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Philadelphia Detective Vernon Brown and his buddy James McNeil solve high stakes murder mysteries

The Murder Gambit

A Brown & McNeil Murder Mystery Book 1

by Frank Lazarus

Genre: Murder Mystery, Crime Thriller

An unexplained death in a nursing home. A man falls from a balcony. A hit and run in the middle of a city street. An execution in a home. A woman collapses dead after a date.

Five murders. Five methods. Five police jurisdictions.

What's the connection?

Philadelphia-area detectives are under pressure to solve the murders, while dealing with their own issues.

Speeding like the lead car at Talladega towards a shocking conclusion, is The Murder Gambit a Shakespearean tragedy or a sinister reality?

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The Phenom

A Brown & McNeil Murder Mystery Book 2

Even before he has played his first game in high school, it would seem nothing can stop Bo Campbell's meteoric rise to stardom in the basketball world. In Philadelphia, people are already comparing him to his Overbrook High School predecessor, Wilt Chamberlain.

But his dreams are suddenly shattered when he is arrested for the murder of his best friend, Sherman Claxton.

Detective Vernon Brown, and James McNeil, his friend and Bo's grandfather, search for the truth, but James goes rogue, and soon finds himself in the dangerous underbelly of the Philadelphia drug sub-culture, where the stakes are high and it's hard to tell who's friend and who's foe.

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Frank Lazarus was born and raised in West Philadelphia and attended Overbrook High School, as you may have guessed from his writings.

After graduating high school, Frank spent two years in the U.S. Army during the VietNam War. After his service, he completed his

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at St. Joseph’s University, in Philadelphia.

He was in the Financial Services and Life Insurance industry for fifty-three years before he retired at the end of 2021.

Frank has three adult children and five grandchildren.

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Martyr Maker Series, Book 3

 Mystery & Thriller / Literature & Fiction / Religion & Spirituality

Date Published: 10/24/23

Publisher: Sourcebooks

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"Eriq La Salle has emerged as a terrific writer with unique gifts." ―Don Winslow, #1 international bestselling author

A war is brewing in New York City, and no one can stop it.

With grit, relentless action, and twists you'll never see coming, Laws of Annihilation is the third installment in the highly-acclaimed Martyr Maker series by Eriq La Salle.

It's another blistering summer in New York City, and a sweltering heat wave stifles the area. Hostility between the Hasidic and Black communities has been steadily increasing since a tragic incident left a Black teenager dead. When two rabbis are killed in a gruesome attack on their synagogue, it has all the signs of retaliation.

The entire city is on edge.

Through it all, Agent Janet Maclin's dreams of becoming the FBI's first female director come crashing down when she receives some devastating news. In spite of it all, she's determined to help NYPD detectives Quincy Cavanaugh and Phee Freeman find the rabbis' killer as more hate crimes put the city on the brink of all-out war. As the body count climbs with the temperature and the tensions, time is running out for Maclin in more ways than one.

Apart from his critically-acclaimed thriller titles, La Salle is a masterful mystery/crime storyteller. He may be best known for his acting roles in productions such as ER, Coming to America, and Logan, but his background in crime fiction was finely honed as he directed and executive produced countless episodes of popular shows such as Law & Order, Law and Order SVU, Law & Order: Organized Crime, CSI: NY, and Chicago PD with Dick Wolf.

 Praise for Eriq La Salle's Martyr Maker Series

"Laws of Wrath is all thriller; no filler―a white knuckled treat." 

―James Patterson, New York Timesbestselling author

"Laws of Depravity is a gritty crime thriller, spiritual quest, and love story all woven into one compelling tale." 

―Publishers Weekly

"Fast paced…Characters are richly textured [and] none is without faults."

―Kirkus Reviews, for Laws of Wrath

 About the Author. . .

Actor, director, producer, and masterful storyteller Eriq La Salle is best known to worldwide television audiences for his award-winning portrayal of Dr. Peter Benton on the medical drama ER. Educated at Juilliard and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, his credits range from Broadway to film roles, starring alongside Eddie Murphy in Coming to America, Robin Williams in One Hour Photo, and Hugh Jackman in Logan. La Salle has maintained a prolific acting career while also taking the helm as director for HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon Prime, ABC NBC, Fox and CBS productions. His craft as a crime writer was honed over his many seasons as a key member of the Dick Wolf Entertainment team, which include four years as executive producer and director on Chicago PD, in addition to directing episodes of Law & Order, Law and Order SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime. He is also executive producer, director, and one of the lead actors of Dick Wolf's “On Call,” out in 2024 on Amazon Prime Video. As a writer, La Salle is the author of several critically-acclaimed thrillers published by Sourcebooks—Laws of Depravity (2022), Laws of Wrath (2023), and Laws of Annihilation (2023). His episode of The Twilight Zone recently made WGA’s list of 101 Best Written TV Series. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Book Details:

