk and wearing a tie forever isn’t his dream. Whenever he tries to follow his own path, though, everyone dismisses his hopes as foolish. He doesn’t have the strength to oppose two families, so he escapes to Georgia to work on his parents’ retirement home and look for some clarity.

When these two lost souls literally collide, sparks fly, but neither wants the complication of a relationship. And Shawn hasn’t mentioned anything to Pru about Helena. No matter how hard they try to distance themselves, they can’t seem to keep away from each other. By the time they’re ready to admit their feelings, their pasts and secrets are poised to blow up in their faces. Falling in love may be exactly what they need… if they can each get out of their own way.

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She shouldn’t have kissed him when he was just trying to be nice to her. For the past few days with hardly any contact, she wondered what had possessed her to do so.

Her train of thought was distracted by Timéo, the owner’s cousin. He stood at the table in his black button-down shirt and matching slacks, pen and pad readied to jot down their order. She rattled off in French what she and Shawn wanted.

“Is this handsome man your boyfriend?” he asked, still in French, raising his salt-and-pepper eyebrows.

“I’m not sure, but when I find out, you and Claudette will be among the first to know,” Pru replied in the same.

“Oui, bien.” He winked before he walked away.

Shawn smirked. “You just said you were barely passable in French.”

“Here, I’m usually fine. I’d be pretty lost in France though, I bet.”

“Have you ever been?” He twirled some cheese onto his spoon.

Pru nodded. “With my grandmother and uncle when I was eleven, for Uncle Barney’s business trip. Somewhere around the house is my little Eiffel Tower souvenir.” She smiled. “What about you? Have you been to Europe?”

“Nope. I’ve never even gotten a passport. Everyone keeps saying I should before I get back with…”

He shivered and trailed off, took a big spoonful of soup and looked like he nearly choked on it. Grabbing his wine glass, he took a few swallows.

An hour later, as they waited for their boxed leftovers, Pru had had enough of their evening-long, stiff, halting conversation. They’d gone stumbling gracelessly from topic to topic, with Shawn constantly looking down and frowning. She was shaking badly enough to have trouble holding her water glass in the end, but he hadn’t seemed to notice.

It was still light outside as they made their way down the cracked, weedy sidewalk toward their cars. They’d met here instead of coming together. They passed the older, less well-maintained brick stores, a 7-Eleven gas station, and a florist that had been in business since the thirties as they walked in tense silence. The humidity was mercifully light this evening, but something heavy hung in a thick cloud between and around them just the same. He hadn’t even held her hand or hugged her all evening.

When they reached the public parking lot, Pru stopped and looked at him. “You’re upset about something. Was it what happened when you drove me home a few days ago? I’m really sorry about that. I promise I’ll—”

“Me too.” Shawn shut his eyes and exhaled. “We shouldn’t have done that. I think we need to take a couple of steps backward.” He reached into his pocket and put on his mirrored sunglasses.

Pru gripped her upper arms and shivered. This was why they’d gone out in the first place, to somewhere neutral. In retrospect, this place had been a bad choice. What had she been thinking, suggesting a romantic atmosphere to ask for a platonic relationship? “Okay. I mean, yeah, you’re right.” She dug her fingers in hard enough to know she’d probably be bruised later.

He leaned back on his car, his hands hanging at his sides, shoulders slumped. “You told me you needed to try to be independent, and the thing is, I like you a lot, but my life’s pretty complicated right now.” He sounded tentative and resigned, and he wouldn’t look at her. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you got hurt because I was careless.” The declaration came out as a half-whispered mumble.

“Shawn.” He lifted his head. She had no idea what she wanted to say next, even though she’d rehearsed the conversation in her head. All she could think about was the time he’d recited Robert Frost to her impromptu as a rainstorm began. His mouth was a tight, straight line. He inhaled with a small shudder, and she saw her distorted reflection. It seemed a perfect image of how she was feeling. “It’s all right. I was thinking the same thing for a similar reason, you just brought it up first. I like you a lot too, and I wasn’t sure how to say any of it without hurting you.”

He pulled the corners of his mouth back. “We’re on the same page, then. Are we good?”

Focusing on looking resolute as her legs and chest shook, she opened and closed her mouth a couple of times before she was able to get any sound out. “We’re absolutely fine,” she managed. “Except for that one thing, nothing’s really changed, has it? Two friends kissed for a minute. Not a big deal, right?”

“Of course not.” He smiled for real this time and hugged her. His chest was warm, and his heart was racing.

Pru shuddered and put all her energy into holding off tears. She stepped back, and they dropped their arms. “Okay,” she said. She walked around to her own driver’s side door and opened it.

Shawn got into his car. “I’ll see you around, Pru.”

This was for the best. This was what they both wanted. Nothing had changed.

She pretended to do something on her phone while she watched him drop his head back on his seat, shut his eyes, and then straighten, take a big breath, and drive away.

