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Finding Hope

Half Moon Bay Series Book 1

by Erin Brockus

Genre: Contemporary Beach Romance

Take one island paradise and add two wounded hearts, afraid to love.
Will their pasts be too much to overcome?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I completely fell head over heels for both Hope and Alex in this story. My heart is still melting. I seriously couldn’t put this book down.” Goodreads reviewer

After her predictable and carefully ordered life is upended,Hope Collins is desperate for a change. This comes when she unexpectedly wins a scuba diving resort on the Caribbean island of St. Croix. But when she arrives to complications, her determination is immediately tested.

Enigmatic dive instructor Alex Monroe is trying to forget the past and only wants a quiet life. But that’s turned upside down when Hope arrives and he finds himself drawn toward her.

Both have their reasons for avoiding a romantic entanglement, but a series of mishaps throws them together and their resolve is challenged. Even paradise can have a dark side. Hope has learned never to trust a man. Alex has closed himself off, existing but not living.

When two pasts collide, their scars overlap. Can two damaged souls find hope in each other?

Finding Hope is the first novel in the enthralling Half Moon Bay series. It is a slow-burn, sensual contemporary beach romance featuring compelling, realistic characters and an irresistible tropical setting!

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Defending Hope

Half Moon Bay Series Book 2

Hope Collins struggles to succeed in her new life. Alex Monroe begins to face his greatest tragedy. Can their love withstand the strongest of storms?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This book should be a ten-star book it was so great! I did not want it to end." Amazon reviewer

Half Moon Bay Resort owner Hope is settling into her new life in St. Croix when disaster strikes. Dive guide and former Navy SEAL Alex must act when the woman he loves and the resort they are both part of become imperiled.

As a new couple, both must make a stand. Hope finds her hard-won success tested, then must face an unthinkable betrayal. Alex is coming to grips with his darkest memories when his life is upended and he realizes some battles cannot be fought alone.

Together, they must fight to save what they’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Will Hope and Alex be able to face their pasts and triumph over the ultimate danger?

Defending Hope is the second installment in the Half Moon Bay series of sensual contemporary romances which feature mature, compelling characters and an irresistible setting!

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Rising Hope

Half Moon Bay Series Book 3

⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Rising Hope is a resounding success . . . absolutely stunning." Goodreads review

Half Moon Bay Resort owner Hope uncovers an incredible opportunity. Dive guide and former Navy SEAL Alex recognizes its potential and understands better than most the associated peril. They must overcome their pasts if they are to look toward any future together.

As a couple, both must learn to confront the unknown and explore new territory. Hope has proven her success with the resort and must learn to trust her own strength. Alex struggles to reconcile the man he used to be with the one he is now.

Together they embark on a high-stakes adventure that could end in an unbelievable prize. It could also be fatal. And when Hope faces the ultimate danger, can she help Alex to face his greatest fear? Can they rise together?

**On Sale for Only $2.99!**

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Forever Hope

Half Moon Bay Series Book 4

Hope Collins inches toward her greatest dream, while Alex Monroe grapples with one last ghost from his past. Can they make the ultimate decision—one which will affect the rest of their lives?

Hope never thought she would get married, yet her date with destiny draws ever closer. Alex must face one last test in facing his trauma, but he could never have imagined who this final piece of the puzzle would be.

Together, they uncovered a great secret, which will now cause danger for both. It also has the potential to change their lives forever, as well as those they love. Since Hope moved to St. Croix, strangers have become friends and are now family. Alex has learned his purpose will always be within a team, and he isn’t meant to live a solitary life.

Can Hope finally achieve her highest wish? Will Alex triumph over the past at last and face the future? Is their fortune to stand together forever?

Forever Hope brings Hope and Alex’s story to its incredible, emotional culmination, and lays the foundation for the next installment in the Half Moon Bay series.

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Dive into a romantic escape!

Erin Brockus writes sensual contemporary romances set in exotic, tropical locales. She features mature, realistic characters you actually enjoy getting to know. Count on plenty of adventure with a focus on the ocean, especially scuba diving.

She was born in 1969 in Washington state. A great love of creative writing as a child got pushed aside by the expectations of Real Life and she went to college to become a pharmacist. After practicing pharmacy for over 25 years, it was time for a change. So, she reduced her hours as a practicing pharmacist to devote more time to writing.

