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Sam Quinton #3


Date Published: 03-08-2022

Publisher: Camel Press

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Sociology professor Felix Thayer is brilliant but hateful. A near genius in his field, but impossible to get along with. When his colleague Michael Hartness is found murdered in his office, it doesn't surprise anyone that Thayer is arrested for the crime. Everyone who knew the two men pretty much saw that coming. But why would Thayer have committed the murder in a manner so careless as to almost ensure his being fingered as the culprit? It's almost as if the guy wanted to be caught.

That's what Thayer's wife needs to know. She doesn't really care whether her husband's guilty. She just has to know why he'd be so careless and hires Sam Quinton, full-time gym owner, part-time private eye, and former professional wrestler, to find out. But as Quinton investigates the crime, he finds there may be more to the affair than the animosity of two men. And when the local Mafia begins dogging his steps, he figures he's on the trail of something that someone wants kept under wraps.

About the Author. . .

A high-school teacher, former college instructor, and fiction writer, Kevin R. Doyle is the author of numerous short horror stories. He’s also written three crime thrillers, The Group, When You Have to Go There, and And the Devil Walks Away, and one horror novel, The Litter. In the last few years, he’s begun working on the Sam Quinton private eye series, published by Camel Press. The first Quinton book, Squatter’s Rights, was nominated for the 2021 Shamus award for Best First PI Novel. The second book, Heel Turn, was released in March of 2021, while the third in the series, Double Frame, came out in March of 2022.


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#ReleaseBlitz...The Reaper...#Mystery #Thriller #Crime


Book Title: The Reaper

Author: Rae Scott

Publisher: Page Publishing

Release Date: November 3, 2022

Genre:  Mystery/Thriller/Crime

Tropes: Vigilante justice/ Victims no one will miss/ The one you least expect

Themes: Good vs Evil, Life or Death

Heat Rating: No heat

Length: 188 pages/ 60 000 words

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.


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Fear not those who are innocent, for I shall cause you no harm. I seek out only those who have yet to pay for their sins. Fear me if you have no remorse, for I am the Reaper, and I will ensure that you reap what you have sewn.

The serial killer known as The Reaper is loose on the streets of Norfolk. Its victims have two things in common: They have each hurt a child but served little to no time in jail for it and none of them regret their actions. 

Detective Mel Tanner is close to retirement when she is assigned to investigate a murder that leads her in a hunt for the serial killer known as The Reaper. As a seasoned homicide detective of fifteen years, she now finds herself jaded and unfeeling to the atrocities that she has had to witness every day. 

When rookie Detective Nat Petrov lands her dream assignment, to work with the best Detective in Norfolk, she is thrown headfirst into The Reaper’s perverse sense of justice. The Detectives race against the clock as body after body turns up with the signature Grim Reaper tarot card, each life ended in a way specifically designed for the individual victim. Will the detectives be able to catch a twisted serial killer before time runs out or will The Reaper exact revenge in a way more personal than anyone could have ever fathomed? 

Michael watched with a sense of foreboding as the masked figure in the black cloak stood looking down at the various items on the table, fear of the unknown beginning to take hold of him. A thousand thoughts and images ran through his mind as he tried to work out the reason for why he was there on that table, but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t come up with a single explanation for his circumstances. He tried to figure out who his captor might be, but the only name he could come up with was the Grim Reaper, because that’s what his captor looked like. The Reaper came back and held a card in front of his face with its left hand. It was a three-by-five-inch tarot card, and on it was a picture of the Grim Reaper. Michael felt the color drain from his face. The Reaper pulled the card away and with its right hand, held up a laminated newspaper clipping for him to read. Michael Fitzpatrick received a six-month sentence for the beating death of his then-girlfriend’s six-year-old son. Questions on the mishandling of evidence dropping the charges from murder to child abuse.

His stomach dropped. “I did my time for that,” he said, his voice shaking with dread. Out of nowhere, his captor’s fist came swinging down hitting him square on his nose. The sound of his nose breaking resonated loudly in his ears. Instantly his eyes began to water, and blood began flowing down his throat. He tried to turn his head so he could spit the coppery-tasting substance from his mouth, but the Reaper held him still, forcing Michael to swallow the thick fluid. The Reaper slowly shook its head from side to side. Fear of repercussions should he move kept him still and motionless even when his captor went back to the table again.

