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Elements & Flame
Jillian Beane

(The Elemental Series, #1)
Publication date: March 4, 2024
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

After losing a hard fought battle, Suleima finds a new home in the wilderness outside a small town to heal her wounds and recover her Elemental magic.

A small town which houses a werewolf pack.
When that past begins to encroach on her new territory, she and her friends, new and old, must figure out a way to win this time.

Will her dragon shifter best friend and the Alpha of the pack be enough to permanently remove the evil that threatens?

Rumors of a flower hidden in a cave could be what they need to tip the scales in their favor. But to get to this cave, she must face challenges that threaten everything that she has ever known.

Action Adventure Fantasy with Slow Burn Romance. Werewolves, Magic, Dragon shifters, Mythical Creatures. Join the characters in their Epic Journey to the top of a mountain.

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Tracking a doe through the forest, Suleima could feel the earth breathing beneath her feet. There was nowhere near the connection to the earth and her elements in the city that she’d found here in her new home. Here, she was on her own, and away from the rapid pace of the city, away from her past, and she preferred it that way.

There was a squirrel foraging for nuts to the west, a snake sunning on a rock somewhere to the south. A pack of predators were a couple miles north—too far to judge the species. Using the earth’s essence more than her own sight, she could see the trees. Each individual leaf pulsed and vibrated with the slight breeze in the air, straining for the sun. The screech of a hawk, soaring above, brought her back to her task.

Using the vibrations, the ebb and flow of the earth and her elements, she was able to silently track the doe deep into the forest to a small clearing just beside a shallow creek. Even that small trickle of water was enough to make her muscles sing. If not for the rain last night, the creek would likely be dry. She crouched, placing her right hand on the ground, physically connecting with the soil below. Her fingers tingled and her blood raced. As the power of the elements raced through her, she knew her eyes had drifted from their usual gray to a vibrant violet.

Suleima basked in the warmth of the sun, filtered through the leaves of the trees behind her. Taking a deep breath, Suleima released the energy she was holding while touching the soil, and slowly stood. She retraced her steps out of the clearing and headed in the direction of her home. She had waited too long to use the elements; she was tired and needed to recharge.

She never should have let it go for this long. She needed to keep her skills honed. Although she was away from the city, the reason she left was still out there, and her past would catch up with her sooner or later. Hearing a slight huff to her left, she cursed herself for letting her guard down. The pack of predators she sensed earlier had closed in on her without her knowing it. Wolves . . . werewolves.

Author Bio:

I have been writing since I was in high school and have finally found the courage to put some of that writing out for all to see. I have a love of all things artistic and crafty. Reading books, watching movies and listening to music makes my heart happy. I am a self-proclaimed Jack of All Trades, Master of None. I live in the mid-west with my husband, two amazing and crazy kids, and a cat who we think is part squirrel.

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