Book Title: The Prime Suspect (A Sam MacKade PI Mystery) by Lauren Carr
Category: Adult Fiction (18 +), 430 pages
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Acorn Book Services
Release date: Oct 26, 2023
Content Rating: PG-13 (Lauren Carr's books are murder mysteries, so there are murders involved. Occasionally, a murder will happen on stage. There is sexual content, but always behind closed doors. Some mild swearing (a hell or a damn few and far between). No F-bombs!

"The plot is twisted. The characters are full of depth, with many hiding secrets. Mackade's two dogs and Greyson's cat are not only smart, but have attitude with a capital A. I don't want to spoil anything, so all I am going to say is the cat is the hero who deals with one personal threat." Marilyn R. Wilson, Author, Speaker, Book Reviewer, review of THE PRIME SUSPECT

"Lauren Carr is among my favorite mystery writers. She knows how to write a fun tale while keeping readers engaged. ..." - Amy Campbell, Locks Hooks and Books

"I am, bottom line, amazed at the giant step that places Carr comparable to significant authors whose name slips off our tongues like, for instance, Nora Roberts. Watch this author--she's moving quickly to where her goals are headed..." - review by Glenda Bixler, Book Readers Heaven

Lauren Carr is a master storyteller who combines the humor of Janet Evanovich and the investigative skills of Patricia Cornwell. She is always at the top of my reading list." - review by Sherry Fundin, Fundinmental, As Eye See It

Book Description:

Two murders with one common denominator. Both victims betrayed Bryce Greyson. How could she not be the prime suspect?

Four years after Bryce’s cheating husband is gunned down, her boyfriend-stealing former roommate’s remains are found buried under a statue at her alma mater.

Declared the prime suspect by both detectives and the media, Bryce has no choice but to hire someone to clear her name.

Enter Sam MacKade, private eye.

To solve two murders, the former police K-9 officer and his canine partners must sift through the clues and the lies to reveal the true prime suspect.
Buy the Book:
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Meet the Author:

Selling over half a million books worldwide, Lauren Carr is the international best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, Thorny Rose, Chris Matheson Cold Case Mysteries, and Nikki Bryant Cozy Mysteries—thirty titles across five fast-paced mystery series filled with twists and turns!

Book reviewers and readers alike rave about how Lauren Carr seamlessly crosses genres to include mystery, suspense, crime fiction, police procedurals, romance, and humor.

The owner of Acorn Book Services and iRead Book Tours, Lauren is also a publishing manager, consultant, and virtual book tour coordinator for independent authors.

Lauren is a popular speaker who has made appearances at schools, youth groups, and author panels at conventions.

She lives with her husband, and two spoiled rotten German shepherds on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

connect with the author: website ~ amazon ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ twitter ~ pinterest

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How it All Began
Fiona West

Publication date: October 24, 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Trust is like car keys: easy to lose and hard to get anywhere without it…

Evan only intended to strike up a casual conversation with the stunning blonde with Goldie Hawn looks–now he finds himself trying to cross paths with her on campus every chance he gets. But his water polo teammate appears to have damaged his chances with Farrah before he could even ask her out.

Farrah’s been out with players from the water polo team before–and it’s always ended in tears. The handsome medical student who wants to help her get revenge says he’s not like them…but there’s only one way to know for sure.

Will a trip to his hometown seal the deal or prove this player’s all washed up?

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo


Who is that?” Cat asked, peering out the front window as she pinned the foil in Mrs. Bergstein’s hair. “And what do I have to do to get my fingers in that hair?”

“I love his cut,” Daisy said. “Don’t you just love it? I wonder who did it.”

“Forget his cut. Look at his jaw. And those arms. I bet those could keep me warm all night.”

Farrah smiled to herself as she swept her area, but said nothing. He’d put some kind of product in it that was making it look even more tousled than she’d intended, and it was definitely working for him. She’d have to find out what he’d used. Farrah glanced at the clock: it was 3:55. She took off her apron and washed her hands in the sink; they were feeling rough. She really needed to invest in some gloves or something if she was going to be holding hands with this guy more in the near future…and it seemed like a real possibility. More nerves bubbled in her stomach as she checked herself in the mirror, fluffing her hair.

“I’m off. See you all Monday.”

“Wait,” Cat said, “is that…are you…that stud muffin is yours?” she called after her as the door swung shut. “Farrah!”

