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They say you should keep your friends close, and enemies closer, but sometimes reality might be the other way around...Mia thinks her life is completely normal. She has a loving boyfriend, great and supportive friends, and a close relationship with her mother. Things take an interesting turn, however, when she is almost run down by a car one day. Then come the messages from an untraceable number. Not to mention the heartbreaking secret that is revealed shortly thereafter. Suddenly, everything that Mia thought was right in her life goes wrong. She has no idea why, but she needs to find out, before her secret stalker decides her time is up.

The Sexy Nerd's Review. . .

This is the type of story I’d normally pass up, but the synopsis had me mesmerized. I figured why not read someone else’s urban drama and get out of my own. 😉

Mia had everything a young black woman could want. She had a good man, a good job, the best of good girlfriends and a mother who was proud and adored her. With all that love and support, what else is there really to aspire to at this point, right?

I'm So Here For It!
Mia and Tray had been living together for quite a few years and it was definitely time to take their relationship to a whole other level. So, when Tray proposed, Mia was over the moon. One would think if she was this excited, of course her besties would hold her down and share her happy moment with her. But surprise, surprise, neither of them acted as if they could be bothered by what she and Tray had going on. Hell, Becky was about to lose her commissioned seat at a hair salon and Loryn was dating some bum man that didn’t really give two cents about her, so why should they rejoice for Mia and Tray? Well, they’re her friends right? Her besties at that!

Although Mia was a bit hurt that they didn’t appear to share her excitement, she knew they were both dealing with their own set of drama, so she dismissed their attitude. Mia was having a bit of trouble with a coworker who almost got her fired, but she wasn’t trippin’ over it. She figured she could handle her. That is, until a huge bomb had been dropped on Mia that she could not have foreseen. Strange text messages appeared on her phone. Emails began surfacing that Mia had not a clue as to who or why they were being sent to her. No matter which way she turned, something or someone was trying to destroy her happiness, but who and/or why? With Mia being extremely distraught, she turned to the only people who she knew would have her back, Becky and Loryn, her besties. They were all too eager to help a sista out and have her back, until Loryn surprised Mia with news that she could neither believe nor fathom. Loryn was struggling with Mia’s happiness because she felt she was overshadowing her with her recent engagement. She had good news for once too! She was pregnant and although this shocked Mia and Becky, what happened next was mind blowing. To find that out, Nerds, you’ll have to read.

Wow! This was pretty darn good. Being the veteran sleuth I am, of course I figured all of this out before things were happening, but it didn’t distract from the story at all. In fact, I most enjoyed it. Mia angered me a little because she was too trusting and naïve. I can relate because I’ve been there and done that myself, but Mia was a fast learner and that made up for her naivete.

The Sexy Nerd gives Everybody  Ain't  Your Friend four additional girlfriends to interview and see if they are worthy of being a friend. If you enjoy drama, which this story was packed filled with, and you enjoy urban reads, I’d highly recommend you add to your list and give it a go. It’s not that long and you could potentially read this in one weekend if you have the time to devote to it. Until next time, Nerds, you know how we do!

Open a Book and Get Mind Blown!

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