She was introduced to scuba diving in 1998 by her husband. They have since traveled worldwide enjoying diving, and the breezy locales they visited formed the ideas for her characters and stories. Erin has even been known to don a drysuit and explore the cold, murky waters of the Pacific Northwest. She is also an avid runner and cyclist.

Erin lives with her husband (a scuba instructor) in eastern Washington state. She is currently at work on the next Half Moon Bay installment.

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#ReleaseBlitz...Late Bloomer...@RABTBookTours #RABTBookTours #LateBloomer #MegBenjamin #Romance

Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Texas Romance, Small Town Romance

Date Published: May 31, 2022

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 Strong Blooms Take Time.

Gray Temple is an angry man. He’s been suspended from the family law firm over a disputed divorce settlement, and he’s hiding out in Konigsburg, Texas, working at his brother’s BBQ joint and living in his cousin’s old apartment. Even as he nurses his fury at the injustice of it all, Gray suspects he needs to pull himself together. He just doesn’t exactly know how.

Amanda Sunderland is a little angry herself. She’s short two employees at her garden store and trying to deal with the possibility that her son’s wealthy father may want custody for himself and his new fiancรฉe. When Gray offers his services as temporary help, Amanda’s happy to grab him.

As the two get to know each other better, grabbing takes on a whole new meaning. The heat between them makes Gray begin to see Konigsburg’s charms and Amanda begin to rethink the advantages of staying single.

But when Amanda’s son Vic and his best friend Daisy Toleffson disappear, panic hits Konigsburg. Can Gray and Amanda find the kids? Can Gray win back his reputation? And can he stay with Amanda if he goes back to the family firm?

It’s Konigsburg, y’all. Anything can happen.

About the Author. . .

Meg Benjamin is an award-winning author of romance. Meg’s Konigsburg series is set in the Texas Hill Country and her Salt Box and Brewing Love trilogies are set in the Colorado Rockies. Along with contemporary romance, Meg is also the author of the paranormal Ramos Family trilogy and the Folk trilogy. Meg’s books have won numerous awards, including an EPIC Award, a Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Holt Medallion from Virginia Romance Writers, the Beanpot Award from the New England Romance Writers, and the Award of Excellence from Colorado Romance Writers. Meg’s Web site is http://www.MegBenjamin.com. You can follow her on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/meg.benjamin1), Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/megbenjamin/), Twitter (http://twitter.com/megbenj1) and Instagram (meg_benjamin). Meg loves to hear from readers—contact her at meg@megbenjamin.com.

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#NewReleaseBlitz...The Billionaire's Appetite...#BondageAndBDSM #Contemporary #Erotic #Romance

The Billionaire's Appetite by L.A. Day

Word Count: 24,700
Book Length: NOVELLA
Pages: 102



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Book Description

She wanted funding—he needed submission. He would give her more than she asked for.

Charity’s father pulled the funding for her research, but she may have found the perfect replacement. Silas is a billionaire and he agrees to meet to discuss her proposal. After an embarrassing first encounter with the gorgeous but elusive billionaire, she didn’t expect him to help her.

Silas Radford is intrigued by the beautiful and brainy scientist. She asks for funding, but he wants a partnership—and not just in business. Sparks fly between them the moment they meet, but there are a few issues to set to rest before he can close the deal.

But Charity doesn’t realize Silas is friends with the father she feels betrayed her. And even if they can get past that, he still has to show her the full extent of his darker appetites…


Today was the day. Finally, I had been granted an interview with the elusive Mr. Silas Radford. I paced as I looked over my notes and waited for the ride service. Radford Towers dominated the downtown skyscape, so I knew I would have been able to find his office, but that downtown traffic would have shaken my nerves. If I wanted to get funding for my research, I couldn’t get rattled. I needed to project a calm, confident image.

I tugged at the hem of my suit jacket. I was wearing my best, black power suit. A full-control bodysuit helped contain my overly abundant curves and give me a professional look. I eyed myself critically in the hall mirror. There really was no taming “the girls” but at least they didn’t bounce when I moved. I took a deep breath and practiced my walk. Frowning, I looked at my sensible shoes. Unfortunately, I could only trust myself with two-inch heels. Anything higher and I would almost certainly land on my more-than-prominent ass. It was fine. I was a scientist, not a model.