“Hi,” she greeted Evan shyly, and he grinned.

“I think your boss was trying to get your attention…”

Farrah waved a hand. “She’s fine. They’ll just hound me for details on Monday, anyway, and I’ll have more to tell them then.” She leaned forward, hesitated, then gave him a peck on the cheek, if only to stake her claim with the other stylists. Mine. And yes, I gave him a bodacious haircut. His sunglasses reflected her smile back.

“In that case, ready to go? Turns out the shop is just down the street.”

“Sure!” He held out his arm, and she took it gladly as they started off. They walked in pleasant silence for a few minutes until Evan dropped her arm and turned to her.

“Okay, I can’t take it anymore. Was it Hairway to Heaven?”

Farrah blinked. “What?”

“Your name! The better name for the salon! Was it Hairway to Heaven? Or maybe Whole Lotta Styling Going On?”

She snickered. “What? No!”

“The Braidy Bunch?”

Farrah rolled her eyes and resumed walking. “That is the worst pun I’ve ever heard.”

“Oh, I’ve got lots more. Vanity Hair? Blown Away? Ahead of Hair Time?”

“Stop,” Farrah giggled, but she grabbed his arm and pulled him close, matching his long strides. But the man just kept going.

“A Cut Above. Fringe Benefits. Thy Kingdom Comb.”

The giggles were now uncontrollable, and she felt tears of laughter at the corners of her eyes.

“Curl up ‘n Dye! Mane Attraction! A Cut Above!”

“You already did that one,” Farrah wheezed, holding her stomach, barely able to get the words out for laughing so hard.

“Well, I can’t help it! I have to know! Please, please put me out of my misery and—”

“All right, all right,” she said, wiping the tears from her face, aware that her mascara was now running. “My goodness. It’s…” She’d never told anyone her plans for the salon, not even her mom, and she told her pretty much everything. But Evan wasn’t going to judge her, she didn’t think. And hopefully, he’d be kind if he didn’t like it.

“It’s Shear Brilliance,” she said, just as they came to a stop outside a bridal shop.

Evan stared at her for a long moment, blinking slowly, then finally said, “That is genius.”

“You really like it?”

“No, I adore it. It’s perfect. Far better than what I came up with. You’ve got a flair for this, Farrah. And it’s going to look great printed on your business cards when you give Harry a stack for his friends.”

Farrah rolled her eyes as she pulled open the front door. “You never stop, do you?”

Evan grinned. “You should see me in the off-season when I don’t have water polo to tire me out. I’m like a human pinball machine.”

Author Bio:

Fiona West lives in the Pacific Northwest. Writing romance is her favorite thing, followed closely by reading, knitting and drinking tea while looking out the window. When she’s not doing those things, she’s spending time with her husband and two kids. Her debut novel, The Ex-Princess, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was named one of their Best Books of 2019. The first book in her contemporary romance series, Could Be Something Good, also received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Find out more about Fiona at http://www.fionawest.net or sign up for her newsletter at http://www.subscribepage.com/westwind.

Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Newsletter

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Black & African American Women's Fiction

Date Published:  June 7, 2022

Publisher: Akashic

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

There is nothing like American racial injustice to teach an outsider the difference between perception and reality.

For Caribbean professor Lila Bonnard, the opportunity to take a position as a visiting professor in the US has come at precisely the right time. Still nursing the wounds of one failed relationship and facing the uncertainty of her current boyfriend’s marriage proposal, spending a year at a small liberal arts college in a picturesque Vermont town offers her sanity a well-deserved rest.

Within moments of her arrival, Lila is forced to face anti-immigrant mentalities and becomes a witness to the fatal police shooting of an unarmed Black man—a fellow professor at Mayfield who was giving CPR to a white woman.

The three Black faculty members in the otherwise all-white, tight-lipped college expect Lila to testify in the case, but at what cost? Mistrust of outsiders, racial tensions, even outright condemnation of others who don’t know their “place”… all of it comes crashing down around her as she confronts the dangers of speaking out against the police.

Now Lila Knows is a gripping story that explores our obligation to act when confronted with hatred and prejudice. A page-turner with universal resonance, this novel will leave readers rethinking the meaning of love, empathy, and even humanity.

 Praise of Now Lila Knows

“The racial politics of a small town in Vermont, as seen through Lila’s eyes, provides an illuminating counterplay between Caribbean and American Blackness.” 

—Publishers Weekly

“As a portrait of Lila’s political and racial awakening, the novel is a grand success.”

 —Kirkus Reviews

“I fell deep, hard, and fast into this book. The very first sentence slices clean and that energy continues throughout the entire story. I am amazed at Elizabeth Nunez’s capacity to paint for the reader not only Lila’s personal and political lives but her literary life, too.”

