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A spellbinding adventure through mystical realms and celestial encounters

The Pilgrims' Way Cafe

Maggie McCready’s Travelling Tarot Adventures Book 2

by Melody R. Green

Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Maggie finds herself in an adventure with eight Archangels (including Archangel Michael) who have asked her to help them clear the negative energies around a very old pilgrims' route on Dartmoor, called The Archangels' Way. They're on a mission to rid the Way of the impact of human history, smugglers, highwaymen, ghosts, pixies, energy centres, churches, ley-lines, death, peat bogs, gallows, haunted inns, rolling mists, stone circles, standing stones and holy wells.

It's a fascinating place with energy wormholes and crossing points between the dimensions giving Maggie and the Archangels plenty of disturbances to try to balance and of course Phineas, Archdemon and the Archangel of Chaos is there to make the task as difficult as possible.

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The Angel Tea House

Maggie McCready’s Travelling Tarot Adventures Book 1

Maggie McCready is a travelling tarot reader who offers spiritual advice over a cup of tea and a charmed biscuit or two.

Maggie arrives in Angel Street to support tea blender and cafรฉ owner, Lucy Silverton who is being targeted by unknown sectors of the community, undermining her confidence and business. Maggie must find out who is bullying the businesses of Angel St Business Network while keeping herself safe. This is her first mission assisting Archangel Michael and the Legions of Light to protect the suburb from the encroaching dark forces. Armed for the fight with only her kind heart, tarot deck in hand and her entourage of mystic beings, she has a lot to learn about Spirit, the dark forces and herself before this adventure ends.

Definitely something is brewing in Angel St, and it's not just the tea!

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Melody R. Green is an Angel Intuitive who uses her gifts to help people work through the ups and downs of love, relationships, and the other big events of life, guiding them to connect back to “Spirit” and their own intuition. She has much first-hand knowledge of connection to Spirit as she lives in a home filled with spirits of many kinds, who speak to her often. Melody Lives in Sydney, Australia.

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