A text alerted me that my ride had arrived. I took one more look to make sure my messy bun was still in place and I hurried out of the door. My interview wasn’t for an hour. I had given myself plenty of time in case of an emergency. Twenty minutes later I was seated in the lobby. No way was I going to his office forty minutes early.

People-watching was a hobby of mine and this lobby was like an anthill, busy people running every which way. A tall, muscular man strolled through the door like he owned the place. His dress shirt was partially unbuttoned and his chestnut hair looked like someone had run their fingers through it, but even slightly rumpled he still exuded raw masculine power. I wondered if he’d enjoyed a tryst at lunch. I licked my lips. I could picture him bending a petite female over his desk, lifting her skirt and paddling her bottom before ravishing her from behind. A shiver rode up my spine. Obviously I’d read too many steamy romances lately.

I nibbled my lip as my eyes roamed over every delicious inch until I met sparkling blue eyes brimming with amusement. Caught! Heat traveled up my neck to my cheeks. The alarm on my cell alerted me that it was time to head upstairs. Saved by the bell, I stood, grabbed my portfolio and strolled toward the elevator. This time I was the one being scrutinized. Mr. Hottie was deep in conversation with a security guard but his eyes followed me as I walked across the lobby. Chin up, shoulders back, I strode confidently. A man like that wouldn’t be interested in a nerdy girl like me. In actuality, he probably would be for a night. I’d lost count of the number of men who had told me they fantasized about titty-fucking me. The ridiculous thing was that they thought I should be flattered. Can’t live with them, but if science keeps progressing, we might be able to live without them. I would love to find a man who appreciated more than my breasts and ass.

The elevator dinged on the next-to-top floor of the tower. The doors opened to an impressive lobby. A smiling, middle-aged receptionist greeted me. “Hello, Dr. Jones. Please have a seat.” She waved her arm at a couple of tufted yellow accent chairs. “Mr. Radford will be available shortly. Would you like coffee or a bottle of water?”

“No. Thank you.” I smiled and perched nervously on a chair. The next twenty minutes could make or break my project. I ran through my proposal in my head.

“Mr. Radford will see you now. Right this way.” The receptionist led me down a short corridor and opened one of two mammoth wooden doors.

I stepped into a lavishly decorated room that reeked of old money. Taking a deep breath, I plastered on a smile and approached the massive leather-topped mahogany desk as the executive chair spun to face me.

Frozen, I watched Mr. Hottie rise from the chair. A sexy, knowing grin tugged at his lips. I stared with mouth ajar. It couldn’t be. Dammit, I cursed inwardly. Well, I’d lost any chance at this funding.

He approached, holding out his hand. “Dr. Charity Jones, I’m Silas Radford. It’s very nice to meet you.”

My hand was engulfed in a warm, firm grip. “It’s nice to meet you too,” I muttered. How could this be Silas Radford? I’d heard my father mention him in passing and had assumed he was much older.

His blue eyes sparkled. “Come,” he commanded in a whiskey-rough voice. He waved me forward and I wondered about his choice of words. I really needed to get my mind out of the gutter, but this man stirred something dark and foreboding inside me.

Two plaid wing-backed armchairs faced his desk and I took a seat and crossed my legs, trying to regain my composure. I could probably secure the funding in exchange for sexual favors, but I didn’t mix business with pleasure. I cleared my throat. “Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.”

“The pleasure is all mine, I assure you.” He’d retaken his seat, crossed his hands and cocked his head to the side. “I read your proposal. I believe you’re seeking money for…”

“I am inquiring about funds for my research. I am a scientist.”

He glanced down. “Right. I’ve read it and conducted my own research. You have an impressive professional portfolio as well as an interesting project.” His eyes rose from the folder to meet my gaze. “I recognized you downstairs. I’d intended to introduce myself before I got waylaid.”

My cheeks flushed under his scrutiny. I realized he’d brought up the incident to unnerve me. “I’m a people-watcher. I enjoy observing…”

“I noticed. It’s probably the hormones.”

I blinked. “What?”

“You enjoy examining human interactions.” He arched a dark brow. “Your research is on hormones, correct?”

“Oh yes, it is.” This man was sharp. He was fucking with me and enjoying it. “My research is on hormones and hormone replacements. I read a publication recently on how today’s women prefer more feminine men and dad bods. I found it interesting.”

