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Land of Endozia Book 1

by Lynz Johnston

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Tatyanna longed to be normal. To fit in with her family, and not be an outsider at school. But that wish was never to be.

The changes began when she turned sixteen. Noticeable shifts in her appearance that made her feel like even more of a freak show. As the years went on, her differences couldn’t be ignored. A strange tattoo suddenly appearing. Odd things occurring with a simple touch of her hand. There seemed to be no explanation for any of it.

Until she met Dimitri.

He knows more about her than he should and acts as her guide into a world of magic he claims she plays a powerful role in. Dimitri introduces her to mysterious bartender, Emmett, who helps Tatyanna unearth her long-hidden truth. She is a royal from a hidden world that defies imagination. Now, that world is in peril, and Emmett and Dimitri need her help to save it.

All she has ever known is here. But failure to act could destroy this realm and the next. Can she channel the strength within her and achieve the impossible? Or will self-doubt prevent her from protecting all those who depend on her?

This book was previously published under the title, Tatyanna (Light and Darkness Book 1). The contents of this book are the same.

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Land of Endozia Book 2

How do you say goodbye when you know it could be forever?

The death of Tatyanna’s trusted guardian has been foretold. Still, she must part ways with him as their journeys pull them down differing paths.

One must find an elusive princess and convince her to fight by their side.
The other hunts for clues of their enemy’s weaknesses.

The magical world is in a state of destruction, with darkness and unspeakable dangers surrounding them at every turn. Yet before the Royals can begin the work to repair their beloved homeland, they must first weed out the evil deeply rooted across the realm.

In the face of unimaginable odds, one truth becomes clear; sometimes the biggest obstacle a troubled soul can face is themselves. Will the hope found through forgiveness be enough to save the battered land? Or will the prophecy be fulfilled with the loss of someone Tatyanna holds dear?

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I have been a life long reader and dreamer, turning to books every chance that I could. I can often be seen staring out a window having conversations with my many characters when I should be doing something else.

I currently live in Ohio with my husband and our two kids. When I'm not writing or day dreaming, I am a teacher by day, a gamer by night, and sometimes when the kids are asleep, I find the time to write.

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