When the Reaper returned, he was shown another news article. This one detailing all fifty-three injuries the boy had sustained by him during a drunken rage. While he read the article, tears spilled from Michael’s eyes in earnest as he finally realized that he wasn’t going to get out of this room alive. Again, his captor went to the table, returned the news article, and came back to look down at him with its unblinking gaze. It held the Grim Reaper’s card up to him again, only this time it showed him the message that had been written on the back of the card. Swallowing several times to clear the blood from throat, Michael read it out loud, “Fear not those who are innocent, for I shall cause you no harm. I seek out only those who have yet to pay for their sins. Fear me if you have no remorse, for I am the Reaper, and I will ensure that you reap what you have sewn.” Michael looked from the card to the Reaper, tears flowing down his cheeks as he begged for his life. “Please, no. I did my time for that. I would never have hurt him if I hadn’t been drunk. It wasn’t my fault. She knows how I am when I get drunk. She should have kept him quiet and away from me.”

The Reaper placed the card on Michael’s chest and shook its head. With its other hand, the Reaper slowly lifted up a ball-peen hammer, holding it in front of Michael’s face so he could see it, the intention clear.

“Please, no. I’m sorry,” Michael sobbed, frantically pulling against his bindings as panic began to take over.

The Reaper slowly turned and walked around the table until it was standing next to Michael’s right knee. As the hammer was steadily raised over its head, the Reaper looked down into Michael’s eyes.

He didn’t feel the wetness pooling around him as his bladder released nor the pain of the restraints as they cut into his already raw and bleeding skin. The only thing he felt was pure unadulterated terror. “No, please! You don’t understand!”

The Reaper tilted its head, the hammer still hovering high in the air over Michael’s knee and placed one black-gloved finger to its mouth. Shhh. It said as the hammer came down hard, shattering his kneecap.  

About the Author. . .

Born in New England, Rae Scott spent her childhood hiking, fishing, and enjoying the outdoor life inherent to the area. This love of adventure led her to travel the world in a quest to discover new and exciting things, feeding her thirst for knowledge and creativity that she now draws on for her books.  In between her travels, she can be found on her porch in Virginia with her family coming up with new ideas as to where their next adventure will take them.

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#BookTour #Giveaway...Midpoint: A #Memoir...#Nonfiction

Midpoint: A Memoir

by Patricia Angeles

Genre: Nonfiction Memoir

Midpoint: A Memoir is an immigrant woman’s story of perseverance and building a legacy future generations can be proud of.

Patricia Angeles is at the midpoint of the average human lifespan. Decades of experience, mistakes, love, and loss have led her to contemplate what anyone might when they’ve lived half their life. “What kind of legacy am I leaving behind? What do I want my friends and family to remember after I’m gone? What are the biggest life lessons I can impart while I’m still here?”

Through this collection of personal stories, Patricia attempts to assess her answers to these questions, and perhaps encourage others to do the same. Spanning from her childhood in Manila to her immigration and life in Los Angeles, these stories touch on her youth, her acclimation to American culture, her remarkable career in the world of banking, her thoughts on motherhood, the important people who made her who she is today, and major events that forever changed the trajectory of her life.

A raw, honest, poignant, and at times funny read, Patricia aims to inspire her readers to pursue happiness against all odds and to not settle for a life of mediocrity. Through the power of story, this book ultimately asks: What are we but the accumulation of our experiences?

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads

Patricia Angeles is a tenured and award-winning banking professional with an MBA degree in international studies from the University of La Verne. She grew up in Manila, Philippines and moved to sunny Southern California in 2005. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, and three daughters. When not writing or reading, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling with them to new places.

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#NewReleaseBlitz...Your Christmas...#Celebrities #Contemporary #FriendsToLovers

 Your Christmas by S.J. Coles

Book 1 in the Once Upon a Holiday series

Word Count: 11,664
Book Length: SHORT STORY
Pages: 59



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Book Description

It’s your Christmas, Nick. Make it what you want it to be.

Nick only agreed to return to Littleton for Christmas because Charlie, his movie-star ex, is throwing a Christmas Eve party. Charlie was the one who got away, and, regardless of what his old friend Seph says, Nick thinks he still has a shot.

