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Dive into the diabolical new domestic thriller from a USA Today bestselling author. Perfect for fans of Freida McFadden, Jeneva Rose, Colleen Hoover and Alice Feeney. Shae Halston lives a life of luxury–at least that’s what her followers think. After a devastating affair ends her marriage, the internet influencer and It Girl must confront her new normal without losing her grip on reality–or any of her devoted followers. In an act of furious desperation, Shae befriends her husband’s new lover, but the closer she gets to their new life the more her mental health unravels. Soon, manic delusions replace her sanity and before long compulsive thoughts of revenge obsess her until the lines between her online persona and reality blur. When a tragic accident turns violent, the spotlight turns to Shae and the threat of losing everything looms again. Until an opportunity arises that could secure her freedom for good…even at the cost of another life.

The Sexy Nerd's Review. . .

Hmm? I’m not sure what to make of this story. I can say this, it was quite the story indeed. Shae Halston had it all or at least that was the persona she perpetrated on social media. Her followers love Shae because of her fashion sense and style. She was Instagram’s top influencer and why not? She had a handsome rich husband who worked as a real estate agent. She earned her money on the side through social media. Life was good, right? Well. . .

One night Dean, Shae’s husband, mentioned that he was tired of his wife living a double life through social media. For you see the person everyone thought Shae was she wasn’t. Shae was better known as Mia Starr and Dean had had it with his wife’s alter ego. He just wanted Shae to be present and not this made up character that social media fell in love with.

So, what does a husband do when he’s had it with his wife? He comes to her one night and says flat out he was leaving her and wants a divorce. I’ll give Dean one thing; he had more spunk than most men would being that direct. Shae was devastated by the news. There wasn’t any way he was going to leave her. Why, she had an image to uphold and her followers would find out the real truth that she wasn’t the woman they thought she was. Dean didn’t care. He was done and moving on.

Shae being the ever super sleuth on social media found out that not only was her man divorcing her but he had a whole other woman ready to take her place and he wasn’t hiding the fact that he had a chick on the side. Oh, but wait, she wasn’t just a chick-on-the-side, she was a woman he wanted to build a life with and he had done just that. He and his new woman announced their engagement and to top things off she was having his baby. Well hot damn, we’ve got ourselves a story, right? Well. . .

Dean was still technically married to Shae a/k/a Mia Starr. How was he just going to up and marry a whole other woman when he hadn’t settled things with his current wife. This was all too much for Shae to handle and she got tore up from the floor up with liquor and in her alcohol induced mind she took to her page and let her followers know what a no-good-for-nothing husband she had and wrote a cryptic message. When she awoke from her hangover and checked her page, she soon discovered that the message she intended to write wasn’t quite what she wrote and her followers were sending her tons of money overnight. And this is where the story gets a bit weird.

Shae had been in therapy for years and she and her therapist, Kelly Fraser, were more like girlfriends than doctor/patient relationship. I’ve never known for a therapist to ever blur those lines with a patient. In fact I’m positive that that type of behavior isn’t even permitted between a therapist and their patient. There are so many conflicts that come into play which is why I began to not like this story because it was too far reaching in areas that just didn’t seem plausible to me. I come from a legal background so when I read about this patient and therapist it was cringe worthy to me. Therapists aren’t supposed to try and be their patient’s friends. Their objectivity would become blurred and not to mention could potentially become harmful to the very patient being treated. This part of the story really bothered me a lot.

But overall, this was a quick read and remarkably interesting because it was so unbelievable with the things that happened to the characters. There’s so much more I want to stay, but that would be giving away too many spoilers and I do not do spoilers. I will say there were many questions I had that weren’t thoroughly answered and that grated on my nerves too. Again, you’ll have to read to know what I mean.

The Sexy Nerd gives The Influencer three and a half more followers for Shae to hold their interest. This was a story that was really out there, but it was interesting. Yes, that it was. Until next time, Nerds, you know how we do.

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