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The legacy continues….


Death Dwellers MC Legacy Generation Book 3

by Kathryn C. Kelly

Genre: Contemporary MC Romance

In the gripping sequel to "Restless," Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell's transformation into a devoted family man is put to the ultimate test. Once feared for his ruthlessness, he finds himself drifting further away from his notorious MC leader persona as he navigates the aftermath of his youngest child’s turbulent entrance into the world.

As Jo experiences a new set of challenges, he only spirals further, affecting everyone around him. Most especially his wife, Megan, who struggles to traverse her grief as she enters a new stage in her life while dealing with a hard-headed bully.

Amidst this chaos, CJ, Outlaw and Meggie's son, struggles to hold everything together as his parents falter. He has a hard time recognizing his developing feelings for a girl who isn't Harley Banks, causing further complications in his already tumultuous life.
Meanwhile, Bash still lurks, and as his reign of terror continues, the kids of the MC learn what it means to be a Death Dweller.

In this gritty and emotionally charged sequel, "Relentless" delves deeper into the complexities of family, loyalty, and the harsh realities of life within the MC world. Will Outlaw's transformation be enough to protect those he loves, or will the past catch up with him, threatening to tear everything apart?

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Death Dwellers MC Legacy Generation Book 2

In the gripping second installment of the Death Dweller MC’s Legacy Series, "Restless," CJ Caldwell finds himself facing more challenges and heartbreak than ever before. Still grappling with a devastating family tragedy, CJ is now also dealing with the fractured relationship between him and his once-best friend, Harley. Her erratic behavior has not only destroyed their friendship, but it also threatens to unravel other important relationships in CJ's life.

As CJ's parents struggle with their own personal issues, the weight of responsibility falls heavily on CJ's young shoulders. He must step up and take care of his siblings while navigating the complex dynamics of a broken family. But little does he know, danger lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce when he least expects it.

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Death Dwellers MC Legacy Generation Book 1

Sixteen-year-old CJ Caldwell struggles to live up to the reputation of his legendary father, Outlaw. He dreams of joining the Death Dwellers, but he's expected to finish high school and go to college before he can even be considered.

To make matters worse, the only girl he wants, Harley Banks, has rejected him, breaking his heart. Little does he know, she's breaking her own heart too. CJ must navigate the challenges of becoming a man, coping with heartbreak, and saving his cousin Ryan from dangerous influences.

In this gripping coming-of-age tale, CJ learns that being reckless can have serious consequences, and that sometimes, the hardest thing to do is the right thing.

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In her dreams, Kathryn C. Kelly is a flirtatious biker babe with the rumble of a hog between her legs and a shirtless bad boy wrapped in her arms. Kathryn and her bad ass biker boy spend their evenings tossing back great scotch (Chivas Regal) and fighting over who is better at Cards against Humanity (she is, obviously.)

In her reality, Kathryn is a native New Orleanian who has survived Hurricane Katrina and breast cancer. Now she’s hoping to survive three lively girls. While not playing Wonder Mom, Kathryn can be found putting all those dreams into the pages of her next Death Dwellers Motorcycle Club novel.

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