Thursday, May 30, 2019

#Book #Review...The Sins of the Mother by Scott Pratt & Mark Stout

An Amazon Top 40 bestseller.

A killer is putting the mangled, lifeless bodies of prostitutes on display in two sleepy Northeast Tennessee towns.

The murderous spree is accelerating.

Two detectives, Lukas Miller from Johnson City and Brooke Stevens from Kingsport, have been assigned to hunt the killer down and stop him. Miller and Stevens are considered the best in their respective departments, and although they've never met, their superiors order them to work together in a coordinated effort to put an end to the violence as quickly as possible. Their reputations, and perhaps their careers, are on the line. As the body count grows, Lukas and Brooke find themselves growing more and more desperate to catch a cunning psychopath who delights in painting their terrified towns red with blood. Will Lukas and Brooke finally end the nightmare? Or will the hunters become the hunted?

"Pratt's richly developed characters are vivid and believable..." -- Publisher's Weekly

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

I’m a huge Scott Pratt fan and haven’t given any of his books less than a stellar five stars, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this newest series. 

I believe this is the first installment in the series, but I’m hoping the story picks up. I found it to be very boring the first half. So much so, I ended up skipping some sections because I found the writing to be overkill and lots of filler. I can’t believe I’m even saying this about an author I respect so much. 

The characters, Lukas Miller and Brooke Stevens, are very likable, as they are trying to learn each other since being paired as partners. As they navigate their caseload and getting to know one another, dead prostitutes are popping up everywhere. And when one in particular lends itself to the cesspool, unfortunately for Miller, he has a personal connection to her. It wasn’t as if he and Brooke were dragging their feet on the case, because that wasn’t the case, but it appeared as though they were at a standstill with lackluster leads and uncooperative officials. The upper brass was literally breathing down their necks and threatening them at every turn, and no matter how hard they worked to solve this case, it just seemed like they were never getting there.

That is, until a huge break comes their way shedding some light on where they should go. I really disliked their chief because he was just an ass. He treated Miller and Stevens like they were idiots and couldn’t handle their jobs. They were doing the very best they could, but he had no time for their slow speed. Of course, the Mayor and other officials were in his behind about the mass murders and, as we all know, crap rolls downhill, but it still frustrated me as much as it did them.

Again, I’m not sure what to say about this story. It didn’t start heating up for me until about 70% of the story, and that was almost the end. I believe Pratt wrote this story with another author and knowing Pratt the way I do, I could sense the parts he wrote, which were the sections that held my interest. He just has a way of making action come alive on the page. I don’t know, it really bothers me that I didn’t like this book, but I always keep it real when I read, so for me, this one just didn’t quite do it for me. 

But I will say this, I’m going to give the series a chance. I’ll read the second one and if I feel the same way as I did with this first one, then I will leave it alone. Here’s hoping and crossing my fingers!

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