His chuckle was deep, dark. “I’m sure a certain type of woman does. But there’s another type of woman who prefers more of a take-charge, physical, dominant male, wouldn’t you say?”

I arched my brow. “I couldn’t say. That’s not my area of expertise.”

“You’re looking to replace current hormone therapy for menopausal women.” He flipped through my proposal.

“Yes. Current HRT, while effective for many, also has dangerous side effects. Aging women still want to feel like women but not risk their lives to do so.”

“Are you looking for a little blue pill for women?”

I smiled tightly, refusing to be intimidated. I was certain I’d already lost the funding so… Fuck it. I tipped my chin up defiantly. “Certainly, women’s sexual arousal is part of it. The scientific community has spent an enormous amount of money on erectile dysfunction. Don’t you think women deserve the same? After all, won’t men benefit from it as well, or maybe men don’t really care if women enjoy intercourse.”

Mr. Radford threw back his head and roared with laughter. “I like you. You aren’t intimidated easily. You may have heard I’m controlling and I like to get my way, but sometimes I like a challenge.”

“Thank you. I believe in standing up for oneself. And I hadn’t heard that about you, so thanks for warning me.”

One brow rose. “Really? What have you heard?”

I eyed him warily, sensing a trap. I had the feeling he was toying with me and that this was all a game to him.

“Out with it. You won’t hurt my feelings.”

At this point, there was no reason to hold back. “I heard you were an acute businessman by day and a cold-hearted womanizer by night. Were they wrong?”

His gorgeous eyes locked onto me in a way that made my insides quiver. “I like to think I have a head for business.”

“And the rest?” I grinned, awaiting his reply.

“The women I entertain know the score, but that might be changing. I could fund your research if you agree to my terms.”

“Mr. Radford…”

“Call me Radford.”

I sighed. I was sure his terms involved me on my knees, and that just wasn’t happening. Not that he wasn’t knee worthy. He absolutely was, but I wouldn’t sell myself for money.

“Radford, I don’t know what your terms are but…”

He leaned ever so slightly closer. “I want you to pretend we are involved.”

“Excuse me?” I straightened in my chair.

“If you want funding, I need something in return.”

That answer took me by surprise. Why would a man as powerful and gorgeous as Radford need a fake girlfriend? “May I ask why?”

“You said yourself, I’m known as a womanizer, but I have a new venture in mind, which will require me to appear to be in a serious, committed relationship.”

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. “It will be pretend? I won’t sell myself for funding.”

“Of course not!” His smile was wicked. “I would never expect a professional woman such as yourself to barter your, uh, goods.”

His voice had dropped a level and I shifted uncomfortably. That tone alone made my blood zip through my veins. Once again I had to wonder why he would need any help finding an appropriate woman. “I don’t understand. I’m sure you are acquainted with women who would be willing to play the role of girlfriend. After all, you’re attractive in a non-feminine, non-dad bod way.” I smirked. “Plus, you’re a billionaire.”

“Is my money what you first noticed about me?” He watched me through a hooded gaze.

I remembered feeling his presence before I’d seen him, then being robbed of my breath by his sheer physical authority. “Initially, in the lobby, I didn’t know you had money. I noticed your…” I licked my lips slowly. “Smile.”

He lowered his eyes to my assets. “The first thing I noticed about you was the mischief that sparkled in your eyes.” One eyebrow rose, as if he dared me to question his words. “But to answer your question, the women I know might want to make the position permanent. After all, as you mentioned, I am a billionaire.”

“You don’t think I’ll want the position permanently? I mean, there is all that money!”

“I think you are dedicated to your profession and have little time for a relationship.”

He had me there. I cleared my throat and delved into the details of his proposal. “What would be involved in this deal, and for how long would you need my services, so to speak?”

“Dinner engagements, social functions, I’m sure you know the drill. I’m thinking a few months should be sufficient.”

“I wouldn’t want this to look like a quid pro quo, like I sold myself for funding.”

“Of course not! We will convince everyone that we met and fell madly in love.”

Madly in love?”

“I will be totally smitten with you and you will be with me as well. Can you do it?” There was challenge in his eyes.

I swallowed hard and nodded. “I’m sure I could appear smitten.” I was positive it wouldn’t be hard to act smitten. The trick would be not to fall for the man.

“Of course, we will have to project an intimate relationship.”

“How intimate?”

