Friday, May 31, 2019

#Book #Review...The Sicilian Woman's Daughter by Linda Lo Scuro..A Decent #Read

Most victims of the mafia are the Sicilians themselves. The role of women both as perpetrators and victims has been grossly overlooked. Until now.

As the daughter of Sicilian immigrants, in her teens Maria turns her back on her origins and fully embraces the English way of life. Notwithstanding her troubled and humble childhood in London, and backed up by her intelligence, beauty and sheer determination, she triumphantly works her way up to join the upper middle-class of British society.

Maria delves deeper into her mother’s family history and a murky past unravels, drawing her more and more into a mire of vendetta.

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

This is a story told through Maria’s perspective. She takes you through her past and slowly brings you up to speed on the present. Some of Maria’s family appears to be a little envious of her, seeing as how she has a pretty decent life she lives, and it is within that time that she learns something awful from her Aunt Zia about their family. As the reader continues to follow Maria’s journey, it will become clear which side she embraces.

I must say the title of the book sounded very intriguing and I was excited to read the story, however, once I dove into the story, I found it to be a bit boring in sections and not enough character interaction. Actually, the story started out a little slow for me, and it picked up and engaged me more as the characters came into view, but I sometimes got confused as to which characters were doing what. I found that there were too many to keep up with at times. 

Overall, this wasn’t a bad read. It’s well written and engaging enough to hold a reader’s attention. 

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