 —Write or Die, Mag, 2022 Staff Pick


About the Author. . .

Elizabeth Nunez immigrated to the US from Trinidad after high school. She is the author of eight novels and the co-editor of the anthology Blue Latitudes: Caribbean Women Writers at Home and Abroad. Nunez received her Ph.D. in English from New York University and is a Distinguished Professor at Hunter College where she teaches creative writing.

Nunez was co-founder of the National Black Writers Conference and executive producer for the 2004 Emmy-nominated CUNY TV series, Black Writers in America. Her awards include the 2013 National Council for Research on Women Outstanding Trailblazer Award, the 2013 Caribbean American Distinguished Writer Award, the 2012 Trinidad and Tobago Lifetime Literary Award, and more.

Nunez’s works have been nominated for numerous awards, including the PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award, the 2012 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Fiction, an IMPAC Dublin International Award, the Trinidad and Tobago One Book, One Community selection, New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice, Novel of the Year for Black Issues Book Review, an American Book Award, the Independent Publishers Book Award, and several others. Her titles have also received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal.

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#Sexy #Nerd #BookReview...The Island of Dr. Moreau...#ClassicHorror #Books #Mystery #Suspense #October #Spooky #Reading

Ranked among the classic novels of the English language and the inspiration for several unforgettable movies, this early work of H. G. Wells was greeted in 1896 by howls of protest from reviewers, who found it horrifying and blasphemous. They wanted to know more about the wondrous possibilities of science shown in his first book, The Time Machine, not its potential for misuse and terror. In The Island of Dr. Moreau, a shipwrecked gentleman named Edward Prendick, stranded on a Pacific island lorded over by the notorious Dr. Moreau, confronts dark secrets, strange creatures, and a reason to run for his life.

While this riveting tale was intended to be a commentary on evolution, divine creation, and the tension between human nature and culture, modern readers familiar with genetic engineering will marvel at Wells’s prediction of the ethical issues raised by producing “smarter” human beings or bringing back extinct species. These levels of interpretation add a richness to Prendick’s adventures on Dr. Moreau’s Island of lost souls without distracting from what is still a rip-roaring good read.

The Sexy Nerd's Review. . .

Well, my, my, my what do we have here? This great horror classic was recommended to me by Kindle Unlimited. I was astounded to learn they have a whole classic horror book section, many of which I’ve been dying to read, but didn’t want to pay the absorbent price. This is an avid reader’s dream come true. Yay, Me!

As I was reading the synopsis of The Island of Dr. Moreau, I immediately thought of another favorite franchise of mine, Jurassic Park. And what was more unbelievable is this novel was written well over a hundred and twenty years ago, and yet, the author was so ahead of his time and, dare I say it, pretty spot on. This caused me to shudder.

Shipwrecked Edward Prendick happened upon a boat that saved his life. But almost immediately, he noticed something strange about the men who was assisting him from the wreckage. These men sort of looked human and sort of looked animal like at the same time. Well, how can that be?

One gentleman, if you can call him that, looked ape-like and spoke some English but not as well as Prendick felt he should. Once he got to the island, he soon realized that a very infamous doctor he’d read about just so happened to be on the same island that has now become Prendick’s savior, or was it? After proper introductions, Prendick immediately heard the cries of what sounded like an animal in distress or was that a man in distress? He didn’t know which, but no matter, the sound terrified him and he wanted to know more.

As he began exploring the island, Dr. Moreau’s assistant, Montgomery, warned him that he might not want to go exploring by himself for he may stumble across some things that he may not understand, which for Prendick was a huge understatement having seen animals that were human. But his eyes must be deceiving him, right?

Once Prendick discovered the secrets of Dr. Moreau’s Island, it became abundantly clear that Dr. Moreau took some creative licenses with his scientific studies a bit too far and Prendick realized that his life was in great danger.

OMG! I haven’t had a horror book that scared me that terribly since The Exorcist. My heart was pounding so hard and I stopped breathing as Prendick was running for his life. I felt like I was in a race. This classic was everything and more! I loved all the fear I experienced in reading it. Wow! It’s so terrifying knowing what science can actually do and when it falls into the wrong hands, you can have an island like the one Dr. Moreau created.

The Sexy Nerd gives The Island of Dr. Moreau five more animals for Dr. Moreau to experiment with. When I tell you the hair on my arms stood at attention, you had better believe it. If you’ve never read this classic, to all my horror fans out there, you’ve got to read this book. It is so damn good. Wow! Now I must find the movie and see how it measures up. Until next time, you know what to do!

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