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William Friend’s haunting debut Let Him In is a creeping, gothic psychological suspense about a young, newly widowed father struggling to raise twin daughters obsessed with an imaginary friend.

“Daddy, there’s a man in our room...”

Alfie wakes one night to find his twin daughters at the foot of his bed, claiming there’s a shadowy figure in their bedroom. When no such thing can be found, he assumes the girls had a nightmare.

He isn’t surprised that they’re troubled. Grief has made its home at Hart House: nine months ago, the twins’ mother Pippa died unexpectedly, leaving Alfie to raise them alone. And now, when the girls mention a new imaginary friend, it seems like a harmless coping mechanism. But the situation quickly develops into something more insidious. The girls set an extra place for him at the table. They whisper to him. They say he’s going to take them away…

Alfie calls upon Julia—Pippa’s sister and a psychiatrist—to oust the malignant tenant from their lives. But as Alfie himself is haunted by visions and someone watches him at night, he begins to question the true character of the force that has poisoned his daughters’ minds, with dark and violent consequences.

Whatever this “friend” is, he doesn’t want to leave. Alfie will have to confront his own shameful secrets, the dark past of Hart House, and even the bounds of reality—or risk taking part in an unspeakable tragedy.

The Sexy Nerd's Review. . .

I was so drawn to this story because I love anything thrilling and haunting.  The synopsis hooked me from the very beginning.  Anytime your child comes to you and says there’s a man in their room, I’m wide awake and alert.  Let’s go!  So, as much as it pains me to say this, I didn’t come away with those feelings.  Instead, I feel deflated, of sorts.  I’m on the fence with this one you might say.

Alfie is a widower raising twin daughters, Cassia, and Sylvie.  Twins, in and of themselves, are a wonder to begin with, so imagine, if you will, when your daughters are telling you of a man they continually see and talk to daily.  Alfie assumed his daughter’s trauma of having lost their mother so tragically brought about this “imaginary” character named Black Mamba.  Black Mamba can turn into anything he wishes.  Most of the time he presented himself to the girls as a snake or sometimes he’s a bird, but make no mistake Black Mamba exists.  Alfie has no idea what he’s to do about his daughters’ behavior, so he seeks out his sister-in-law, Julia, who is a psychiatrist, to help him sort out what is going on.

When Julia starts to interview her nieces, she is eerily reminded of a time when she was about their age, where her sister, Pippa, once told her about a man she saw.  Could it be a coincidence or just child’s play?  Julia wasn’t sure what was going on, but one thing was for certain, she knew her nieces weren’t making up what they saw.  And the more she delved into what was going on with her family, a strange picture and ugly truths began to emerge. 

Umm, ok, so let’s get down to it.  I found this story to be extremely boring through most of it.  The excitement, for me, didn’t begin to happen until I was about 70% into the story.  I believe that’s why I’m on that dreaded fence.  This was a very good story, but I wasn’t thrilled with the delivery of it.  It was too much carrot dangling for me and not enough getting down to the crux of what we’re here for.  I’m not sure how to convey what I’m saying, but at the end of the day, I wasn’t a fan of this story.

The back and forth between Alfie and Julia narrating our story grated on my nerves a bit because as I mentioned, it was taking too long for me to find out what was actually happening and when I did, I was left with...hmm?  At the end of the day, every story isn't for everyone and this just happened to be one of them.

Was this a bad book? Absolutely not.  I was able to read it with ease and navigate quite well throughout the story--I just wished the story had picked up speed well before the ending. 

The Sexy Nerd gives Let Him In three additional Black Mamba's to throw extra spice on the story.  Again, my readers know me.  I would never advise anyone not to read a book. As I mentioned, every book isn't for every reader, but it doesn't mean that you might not like it.  You never know until you try it and I recommend that you do.  Let Him In goes on sale Tues., October 3, 2023 at your favorite book retailers or wherever books are sold.  In the meantime, Nerds, you know how we do!

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