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Along the Dusty Road
Joey Jones

Publication date: October 5, 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

An unexpected love. A surprising second chance.

Everything Luke Bridges always wanted is in the small coastal North Carolina town where he has spent most of his twenty-six years—a fulfilling mental health therapy career, a loving family, baseball games with his dad, an adventurous beach life, and a close-knit group of friends. The only piece missing is someone to share it with, a genuine and lasting love that satisfies the soul.

He once thought Emily Beckett, the girl he dated ten years ago who has happened back into his life as his sidekick on the coed beach volleyball team, could be that someone. Emily has a seven-year-old son and an ex-husband with dangerous addictions. Although Luke enjoys spending time with Ayden, he has no interest in the challenges of being a stepfather.

Luke only dates women he can see himself marrying. With the “just friends” title firmly placed on his relationship with Emily, he agrees to a blind date with Mindy, his mentor’s cousin. As he explores a connection with Mindy, the “just friends” veil with Emily is suddenly ripped away. Now he is torn between two very different women—one who might be perfectly right for him and one who doesn’t seem to fit the mold but just might make his dreams of forever come true.

Fears, tragedy, love, and second chances all collide Along the Dusty Road.



Stargazing on a blanket near the ocean hadn’t been on my agenda for the night, but I certainly was elated it turned out this way.

“It’s getting a little cool out here,” Emily said after pointing out several constellations.

“I can run inside and grab another blanket to use as a cover,” I offered.

She shook her head from side to side. I waited a moment and then scooted close to her.

“That’s what I hoped you’d do,” she admitted.

I wasn’t sure if she also hoped I would roll onto my side, gaze into her deep blue eyes, run my fingers through her soft hair, and then gently kiss her shivering lips—but that’s exactly what I did next.

Beyond us, waves rolled one over the other; the seabirds called out through the gentle breeze; and ships sailed in the distance.

Emily’s thin lips tasted like perfection, and I found myself caught in a moment more intimidating than anything I had done in a long time. I felt her body flush against mine, causing my insides to tremble ever so slightly. Our lips moved together, slowly and passionately, as if dancing to the most romantic song the Universe ever played. Before I could think about what was happening between us, I realized her arm caressed the back of my head and her leg wrapped around my thigh.

I desired this moment for so long even longer than I realized. To touch her soft skin and to sense the tiny movements between our bodies felt good. Her perfume tickled my nose as I kissed her neck. She turned slightly, and I continued to navigate my way across her collarbone with my lips. At the same time she rubbed my back with her hand barely digging her fingernails into my skin causing me to want more of her. Yet this was just enough. Kissing her. Touching her. This was intimacy.

What was happening between Emily and me at this very moment meant way more to me than any encounter I talked myself into on lonely nights. It was real, and I think it meant as much to her as it did to me. I could tell this by how our eyes locked every time we looked at one another. Even though we kept our clothes on as we rolled around on a blanket by the sea for nearly thirty minutes, I felt as though I already made love to Emily Beckett.

Author Bio:

The writing style of Joey Jones has been described as a mixture of Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans, and James Patterson. USA Today Bestselling Author Jeff Gunhus compared Jones’ work to Debbie Macomber, Nicholas Evans, and Sparks. National Bestselling Author Kristy Woodson Harvey described Joey Jones’ writing as “lyrical” and proclaims “he effortlessly pulls readers into the souls of his characters.”

The ratings and reviews of Jones’ novels A BRIDGE APART (2015), LOSING LONDON (2016), A FIELD OF FIREFLIES (2018), and THE DATE NIGHT JAR (2019) reflect the comparison to the aforementioned New York Times bestselling authors.

Joey Jones fell in love with creative writing at a young age and decided in his early twenties that he wanted to write a book. His debut novel A BRIDGE APART is a suspenseful love story that was years in the making as he tinkered with the story off and on while working full-time in the marketing field. In February 2016, Jones became a full-time novelist and published his second novel LOSING LONDON later that year. Three of Jones’ novels have earned 4.8 out of 5.0 Amazon stars.

In his spare time, Joey enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, working out, reading, and writing inspirational quotes. His favorite meal is a New York Style Pizza with sweet tea. He won the 8th-grade spelling bee at his school, but if you ask him how many students participated, he might say, “Such minor details are not important!” He currently lives in North Carolina with his family.

Joey Jones earned a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Maryland University College where he graduated with honors (2006). He was the owner of a full-service advertising agency and taught business and marketing courses as an adjunct college instructor.

Jones invites you to connect with him online to find out more about his upcoming novels, book signings, giveaways, exciting news, charities, and more.

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