But things don’t go according to plan. Maybe it’s being back in his hometown, maybe it’s the time of year, but Nick is looking at Seph in a whole different way.

Nick has to decide what he really wants for Christmas before he blows yet another chance at happiness.


“I got it,” Nick said as he stepped into the icy December wind. “I only bloody well got it.”

“Congratulations.” Nick could hear the smile in Seph’s voice, even though the mic on his friend’s pay-as-you go mobile made him sound like he was at the bottom of a well. “I knew you’d smash it.”

Nick also smiled as he hailed a taxi. Seph always made him feel good, even at times like this when his other emotions were harder to call. “Well, they couldn’t exactly pass me over after my big win last month.”

“You gonna phone your dad?”

“I’ll tell him Monday,” Nick said as he climbed into the taxi, wincing at Smooth Christmas blasting from the driver’s radio. “Mate, can you turn that down?”

The driver gave him a look and turned Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody down by one notch. Nick sighed. “Kensington please, pal. This is finally it, Seph. A shot at a partnership. The chance I’ve been waiting for… You still there?”

“I’m here.”

“Got something to share?” Nick said after a heartbeat.

“Why would you say that?”

“I know your silences, Seph. Come on. Spit it out.”

Seph sighed. “I dunno, Nick. Just last week you were telling me how you never have time for yourself—to have fun, to meet anyone. Won’t this promotion mean even less time for those things?”

“Yeah, but I’ll finally be getting paid enough to make it worth it.”

“Fair enough.” Seph’s neutral tone didn’t fool Nick, but he continued before Nick could retort. “So, did you make a decision yet?”

“About what?” Nick asked, gritting his teeth as Slade ended and Michael Bublรฉ’s crooning filled the car.

“About this weekend,” Seph prompted. “You know…Christmas?”

“I can’t come. Gotta get caught up on my new caseload.”

A pause. “Not to be that guy, Nick, but your dad—”

“Dad wants to sit on his arse getting pissed. It will be no different from any other day, except on Saturday he’ll be drinking sherry.”

“He wants to see you, Nick. I know he does.”

“He told you this?”

“I can just tell. He’s lonely.”

“Stop with the guilt-tripping, Dr. Rose,” Nick muttered. “It doesn’t suit you.”

“Nick, Christmas is a time to be with those you love—even if you hate them at the same time.”

“I don’t hate Dad,” Nick said, loosening his tie. “I’ve just got too much on.”

“Even more reason to come. You need a break. Besides, didn’t it occur to you…?”

“What?” Nick prompted when Seph didn’t continue.

“Didn’t it occur to you that I might want to see you?”

“We just saw each other,” Nick protested, wincing when his work phone started buzzing in his pocket. His new secretary was emailing his schedule for the following week and requesting confirmations. He fought the sinking feeling when he saw the back-to-back court dates, meetings and corporate networking events. “What did you say?” he said when he realized Seph had said something else.

“I said my conference was eighteen months ago. And you’ve not been here to Littleton in, what? Christ…years.”

“Look… I’m sorry, Seph,” he said, opening the app to accept the appointment invitations. “There’s just nothing for me up there.”

Another pause, longer this time. But before Nick could decide what it meant, Seph spoke again.

“Come on, Nick,” he cajoled. “Even Charlie Kearney is spending Christmas at home this year.”

Nick started. “Charlie’s back?”

Seph swore under his breath. “Sorry. I didn’t think.”

“Charlie Kearney is going to be in Littleton for Christmas?”

“Yeah,” Seph said, a little tightly. “He’s having some big look-how-famous-I-am party at Arnold House on Christmas Eve.”

“And you’re invited?”


“He didn’t tell me…”

“Shit, Nick, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“No, no. This is a good thing,” Nick said, pocketing the work phone and smiling.

“It is?”

“Think about it. I’ve just got my new place, a new job. What better time to see him again? It’s, like, fate or something.”

“You really think it’s worth it? After all this time?”

“Things are different now,” Nick said. “I’m different.”

“His fiancรฉ will be there.”

Nick snorted. “That designer he picked up in Paris? They’ve only been together for three weeks.”

“They’re still engaged.”

“I don’t care if they got married at Notre-Dame. Mega-star or not, it’s still just Charlie being Charlie. This feels like a chance, Seph, a second chance, and I’m gonna take it.”

