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They need each other, yet they don't even like each other.

Every Rejection You Make

Faerell Book 2, Rejected Mates Collection

by TJ Bell

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance

The Usurper has been captured. The rightful queen has claimed her throne. Faerell, the land of the fae and wolves, is once again safe.

Faery Warrior Tessa should be celebrating. Instead, she’s climbing a mountain with a wolf wanna-be Warrior and a prisoner no one trusts, and she’s humiliated by the treachery of her ex-partner.

As if that weren’t enough, the wolf wanna-be Warrior, Rollo, saved her life, so now she’s beholden to him.

Which is a problem, because she’s also attracted to him.

Which is a bigger problem because she doesn’t even like him.

This is the second book in the Faerell series. For the most enjoyable reading experience, it is recommended to read the books in order.

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Once Rejected, Twice Shy

Faerell Book 1, Rejected Mates Collection

Faith Calhoun was almost forty when she walked in on her husband screwing someone else.

Talk about a terrible way to end what had admittedly not been an iconic decade of her life.

After serving him divorce papers—on her birthday—she heads straight to her favorite bar, where the ultra-hot bartender plies her with drinks to take the edge off.

They end up tumbling into bed together.

That part’s not bad—in fact, it’s really, really good—except in the morning, he rejects her too, and somehow, that rejection is even worse than the first one. Especially when he insists he needs to remain in her life to ensure she’s protected.

From what? Her gossipy neighbors?

Oh, and let’s not forget all the strange occurrences that are getting harder and harder to explain away.

First, there’s a wolf in her house. A real, live, massive wolf. Then the house is attacked and nearly destroyed by some unknown—and unseen—enemy, and, get this, the wolf saves her. Then the bartender tells her he’s a wolf too. It’s like something out of her favorite shifter romance novel—except she’s living it!

And then there’s the icing on the cake: Mikail, the bartender-slash-wolf, tells her she’s a faery princess.

Maybe this week isn’t so bad after all.

If you overlook the reason he kept her identity a secret: the enemies she didn’t know she had want to kill her, and now that she’s been outed.

Her bad week is about to get a whole lot worse.

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TJ Bell is the naughtier alter-ego of romance author Tami Lund (although you should totally read Tami Lund’s books too, because they are really, really good). TJ Bell writes paranormal and fantasy romance, all the time. Her heroines are tough, even if they are broken, and her heroes tend to have a heart of gold under all that alpha. Hell, sometimes they aren’t even alpha at all; after all, who doesn’t love a solid beta hero?

When she isn’t writing snarky, steamy books, TJ Bell likes to take long walks on the beach with a tall glass of wine… oh wait, wrong bio. But still true.

TJ Bell lives in the (sometimes) beautiful state of Michigan, USA, where the weather is glorious approximately 30% of the time, with her even-more-snarky husband, snarky-in-training (and progressing impressively) teenage daughter, and her dog, Kaya, who wants to know if it’s dinnertime yet.

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