“Hand holding, hugs, kisses the type of touching lovers do in public.”

“If I consider this there can’t be other women. I won’t be made to look like a fool.” Was I really considering this?


I furrowed my brow as I looked at him. Was he sober? “You’re going to go months without sex?”

His eyes twinkled. “We’ll see.”

“What does that mean?”

He shrugged. “I could decide to end the deal sooner, but of course you would still get the funding.”

“Will that be in the contract?”

“Of course, but you might decide to enjoy the rewards of being my girlfriend.”

“I already said I wouldn’t sell myself.”

“Understood. Any sexual relationship arising from our agreement wouldn’t be part of the agreement and would have to be initiated by you.”

Under his scrutiny, I squirmed in my chair. He had a way of getting under my skin with those penetrating eyes and that sexy voice. “That won’t happen.”

He leaned back and shrugged. “Then you have nothing to worry about.”

“This whole thing is crazy.” I jumped to my feet.

Slowly, he rose from his chair. “You need funding. I need a fake relationship. We both get what we want.”

Seated he was hot as hell, but standing he projected confidence, dominance, and something in me reacted to him in a way I wasn’t entirely comfortable with. I let out a shaky breath. “Yes. But…?”

“Are you afraid you won’t be able to keep your hands off me?” A sexy smirk curved his lips and devilry blazed in his eyes.

I tugged on the bottom of my blazer. “Absolutely not! I never mix business with pleasure.” I sounded more confident than I felt.

“Are you worried I might make advances toward you?”

“Hardly! I doubt I’m your type, and let’s not forget I might then get designs on your money.”

He grinned. “I do have one question. Why did your father pull his funding?”

“How do you know he did?”

“I do my research,” he replied.

Of course, I thought. Any astute businessman would question why my funding had been canceled. “It was a family issue. He wanted too much control.”

“He wanted to dictate your research?”

“No. My life.”

“Ahh, family issues.”


“Fine then.” He held out his hand and I grasped it firmly, doing my best to ignore the sizzle of awareness his touch aroused.

I considered my options. They were limited. This was a better option than humbling myself before my father. What’s the worst that could happen? He’d already jump-started my dormant libido. If I was foolish enough to encourage his advances, I’d probably get the best orgasms of my life out of a tryst with him. What if I tore my clothes off, begged him to fuck me and he said no? Unlikely, he was a womanizer. I could handle this, I thought, then I took another look at his smile and wasn’t so confident. “For the record, this is a horrible idea.”

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L.A. Day

L.A. Day is a multi-published author of erotic romances. Her heroes might be bikers, shifters, vampires, aliens, time-travelers, barbarians, billionaires, or CEO's but they are always strong, assertive men! Her heroines might be tough or submissive but they are always sassy, funny, and sarcastic. In real life, Laura is a wife, mother, and dog lover. She loves to collect pottery and you can often find her at antique and resale shops. Her friends are often SHOCKED that their seemingly sweet friend writes dirty books. 

Follow L.A. Day on Instagram and check out her website.


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#ReleaseBlitz...The Plans Trilogy Box Set...#Fantasy #MM #Romance #Giveaway


Once upon a time, two handsome young princes fell in love, faced down adversity, and lived happily ever after. Until one romantic evening, they unwittingly ate a confection laced with a mind-wiping toxin.
Book Title: The Plans Trilogy Box Set

Author: Addison Albright

Publisher: JMS Books, LLC

Cover Artist: Written Ink Designs

Release Date: May 28, 2022

Genre:  Fantasy M/M Romance

Tropes: Arranged Marriage, Memory Loss

Themes: Virgin/first time, abduction, newfound courage, hope, royalty/princes

Heat Rating: 3 flames    

Length: 73 459 words

This is a box set of three stories that were previously published individually.

The three books in the trilogy, together, stand alone with no cliffhanger.


Reduced Price at JMS Books  

Universal Link   |  Amazon US  |   Amazon UK

In this light fantasy world, four realms have settled into an uneasy peace. A surprise twist to a prearranged marriage agreement spawns this story of unexpected love, newfound courage, and heroic adventure. Join Princes Efren and Marcelo on their heart-warming journey as they sort through misleading twists and turns to defeat devious foes. Twice! Contains the stories:

The Contingency Plan: An untimely death throws a marriage arrangement, the final phase of a treaty, into disarray. Now the Crown Prince of Zioneven can make his own choice from among the princess’s younger siblings. As a royal son in the matriarchal sovereignty of Sheburat, Prince Marcelo grew up knowing Royal sons never married. Never. Period. Except Prince Efren isn’t from Sheburat, and he has other plans.