“I just…”

“What?” Nick said, his friend’s tone sending irritation rippling over his skin.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“I’m not an idiot,” Nick insisted. “I’m not saying we’ll get back together. But there’s unresolved shit there. You know I don’t like loose ends.”

“Well, that’s romantic.”

“Fine. You want romantic?” He drew a deep breath. “He’s the one who got away, Seph. I’ve never stopped thinking about him. I deserve the chance to at least tell him that. Right?”

“Of course you do. But do you really think you’ll have anything in common anymore?”

“He’s a Littleton success story,” Nick said, swiping the steam away from the window to try to see what progress they’d made down Brompton Road. “So am I.”

“Well, can’t argue with that.”

“Too right.” Nick frowned as they passed Harrods’ festive shopfront display—plastic snow, garish ornaments, a smiling family in matching jumpers digging into mince pies in front of a blazing log fire that had to be a set in some studio somewhere. “Might as well get something out of this god-awful weekend.”

“So…you’re coming?”

“I’m coming.”

“Great,” Seph said, the warmth in his voice starting an unfamiliar tingling in Nick’s toes. “That’s really great, Nick.”

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First For Romance

About the Author. . .

S. J. Coles

S. J. Coles is a Romance writer originally from Shropshire, UK. She has been writing stories for as long as she has been able to read them. Her biggest passion is exploring narratives through character relationships.

She finds writing LGBT/paranormal romance provides many unique and fulfilling opportunities to explore many (often neglected or under-represented) aspects of human experience, expectation, emotion and sexuality.

Among her biggest influences are LGBT Romance authors K J Charles and Josh Lanyon and Vampire Chronicles author Anne Rice.

Find S. J. Coles at her website and follow her on Instagram.


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Monday, November 28, 2022

#ReleaseBlitz #Giveaway...Irish Charm...#Contemporary #MM #Romance


Can a bit of Irish charm rescue an injured soldier from his wrenching heartache?

Book Title: Irish Charm (Flying into Love #3)

Author and Publisher: C F White

Cover Artist: Kelly Martin (KAM Design)

Release Date: November 28, 2022

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes:  Hurt/Comfort, Opposites Attract

Themes: Second Chance, Forced Proximity

Heat Rating:  4 flames    

Length: 64 250 words/260 pages

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.


Universal Link  |  Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 


Injured ex-soldier, Kane Taylor, has lost everything—the job he loves, the use of his trigger hand, and the love of his life. Moving to remote Donegal in Ireland to fix those lost links with his deceased partner’s ancestors is the only thing keeping his memories alive.

Publican Declan McCafferty has everything—a job he loves, a community he adores and a revolving door of lovers. But when he sets eyes on the new sexy, brooding regular customer at his pub staring solemnly into his Guinness night after night, Declan realises he needs one more thing—him.

Kane isn’t ready to give himself to another man, but the charismatic and charming publican is hard to resist. Can a fling be such a bad thing?
It is when Declan discovers Kane is the only man in his life he’s not willing to let go.

Irish Charm (Flying into Love #3) is a contemporary hurt/comfort, opposites attract, second chance MM romance featuring an ex-military alpha male recovering from heartache and a cheeky Irish publican allergic to commitment.

“What you grinning for?” Ciara was at his office door, nose scrunched. 

Declan composed the returning message, then clicked off the phone and dropped it on his desk. 

“You’ll get an extra hundred in your pay this month. Euan coughed up.”

“You got that tight arse to pay? How did you do that?”

“My obvious charm.” 

“Did you deny him his drink?” 


Ciara snorted.

“You’re still okay to stay until closing tonight? Paddy’ll be with you, so you won’t be alone to lock up.” 

“Where are you going?” 


Ciara’s dubious grin had Declan’s brow furrowing. “You might reconsider that.” 

Declan stood, smoothing down his shirt. “Doubt that.” He did. He needed to get laid. However it came. “Does this shirt make me look—”





“Cause y’are.” 

“I know, but sometimes I like to hide that fact.” He unbuttoned the shirt, ruffling it out from his jeans and flapped it off his arms. 

“What vocation you going for?” 

“Model? Actor? Front man of a boy band.” 

