Monday, May 20, 2019

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“A compassionate heroine bridges the divide between the spirit world and earthly evil in this well-paced thriller. ‘Proof of Life’ will keep readers flipping pages all night!” 
—S.W. Hubbard, Author of “Another Man’s Treasure” 

After recovering from amnesia five years ago, Jessica Mack never told anyone she had started hearing voices from the spirit world. Now, forced to use her “gift” to help find missing four-year-old Ethan Starkey, she can no longer ignore the voices. Time is running out for little Ethan as Jessica, and Sage Boles, a man with a mysterious past, are guided to a sรฉance, where they hope to get clues to the child’s whereabouts. 

“With ‘Proof of Life,’ Sheila Lowe continues her fascinating series that began with ‘What She Saw,’ where Jessica Mack’s life was fractured in a terrible accident. Now, years later, she struggles to understand a gift she has been given, a gift that frightens her as she attempts to grasp its meaning in her life. ‘Proof of Life’ is a heart-wrenching and heartwarming story that explores the universe beyond the veil, delving into the universal questions we all contemplate. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down! I’m sure Jessica’s story will take readers on a thrilling journey as she discovers new life and new love.” 

—Connie di Marco, Author of the Zodiac Mysteries and the Soup Lovers’ Mysteries

You’re in a bad marriage ready to escape with your three-year-old son, and all the while, going against your better judgment, you decide to get in the car with your drunken husband and a terrible car accident happens. Five years later, as you reflect on that accident, nothing about your life is the same anymore. Your son is deceased and you died five years ago, but a strong light and message sent you back to earth. When Jessica Mack asked this voice to let her stay with her son, she was told she had more things to do and that her son would be ok.

Prior to all of this, Jess never heard voices before. After her amnesia left, she could hear all types of voices floating around in her head. Of course, any normal person would go to the doctor to see if there was anything wrong with her head, in which Jess did, but to no avail. All the tests she had done came back negative for any type of trauma or tumors, etc. Jess’s identical twin, Jenna, was the only person in the world she could truly trust. But, she was hesitant to advise her sister of her new found gift, so to speak. Needless to say, Jess was able to solve a murder mystery for the FBI, one agent in particular, and she wasn’t sure why she was given this gift.

Or, was this gift a curse? Jess was new to the spirit world and had no way of knowing how to control her abilities. Oddly enough, it was her deceased son, Justin, who was able to give her more insight into his world. I have to say this was an outstanding read and such a different story for Lowe. I enjoyed What She Saw and was equally excited to learn this was the sequel to it. What an interesting story!

What I loved most is how Lowe managed to tie in her characters Claudia and Annabelle into this story, which fit like a hand in glove. I’ve always been intrigued with the afterlife and I truly believe in it, and it was refreshing to read Jessica Mack’s story and how she learned to navigate her new found gift. This was a great read! As always, I look forward to reading all of Lowe’s bodies of work, in which I have read each and every one of her books. She’s an amazing author. Make sure you pick up your copy when it comes out in May 2019 and discover why she’s such a great author.   The Sexy Nerd 'Revue' gives Proof of Life five living stars.

P.S. The Afterward was extremely interesting. For spoiler sake, I will not mention what Lowe speaks about, but you'll get a glimpse of how she came to write this story.

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