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#Book #Review...The Twists & Turns of Matrimony and Murder by David Bishop...#Goodread

The Twists & Turns of Matrimony and Murder sets somewhere between the stories of Prince Charming and War of the Roses.Constance Merriweather remembered the part of her wedding vows about for better or for worse.

During and after the ceremony she smiled and played kissy-face while steeling herself for the expected worse. Frank Merriweather thought he was getting the better, but soon learned he was mistaken. The two of them settled in to co-exist in their matrimonial forest. Then came the murder. Everyone knew who was dead, but no one knew for certain who was supposed to be dead. And, of course, who committed the murder was complicated by whether the actual victim was the intended victim.

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

I was pleasantly surprised with this novella. I expected to read one thing and turns out it was something altogether different. Anytime you join your life with someone else’s, it will pose its own set of challenges. And when you have papers on that person, that presents a whole host of circumstances. 

Frank and Constance have been married for about a decade and with that kind of time under their belt, you’re bound to have some routines that become a part of the everyday married life. This couple wasn’t any different. Frank and Connie knew each other so well they could finish each other’s sentences. She knew if Frank wasn’t home by a certain time that he was likely walking on the beach or taking their neighbor’s dog for a walk. Frank’s job was never of interest to Connie. She just knew he held a position in sales and she was good with that. As long as the check kept coming, there weren’t any issues. Frank knew his wife to be “constantly” a nag. In fact, he nicknamed her Constant-ly instead of her actual name of Constance. He couldn’t hit the door without Constant-ly having to tell him something that she didn’t agree with pertaining to him. Why was he boring? Why did he love baseball, and why, why, why? 

So, on one of their regimented married days, Frank didn’t come home. This was something new and totally unexpected. Connie receives a knock on the door only to find that the person on the other side wasn’t her husband, but some stranger. Eric Dunn, a news columnist, advised Connie that her husband was a witness to a murder and that he has gone missing. Of course, Connie thought this guy was out of his mind, that is until Detective Fidgery showed up to advise her of the same thing. Funny how law enforcement can give you a whole new outlook on a situation. And that, folks, is where the story takes the reader on a whirlwind of plots and twists. 

I absolutely loved this story. It was quirky and funny and continued to engage the reader to make those inquisitive minds want to know more. It also goes to show that just when you thought you knew your partner, it may turn out you really don’t. What you found so boring about your partner can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. This was a strange story, but one that works with these characters. I really enjoyed reading this. If you have a couple hours to spare, why not spend it with The Merriweathers. You will not be disappointed.

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