Ciara cracked out a laugh. “Only way you’ll pass for that is if you serve the bloke your lock, stock and barrels, getting him so bollocksed he can’t see.” 

“You’re good for the soul, y’know, Ciara.”

Ciara curtseyed. “You’re welcome. You still won’t go out though.” 

Declan shot a confused look over his shoulder as he rummaged around in his office wardrobe. He kept spare clothes down here for those times he needed a quick change rather than having to venture up three flights of stairs. Mostly it was shirts for when he’d been drenched with beer. Or the occasional jacket for when he had the brewers in. Or a jumper for when he needed to head into the cellar at night. But, right at the back, were a few go-tos for last minute dates. He yanked a T-shirt off a hanger and checked it over. Least it didn’t spell middle-aged owner of a centuries-old pub. It was tight. Might as well be a base layer. Perhaps it was. He wriggled into it. Thank Mary he still had a decent body. He turned to Ciara and smoothed down the creases, tucking the tee into his waistband. 


“Aye, you could pass for one of the fellas from Boyzone. The oldest one.” 

“Grand.” Declan ruffled his curls. 

“You still won’t go out though.” 

“Why not?” 

Ciara smirked, then angled her head for Declan to follow her. He tutted. If it was Jacob, he’d call the Garda. Or his daughter. He’d put the fella in a home himself. Because nothing was going to prevent him getting laid tonight. He needed rid of the loitering scent of Rowan, and to work off the lingering fantasy of a certain army captain. 

Ciara led Declan from his back office, through the inn’s reception and into the main bar. Irish folk played on a loop for the few customers chatting into their drinks and finishing off the special of steak and ale pie with greens. Ciara stopped, folded her arms and nodded toward one of the tables. 

Declan regretted his choice of top as it restricted his lungs expanding.

In an exact recreation of the previous night, Captain Kane Taylor stared forlornly into a pint of Guinness. Declan doubted a single drop had passed his lips and it wouldn’t be anything to do with how Shane had poured it. A shadow of a man—hunched and childlike—there was too much and nothing at all going on behind sad eyes. Declan’s desire to go to him wrenched hard. Harder than his need to release his pent-up load into a stranger. 

Ignoring Ciara’s triumphant “told ye so”, he went to him and slipped into the seat opposite. 


Kane met his gaze, eyes dreary and empty yet filled with need. With hope. With longing. He dug deep into his jeans pocket, fished out a coin and slid it across the table. 

Declan tilted his head. “Don’t usually accept British currency. I’ll make an exception for you though.” He picked up the two pound coin and tossed it into the air, catching it in his fist. “You want change, it’ll have to be in cents.” 

“No need for change. I have a lot of thoughts to pay for.”

Declan’s lips curved into a benevolent smile. Ciara had been right. With thoughts of nothing but this man, Declan wasn’t going anywhere. 

“Bottle of Jameson’s, Ciara,” he called over to the bar. “Two glasses.” He then wrapped his hand around Kane’s pint and dragged it toward him. “I take it you’re not going to drink this?” 

“No. As much as I want to.” 

“I hope, one day, that I can drink it.”

“That day not today?” 

“That day isn’t today.” 

Declan held up the glass in salute. “Then I’ll take one for your team.” He drank the lot, dumping the empty onto the beer mat, and wiped the froth from his lips. “Can’t waste the best poured pint outside Dublin.” 

About the Author. . .

Brought up in a relatively small town in Hertfordshire, C F White managed to do what most other residents try to do and fail—leave.

Studying at a West London university, she realised there was a whole city out there waiting to be discovered, so, much like Dick Whittington before her, she never made it back home and still endlessly search for the streets paved with gold, slowly coming to the realisation they’re mostly paved with chewing gum. And the odd bit of graffiti. And those little circles of yellow spray paint where the council point out the pot holes to someone who is supposedly meant to fix them instead of staring at them vacantly whilst holding a polystyrene cup of watered-down coffee.

Eventually she moved West to East along that vast District Line and settled for pie and mash, cockles and winkles and a bit of Knees Up Mother Brown to live in the East End of London; securing a job and creating a life, a home and a family.

After her second son was born with a rare disability, C F White’s life changed and it brought pen back to and paper after having written stories as a child but never had the confidence to show them to the world. Now, having embarked on this writing journey, C F White can’t stop. 