The Best-Laid Plans: A death that wasn’t what it seemed ... A kidnapping that isn’t what it seems ... Time is running out. Enmeshed in political intrigue, death, and a kidnapping, will Prince Efren untangle the web of clues in time to save his naรฏve young husband, or will Prince Marcelo dig deep to discover a previously untapped inner strength and determination to facilitate his own survival?

Change of Plans: Once upon a time, two handsome young princes fell in love, faced down adversity, and lived happily-ever-after... until one romantic evening, they unwittingly ate a confection laced with a mind-wiping toxin. Are their chances at rekindling their love doomed? Or will their ignominious new beginning propel them toward a more teasingly fun rapport?

Also contains three bonus scenes not included with the individual stories.

With everyone now in attendance, Queen Giselle stepped forward. “Your Royal Highness, Ladies and Lords, and people of Zioneven, please accept our warm welcome to Sheburat, and I hope you’ll accept our sincere apology for the chaos in which you find us today.”

Prince Efren inclined his head. “Of course, Your Majesty. On behalf of Zioneven, I offer our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved daughter.”

“Thank you,” Queen Giselle replied. “Sadly, our loss yesterday affects more than simply causing us private pain.”

“Indeed.” Prince Efren kept his reply short, perhaps diplomatically leaving it to Queen Giselle to either further the conversation toward whether or not he was ready to choose his alternate, or to wait for a time when her grief would be less immediate.

His mother would put diplomacy first, Marcelo didn’t doubt that. The conversation may or may not happen today, but it would occur during this visit. Diplomacy always came ahead of personal concerns.

“Although disappointment caused by the cancellation of the wedding we’d expected tomorrow is unavoidable,” Queen Giselle said. “I hope you’ll find a small comfort in knowing that you may now make your own choice of your future bride from among my younger daughters rather than the arrangement made on your behalf at the tender age of five.”

Again, Prince Efren inclined his head. “Sibling.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Sibling. The terms of the treaty specify I may choose an alternate from among Princess Marcela’s younger siblings. It didn’t restrict the choice to daughters.”

Marcelo stiffened. What in the world could Prince Efren mean by that? Men didn’t marry men. At least, he’d never heard of such a thing occurring in Sheburat. Marcelo wasn’t alone in his bewilderment. Everyone on his side of the room stilled. None of the faces opposite them exhibited confusion. Was that an acceptable option in Zioneven’s culture?

It was only by mere minutes, but Marcelo did qualify as a younger sibling to Marcela.

For the first time in Marcelo’s recollection, his mother faltered. “Do…surely…but…”

Marcelo turned his head toward her, his wide eyes silently imploring her to voice an objection. Kemble may have recently grown complacent thinking herself in the clear, but she’d at least spent her life knowing she was the likely backup plan.

As a royal son in this matriarchal society, Marcelo had grown up knowing he would never marry. Never. Royal sons did not marry. Period.

He’d been perfectly happy with that knowledge because he’d never experienced the attraction that men outside the royal family felt toward women. In fact, he’d enjoyed knowing he would not have to merge his life with a woman’s with the expectation of having to bed her.

His gaze flicked back and forth between Queen Giselle and Prince Efren before settling on the prince. Prince Efren had kept his eyes locked with the queen’s, but as if sensing Marcelo’s scrutiny, his head turned to reflect Marcelo’s regard.

Marcelo’s heart thudded so vigorously in his chest, surely everyone in the room must hear it. His respiration quickened. That single word uttered by Prince Efren had shattered Marcelo’s understanding of everything he knew about the world and had expected in his life.

Queen Giselle remained frozen for a few more moments, her brows drawn together as she processed the unexpected direction of this discussion. She cast a brief, apologetic glance toward Marcelo, then lifted her shoulders in a barely visible shrug. “The treaty does indeed use that word. Prince Efren, the choice is yours.”

Marcelo’s stomach dropped as her words echoed through the silent hall even though he’d known in his heart that she’d put Sheburat before her son’s individual concerns. So, he felt no personal betrayal. It was who is mother had to be.

