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Welcome to the ARC tour for The Mark of Dreams and Darkness by Arabella K. Federico. We are also happy to announce that there will be special hardcover editions available on publication day in addition to regular formats.

Here are the deets!
  • Special edition naked hardcover with design
  • Special INKED edges printed directly onto the paper. These aren't sprayed edges, they're actually printed this way.
  • Limited 1st edition run. Only 1000 copies
  • Amazon ONLY. You cannot order it anywhere else.


The Mark of Dreams and Darkness

Expected Publication Date: September 16, 2023

Genre: NA Fantasy w/ Sci-Fi Elements

“Am I a good person?”

After the devastating events of the Titan Games finale, Karalevine Ruzz and her Starseed family find themselves in a panicked frenzy to get their fellow Starseed teammate back from the clutches of the vicious Arianyte Empire. The prince, Malakyte Ardeen, hasn't stopped his relentless search for Kara, determined to make her his no matter the cost.

Haunted by the certain doom of her fellow Starseed, Kara makes a fateful decision –to enter the lethal Titan Games, a merciless competition where the stakes are life and death. The prize? A face-to-face reunion with her captured friend and the chance to confront the very enemy that threatens Earth’s very existence. With each step closer to her teammate's liberation and Earth’s freedom, the line between allies and enemies blurs with every heartbeat.

But the Titan Games are no ordinary contest, and its host is no mere prince. As Kara faces off against other deadly contenders, she simultaneously clashes with Malakyte in an entirely different arena–a battleground of the heart.

Amidst the heart-pounding action and pulse-racing intrigue, Kara finds herself at a crossroads. Good versus evil, nurture or nature, redemption and fate. Will she succumb to the darkness within her heart, or will she hold fast to the better nature she strives to embody?

The Mark of Dreams and Darkness" is the spellbinding sequel to the award-winning and bestselling novel, "The Mark of Chaos and Creation." A tale of forbidden love, pulse-pounding action, and the indomitable spirit of a heroine torn between duty and the tumultuous darkness of her heart. Will Kara unravel the mysteries that entwine her fate and bring about freedom, or will she succumb to the allure of a love that should be her downfall?

Prepare yourself for an enthralling journey where love and danger collide, and nothing is as it seems. Arabella K. Federico delivers a masterfully crafted tale that will leave you breathless, captivated until the final page, and yearning for more.

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The Mark of Chaos and Creation

The Avengers meets Sailor Moon meets Arcane League of Legends in this mind-bending mashup of fantasy and science fiction in which a young woman must fight and lie and do whatever it takes to secure the thing she wants most: revenge. If you’re in the market for something different on your bookshelf yet keeps the familiar tropes you love in fantasy fiction like enemies to lovers, forced proximity, fated mates, and found family, you’ll obsess over The Mark of Chaos and Creation until the very last page.

Where do you draw the line between fighting for the greater good and vengeance?

Six years ago, seventeen-year-old Karalevine Ruzz watched the alien tyrants abduct her best friend as she narrowly escaped capture herself. Now, older and plagued by the loss of her friend, Kara must do whatever it takes to bring him home–but also bring him justice.

The Arianyte Empire must die.

But as Kara gets closer to the alien prince responsible for forcing her into being his mercenary, she quickly sees a different side of him-one that contradicts everything she knows to be true of Earth’s wicked tyrant. As her feelings for him grow, she finds herself torn between her duty to the rebellion and her growing attraction to the alien prince. Meanwhile, Kara’s fellow teammate, Ardelle Dawson, who has always bullied and dismissed her, finally realizes that he may have feelings for her, too. As Kara navigates this complex web of loyalty, duty, and love, she must decide which man she will choose—the dark-haired alien leader, or the fellow teammate who has finally come to his senses. Can she save her best friend and take back Earth, or will she be caught in the crossfire of this dangerous game of rebellion versus occupation?

Content Warnings for Series

About the Author


My name is Arabella K. Federico and I am a passionate debut author. My YA novels explore the Sci-Fi and fantasy genres with a mind-bending metaphysical twist you’ll never see coming. Let’s just say nobody writes like Arabella.

If you want something different-yet with familiar tropes you crave-I’m your next favorite author. Don’t let the indie author thing fool you, my debut novel “The Mark of Chaos and Creation” was professionally edited by a talented industry pro who’s one of the developmental editors on Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn, as well as Tricia Levenseller’s Daughter of the Pirate King duology, and literally hundreds more traditional and indie books that are best-sellers.

As an author coach and teacher of all things writing craft, I hope to take my amazing readers on a ride they won’t soon forget. Storytelling is my passion. It lights me up like Christmas day and makes me more giddy than it probably should. Writing stories is my destiny, and I hope every new reader whose adoration I gain joins Arabella’s Army and follows me down the path of taking over the world. Because women who follow the status quo typically never break it, and over here, we shatter expectations.

Arabella K. Federico

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