So strap in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  

Author Links

Twitter @CFWhiteUK  |  Facebook  |  Blog

Instagram  |  Newsletter Sign-up


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#BookTour #Giveaway...Orphans of Canland...#Climate #Apocalypse #SciFi #Dystopian

Orphans of Canland

by Daniel Vitale

Genre: Climate Apocalypse, SciFi Dystopian


A complicated, rich, and challenging work ... An impressive debut that goes beneath surface issues of climate-apocalypse fiction. - Kirkus

It’s 2088, and the dust has settled on America, decades after an environmental collapse. The eco-totalitarian organization, WORLD, has reconfigured society with the intention of restoring nature. Twelve-year-old eternal optimist Tristan Weekes lives in what he believes must be paradise: Canland, an agrarian California desert-greening project. However, Tristan’s life-defining medical condition, analgesia, prevents him from feeling physical pain, leaving his brain’s stress centers unresponsive to everything from ego-blows to heatwaves.

Well-intended, curious, and wielding a stunning vocabulary, Tristan loves to listen to the subversive theories spouted by his older brother, Dylan, a drug-addicted satellite hacker. He also wants to prove his independence to his mother, Helena, a powerful population control-extremist. Meanwhile, all around him, the survivors of the environmental collapse are just working toward a better tomorrow. But when a slew of violent acts befalls Canland, Tristan must confront certain truths about the community he loves—including his family’s secrets, his own involvement in the horrors enacted by WORLD, and the debts that are owed to the orphans of Canland.

In this work of literary fiction, set against the backdrop of a frighteningly plausible dystopia, Daniel Vitale explores the fate of our planet, the nature of family, and the duty of science, as Orphans of Canland asks: What does it mean to belong on Earth?

 Amazon * B&N * Indiebound * Goodreads


DANIEL VITALE is a Jewish-American writer and a graduate of Amherst College. Originally from New York, he now lives in Los Angeles, where he spent his first year working in TV before writing fiction; he has also written screenplays, poetry, and songs. Former goalie of his college hockey team, Daniel now owns a hockey goalie coaching business and works with players of all ages and skill levels. His experience coaching children with autism has been particularly influential in the writing of his first novel Orphans of Canland, as has his interest in the relationship between climate change and the development of the American west. He is currently working on his second novel.

Website * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads


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Sunday, November 27, 2022

The #Sexy #Nerd #Review...Bum Luck...#Fiction #Legal #Thriller #Mystery #Audiobook #Booknerds #Bookworms

"Thirty seconds after the jury announced its verdict, I decided to kill my client." - Jake Lassiter

Lassiter believes that NFL superstar Thunder Thurston, murdered his wife. But the jury said "not guilty." A lawyer is supposed to let it go. Not Lassiter, who vows to become a vigilante.

His pals, squabbling law partners Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord, fear that all those concussions playing football caused the brain damage known as CTE. Can they stop Lassiter from becoming a murderer?

Will Dr. Melissa Gold, a neuropathologist, be able to halt his decline? it game over for Lassiter's career and life?

NOTE: The Jake Lassiter books are all stand-alones that may be enjoyed in any order.

The Sexy Nerd's Review. . .

This is the first time I’ve read this legal series. I’ve come to expect a certain amount of legalese within my legal reads and when I get more backstory than main storyline, it somehow places me up on that dreaded fence. So, here we are.

One thing I loved about Jake Lassiter is his funny sarcasm. He had plenty of that, much like my favorite Law & Order character, Detective Briscoe. Or former lieutenant, Joe Kenda. I could not get enough of his quick wit and passion, or lack thereof, for what he did for a living. In this eleventh installment, Jake caught a case from NFL star, Thunder Thurston. The media tried Thunder in the news of justice assuming his guilt of murdering his wife. It was up to Jake to save his NFL superstar.

While his hands were full with getting Thunder off, his colleagues were concerned for his well-being since Jake was a former NFL player. It has been all over the news of former players suffering from CTE from too many hits to the head. Jake wasn’t feeling up to par, as of late, and his friends felt he needed to get his brain check. Jake felt the same way but not for the same reasons as they would have liked. He was getting tired of the legal game and contemplating getting out.

Once he got Thunder off, Jake was not in the clear. Little did he know just around the corner was a grand jury deciding his fate. It appears as if someone has framed him for getting his current client off, and that, readers is where this story begins to take shape.