Prince Efren continued to stare at Marcelo as he firmly stated, “I choose His Royal Highness, Prince Marcelo. The wedding will proceed tomorrow as planned.”

Marcelo swayed as the blood drained from his face. How could this be? How did such a marriage work? Would he be expected to—

“Marcelo?” Suky’s whispered tone voiced her concern. “Are you unwell?”

She repeated the words, but from farther away. Or did her voice only seem distant? He wobbled as the people around him faded, and then, thankfully, this nightmare all went away.

Rainbow Award winning author Addison Albright lives smack dab in the middle of the USA. Her stories are gay romance in contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction genres. She generally adds a subtle touch of humor, a dash of drama/angst, and a sprinkle of slice-of-life to her stories. Her education includes a BS in Education with a major in mathematics and a minor in chemistry. Addison loves spending time with her family, reading, popcorn, boating, French fries, “open window weather,” cats, math, and anything chocolate. She loves to read pretty much anything and everything, anytime and anywhere.

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#BookTour...The Hunter #Book 1...#PNR #Giveaway

Hunter's Blood

The Hunter Book 1

by R Sullins

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Secrets never stay buried...

Every secret I never knew about myself was revealed by someone who should not exist.

But they do,
monsters exist.

They are all around us...
and I am the one they want the most.
They crave my blood.

The biggest secret of all?
I'm one of those monsters, too.

Now someone has created an army that threatens to destroy the Vampire King that calls me his mate.

Either I accept the monster I am or I lose one I've come to love

Approximately 73k words

Important Note: This is the first book in a series, please be aware that it ends in an HFN but the second book picks right up where the first left off.

Warning: This book has blood and gore that may offend or disturb sensitive readers. Due to sexual content, this book is not intended for anyone below 18

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The Hunter Book 2.5

by R Sullins

Genre: Paranormal Romance

The reluctant vampire...

This wasn’t supposed to be my life
I never asked to become a vampire

Falling into this world of monsters turned out to be the best thing to happen to me.

The transition from human soldier to vampire sentinel was one of the easiest things I had ever done.

Now I was in for the fight of my life, convincing my mate to take a chance on me.

The mate in danger...

I couldn’t return home no matter how much I missed it.
My mother forced me to leave for a reason.
There was an evil man after me, willing to kill anyone who got in his way.
Then a man walked through the door and set my soul on fire.
He said I was his mate.
I wanted to say yes.
But, how, when I had to save my mom from a killer?

The fight for their future...

I swore I would defeat all of her demons.
I wasn’t going to let her go...ever.
I wanted to keep my mate safe, but what if I was the monster she needed saving from?

This is a 50k word novella in the Hunter series world.
It may be read as a standalone, but you would find most enjoyment by reading the series.

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Lovely Darkness

Demons Within Book 1

by R Sullins

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance

The first time she knew real happiness was when she found out that the man who raised her wasn't her real father.

She knew that there couldn't be monsters in the world that were any worse than the monster she had called 'daddy' for most of her life.

Then she stumbled into the world of demons.

The Demon King knew the second his fated mate had been brought into the world.

After living years too numerous to count, it meant little to him other than keep him from living as he had.

He now belonged to only one female - and he would have to wait years for her to mature enough to matter.

How stupid and vain he had been to think that his fated wouldn't matter.
The very moment she entered his club he knew he had been wrong to ignore fate.

She was his.

And he was going to destroy everyone that hurt her, even if he had to burn the Earth realm to the ground.

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Cry For Me

by R Sullins

Genre: Contemporary Romance




Charity case


I was all those things.

Years after my parents died, I was still being bullied, and it was all led by my cousins.

They hated me for years as children, and moving into their house didn't make them change their minds about me.

I was counting down the days until I could finally get away from every single person in this town.

Until there was one person I wasn't so sure I wanted to leave.


My life since age 7 revolved around football and what it would take for me to get into the NFL.

I didn't have time for girls or parties.

I had never been tempted by anything that could take my mind away from the sport.

Until I walked into my new school on my first day of senior year.

One look was enough to change every plan I'd made for my future.
It wasn't long before we both realized that someone didn't like that we had found each other.

Approx 100k words

*Note from author*

While this high school romance does have elements of bullying, you will find that the hero never once says a negative thing to his girl.

For the safety conscious - this is guaranteed safe!

