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Book Title: Tattered Allegiance: MM Fantasy Romance: A Luminia Novel 

Author and Publisher: Lee Colgin

Cover Artist:  RJ Creatives

Release Date:  July 27, 2023

Genre: MM Fantasy Romance

Tropes: friends to lovers, found family, only one hayloft

Themes: standing up for your loved ones

Heat Rating:  4 flames

Length:  50 000 words/ 190 pages

It is a standalone story and also book 1 in new series. It does not end on a cliffhanger.


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Turmoil is brewing in the southern lands. Hushed voices whisper of war. When humans revolt against Fae authority, which perilous path will a young mixling choose?


I love Jindal with all my heart, but he’s full fae and I’m only a mixling. He doesn’t grasp how much harder life is for me. As the chasm yawns between us, I’m afraid we’ll lose everything we’ve built.


Rahz is my world, and whether he believes it or not, I’d do anything for him. Even when we struggle, my fealty is true. And so is my love. I refuse to let anything tear us apart.

Danger arrives in a royal carriage, gilded with jewels and trailing colorful silks. A loathsome pledge. A demanded oath. A cursed registry.

Can Rahz and Jindal weather the oncoming storm, or will a tattered allegiance break their vows and shatter their hearts?


Tattered Allegiance is the first book in Lee Colgin’s new Luminia Series. Surrender to an enchanting tale of friends-to-lovers romance. Immerse yourself in Rahz and Jindal’s fantasy world full of apricot pastries, mischievous bullies, young crushes, mysterious gatekeeping bogeymen, and lots of spicy times in the hayloft. A steamy MM paranormal love story in which being queer is normal and accepted, being a bully is uncalled for, and being childhood sweethearts is one in a million!

“What is it?” Rahz asks. His hazel eyes glitter with concern.

I sniffle. “Nothing.”

“It’s definitely not nothing.”He lets go of my hand and wipes the tears from my cheeks with his thumbs. Then he slings an arm around me, drawing me in. “Don’t be afraid. We’re safe here together.”

Warmth floods my chest. I stare at his mouth. We’re so close. If I leaned in, just a little, I could—

Rahz kisses me, bridging the gap between us and pressing our lips together gently. A quick peck. There and gone. In that second, my entire world rearranges itself.

My body alights with a tingling rush of sensation that curls my toes and flutters my wings. I lick my lips to taste him there and nearly moan at the sensation.

His cheeks are pink, and he’s turning away.

No, no, no.

I grab his face and bring it back to mine. This time, when we kiss, the touch lingers. Soft and warm. Our mouths pressed together, parting slightly to fit even closer. I breathe through my nose so I don’t have to pull away. Tasting sweet apricots and sugar, I’m swooning, floating, even though my wings lay folded on my back.

I don’t know what to do—this is my first kiss, er, well, second if I count that little peck he just gave me—I only know I never want this moment to end.

Rahz’s hands are hot on my waist. Mine cup his nape under the silky-soft weight of his silver hair. I chase him as he pulls away, and both of us grin.

“Feel better?” he asks shyly, his cheeks still pink as fresh peaches.

Whatever upset me is a distant memory that pales compared to his lovely, shining lips. “Mm-hmm.” I dart in to kiss him again, but he stops me with a hand braced on my sternum.

“Jindal, slow down.”

I search his face and find no answer. “Why?”

Rahz stands. He’s so much bigger than me. I want to climb him and cling like a sloth, press my nose into his hair, and breathe him in. My best friend. My crush. My Rahz.

But the vulnerable look to his expression concerns me. Maybe he doesn’t feel the same way I feel after all. My heart sinks. Was that kiss only to make me feel better? Is there no deeper meaning?

I wring my hands in my lap, stewing over my next words carefully. “Sorry I tried to maul you.”

A slow smile lifts his lips and shoos away my undue worry. “It’s not that. I liked that.”

About the Author . . .

Lee Colgin has loved vampires since she read Dracula on a hot, sunny beach at 13 years old. She lives in North Carolina with lots of dogs and her husband. No, he's not a vampire, but she loves him anyway. Lee likes to workout so she can eat the maximum amount of cookies with her pizza. Ask her how much she can bench press.

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