Author Bio:

Karen Janowsky has loved superheroes and ancient mythology since the first time she saw the Super Friends on television in 1970’s. Because flying an invisible jet was never a viable career option, and because running around in a cape, swimsuit, and bright red boots is not socially acceptable for adults, she teaches yoga and writing at the College of Southern Maryland. Her stories and poems have been featured in several anthologies and literary magazines since 1991. She received her master’s degree in English from Florida State University.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Bookbub

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Jake is a stripper on the run 
Book Title: Wayward Stripper 

Author: JB Buell 

Publisher: JMS Books 

Release Date: August 19, 2023 

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance, Omegaverse 

Tropes: Omegaverse, Male Strippers, Alpha/Alpha, Friends to Lovers, Meet Cute

Themes: Finding love, Strippers, Trans Man, Trans Character

Heat Rating: 5 flames  

Length: 25 659 words 

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger. It’s Happy Ending. 


JMS Books  |  Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 


Jake is a stripper on the run, in need of a new job. He happens to find one in New York City, at a club called The Apollo Lounge. That's where he meets another stripper named Tristan who's tall and gorgeous, and also a really nice guy.

They hit it off almost immediately, but Jake is unsure about starting something new. He's had it rough and is wary about opening up, but maybe with Tristan his luck has finally changed.

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

"This place looks great," he said, and he meant that. "I hope it works out for me. I'd love to dance here."

"Great!" Tristan looked thrilled. "I'm sure you'll do fine. Shall we get you started? I just need to go through the dancing rules with you, and the extras, and then you're all set. You want a table dance demo, or are you good?"

Jake made a little noise of surprise, unable to hold it back. A demo? Really? He was about to get a dance from this hunk?

"Sure," he said, adding, "A demo would be great."

"Okay." Tristan got his phone out and started some music, something slow and sexy, setting it on the table. "So, pretend you're a customer," Tristan said, getting to his feet. "I'm your dancer, and you'll have to use your imagination that I'm in my underwear."

Jake suppressed a smile. "Right." He opened his legs to give Tristan room to stand close, one leg either side of his knee. Tristan started by holding onto the back of his chair and caging Jake in with his thick, muscled arms. He leaned in just enough that Jake caught a hint of his alpha scent.

"So a table dance for downstairs is one full song," Tristan said, all casual as he began dancing, slowly undulating his body to the beat. "Depends on the length, of course."

"Mm-hmm," Jake replied, eyes glued to Tristan's slim hips. He was watching for technique and style, yes, but he couldn't help notice how great Tristan was at dancing, too. Clearly he knew what he was doing, and he had a fantastic body.

"No touching in the downstairs lounge," Tristan went on, dipping his crotch low and almost rubbing it over Jake's thigh, just shy of touching. "Tease as much as you want, but it's a no contact dance."

Jake nodded. "And in this room?"

Tristan caught his eye with a grin. "Well, up here it's kinda do whatever you want, short of full sex. It's up to the dancer how far you wanna go. In the private booths, that is."

"Not out here on the floor?" Jake joked.

Tristan laughed lightly. "No, just mild touching out here. There's one camera on the main floor here for the stage area, but none in the booths. If the customers want any scenting or necking, it has to be in the booths because it can get messy real quick."

"Sure," Jake agreed. "Sounds reasonable."

Tristan smiled at him as he leaned in closer, tilting his head so his nose was between Jake's neck and shoulder, and Jake had the same access to Tristan's neck. He couldn't help inhaling, just a little. Tristan smelled good: a strong and clean alpha scent. Just the sort of enticing smell Jake would expect from a young, fit alpha who looked after his body.

"Your hair smells good," Tristan said, then pulled back to grin in amusement. "That wasn't part of the dance, sorry."

Jake smiled. "It's the conditioner. But thanks."

"So, where was I," Tristan joked with a laugh. "Alright, so, obviously do a lot of scenting in the dance, the omegas really like that."

Jake liked it too, but he kept quiet and nodded along.

"They wanna feel like you're super into them," Tristan went on, "like you wanna claim them and mate. That's the impression you need to give off. Sometimes I grab the back of their chairs like this..." He demonstrated by gripping the chair's back and shaking it a little, tensing his arms so the muscles bunched as he leaned in and looked Jake in the eye.

Jake was starting to feel aroused himself at the display of alpha manliness. Like he wouldn't mind so much if Tristan threw him down for real and played a bit rough. Jake would be into it for sure.

He couldn't afford to get a crush, though. Not with a colleague. Jake made himself nod politely, treating this as business, nothing more.

"Thanks," he said, when Tristan got off his lap. "That seems straightforward enough."

"If you got any questions tonight," Tristan said, giving Jake a friendly smile, "just ask me. I'll be on the floor and I'll help out with whatever you need."

He was just too sweet, Jake thought.

About the Author . . .

J.B. Buell is a non-binary writer (they/them) of m/m romance and gay rom com stories. They are a cat person, and can’t decide if they’re more of a coffee or tea person but is quite happy to drink both.

Social Media Links

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