Just because it is set in high school doesn't mean it doesn't have adult situations in it. Only intended for those over the age of 18.

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I guess you can say I have a passion for romance.

You will most often find me with a book in front of my face, whether I'm in the middle of writing one or taking a break by reading one of my favorite authors.

I love my family and my pets. I need quiet time to recharge and I'd rather be deep in the middle of woods than in the middle of a city. Yeah, I don't people well.

I hope you enjoy my stories. I put all my heart into each of them and they are truly my book babies.

Thanks for stopping by!

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#BookBlitz...Every Third Night...@RABTBookTours #RABTBookTours #EveryThirdNight #MitchMaiman #Thriller

Medical Thriller

Date Published: January 10, 2022

Publisher: MindStir Media

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"Every Third Night" is an eye-opening yet poignant story that is set in a busy, dehumanizing and unyielding New York City residency program in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1984. It brings the reader into the real world of medicine at a time of limited supervision and brutal duty hours through the vantage points of young physicians enduring stressful conflicts and volatile relationships.

Protagonist and chief resident Jimmy Zito seemingly has it all- brilliant clinical skills, handsome, a talented teacher, and a gorgeous girlfriend to boot- but a troubled past and a rash of new conflicts leave him struggling to survive in this, his last month of training. He desperately tries to guide his fellow residents through their own personal traumas, but is not nearly as well equipped to handle the pressure as others might think, especially considering the toxic and exhaustive work schedule, unchecked aberrant behavior of attending physicians, and the highly competitive and emotional demands of Ob-Gyn.

Intern Henry Deluca grapples with the consequences of a horrific surgical complication that he feels responsible for. Co-chief resident Greta Greenberg struggles with her personal dilemma in a busy abortion clinic. Best friend Mike O'Rourke is driven to madness by an unreasonable superior's callousness concerning a dying patient with ovarian cancer. And Kim Clark, Jimmy's occult but obvious love interest, is at wits end after constantly being tortured by her sadistic Chairman. Jimmy's ultra-needy girlfriend and stubborn father do not make things any easier. The intertwined subplots all mesh together and come crashing down when an unexpected, dramatic and haunting mishap leaves the program reeling and Jimmy's life forever transformed.

About the Author. . .
Dr. Mitchell Maiman became a physician at age twenty-four and is now retired. As a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology and sub-specialist in Gynecologic Oncology, he has had a distinguished academic, clinical and research career in medicine and served as both a Director of Gynecologic Oncology and Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at major New York City based university hospitals. He has been recognized for his numerous educational contributions in the field and his devotion and commitment to the teaching of residents and fellows.

Mitch lives with his wife, Dr. Judy Levy, in Long Island, New York and is an avid tennis player and practitioner of yoga. They first met during their residency training. This is his first novel.

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#BookTour...Intergalactic Matchmakers #Book 1...#Steamy #SciFi #Giveaway #Romance

Rune's Bride

Intergalactic Matchmakers Book 1

by Luna Kingsley

Genre: Steamy SciFi Romance

Faking an engagement to an alien to get a story? Absolutely. What could go wrong?

I sign up for the Intergalactic Matchmaker Initiative to get a story. The elusive story about the only known alien planet in order to get my dream job. That’s it. But to go to Strorix, I need an alien match. It is the only way humans are allowed. My visit is temporary, though, because my career on Earth is the main focus of my life.

Commander Rune isn’t interested in a bride. But by a twist of fate, we enter into a fake engagement. According to our contract, we have one month to decide if our match is compatible. Which means I have one month to get the story I need before we call things off and I return home.

But like all things in my life, nothing goes as planned. Always the wallflower, Rune’s touch becomes something I crave, forcing me to question my priorities. Through my research, I learn hidden secrets about the relationship between the ed’ek and humans from the past. Which leads me to believe there’s more to this Matchmaker Initiative than I originally thought.

This standalone sci-fi romance novel features steamy scenes on an alien planet, strong, alpha alien warriors, and a guaranteed HEA. This is the first book in a brand-new series!

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Luna Kingsley writes steamy sci-fi and paranormal romance. She loves a happy ending more than chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream on top! When she’s not writing she’s attempting to keep up with her two active boys on all of their adventures. With her faithful rescue dog at her side, she’s dreaming up "out of this world" romances with sexy aliens who are irresistible.

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