Eh, I learned a great deal about Jake, but there wasn’t much thrill in the legal sense that I would have loved. I think a lot of that had to do with the author wanting any new readers to know something about his main character. This series can be read as a standalone. Perhaps therein lies my problem. Maybe I should have read the first book? If the first ten books were this redundant like this eleventh installment, I’m not sure I would have been able to continue on with it.

This isn’t a bad book and it is well written. I just wished there was more delving into the legal aspects of the case instead of all the little backstories and side stories. When I find a book that states this is a legal thriller, that’s exactly what I expect and unfortunately, I didn’t find much thrill with this series. I may try another book some time down the line, but for now, I’m going to let this story and my feelings about it marinate a little before I make a decision to continue the series.

The Sexy Nerd gives Bum Luck, three alternate jurors to help make a quick decision. If you’re looking for a book that has a great main character and lots of backstory and sarcasm, this is a must-read for you. Until next time, Nerds, you know what to do.

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

#BookTour #Giveaway...Snow In Love...#Sweet #Contemporary #Romance

Snow In Love

by Libby Kay

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance

The slopes are heating up this holiday season!
Skiing’s golden girl finds love this Christmas when she falls for the sport’s bad boy.

Christmas is Sienna Markum’s favorite time of year. From the tinsel and traditions to the down time with family, all Sienna wants is a break from training. The Paralympics are months away, and she’s set on winning Alpine gold.

Connor Shoemaker has no plans for Christmas, other than train for the Paralympics. A motocross accident took one of his legs – and all of his confidence. Connor doesn’t think anything can get his old mojo back, until he meets Sienna.

Sienna was told her training would be private, but soon, she starts to warm up to her new training partner. Bad boy Connor is more than meets the eye. When her Christmas plans fall through, Sienna finds the best present under the tree – Connor.

But is Sienna willing to balance her training with a shot at love?
Can Connor find his confidence again, off and on the slopes?

Together, these two will learn there is more to life than skiing. And it looks a whole lot like love.

Fans of sports romances like Icebreaker by Hannah Grace, and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata will love the enemies to lovers and forced proximity tropes in Libby Kay’s books. SNOW IN LOVE will have you snuggling up and enjoying hot cocoa by the fire. A perfect cold weather read!

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Falling Home

A Buckeye Falls Novel

by Libby Kay

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance

Welcome to Buckeye Falls, Ohio!
Tis the Season for Second Chances…And this couple is going to need a Christmas Miracle!

When New York transplant Ginny Meyer returns to her small hometown to help her father recover from surgery, she isn’t looking for any complications. No Christmas caroling, no cookie decorating, and certainly no time spent with her ex-husband, Max. The trouble is, she’s looped into helping with the Christmas Jubilee—and a certain ex is her planning partner. Now all her plans to avoid Max disappear in a puff of tinsel. But she can resist his charms, right?

Max Sanchez has three great loves in his life—his diner, Christmas, and his ex-wife. He’s spent two years missing the woman who broke his heart and left town, and he’ll use any excuse to spend time with her. Max hopes some holiday cheer, and his famous cheese enchiladas, can help them find their way back together. Buckeye Falls hasn’t felt the same since Ginny left, and Max can tell she’s warming to the idea of staying in town. Now if only he could get her to stay with him…

With a little help from the residents of Buckeye Falls, this Christmas is bringing more than presents under the tree.

Author Libby Kay’s books are perfect for fans of Kristan Higgins’ second chance romances or Sharon Sala’s smalltown romances. Readers will fall in love with Buckeye Falls, Ohio and the townspeople as they embrace the holiday season. Slip in to this enchanting smalltown and stay awhile! You might just fall in love…

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Libby Kay lives in the city in the heart of the Midwest with her husband. When she’s not writing, Libby loves reading romance novels of any kind. Stories of people falling in love nourish her soul. Contemporary or Regency, sweet or hot, as long as there is a happily ever after—she’s in love!

When not surrounded by books, Libby can be found baking in her kitchen, binging true crime shows, or on the road with her husband, traveling as far as their bank account will allow.

Writing is a solitary job, and Libby loves to hear from readers. Reach out and review her stories anytime. She’d love to hear from you.

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