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We're so excited to share this beauty with you today! Defy will be available on July 24th!


Defy (Nothing Lasts Forever #2) 

Expected Publication Date: July 24, 2023 

Genre: Romantic Suspense Tropes: ๐Ÿ–คAge Gap ๐Ÿ–คBroody Possessive Alpha ๐Ÿ–คFated Mates/ Star Crossed Lovers ๐Ÿ–คTasteful Spice My past got us captured. 

Her past could get us killed. And the clock is ticking. That was then… Abandoning my family and rejecting my duty was a calculated risk. I longed for freedom from the oppressive chains of the cartel and the suffocating walls of my family estate. After my escape, I made a new home in Aruba, keeping to myself and staying under the radar. That is, until I met Libby. She was lonely. And broken. Our souls were the same. And from the moment her brilliant blue eyes connected with mine; I knew I would do anything to have her. Even when saving her meant losing the freedom I had fought so desperately to achieve. …this is now. Forgiveness is not given freely, and I’m lucky to still be alive. My family doesn’t want to trust me… the son who ran away. But they don’t have a choice. As my parents attempt to stop the rapid fraying of their empire, my brother’s dangerous behavior seems focused on trying to destroy it – or me. But I’m not the only one who’s in trouble. My family wants Libby for something, and I need to learn their secret before it’s too late. Yet as I’m dragged deeper into my old way of life, the lines of loyalty start to blur. Deception is everywhere. Truth is obscured. And monsters are not always what they seem. To keep her safe, I will defy the rules. I will defy my family. I will defy anything that stands in my way. 

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Submit (Nothing Lasts Forever #1)

Expected Publication Date: July 24, 2023 

Genre: Romantic Suspense/ Romance Tropes: ๐Ÿ–คAge Gap ๐Ÿ–คBroody Possessive Alpha ๐Ÿ–คFated Mates/ Star Crossed Lovers ๐Ÿ–คTasteful Spice 

 When I first met Willem, he swept me off my feet. I was pursued. Adored. But over time, I began to give in to all of Will’s desires and demands and lost sight of who I was. Whenever I felt like I could finally break free… he would find a way to reel me back in. That’s how I ended up here, in Aruba. With a fiancรฉ who’s never around and a lonely, solitary existence filled with cooking meals and keeping house. Meeting Casper was a pleasant surprise. With his brilliant green eyes, tanned skin, and brooding demeanor, I find myself irresistibly drawn into his orbit again and again. Without even trying, he makes me feel seen for the first time in years. Maybe it’s the way he corrects my stance on the kite board. Maybe it’s the side glances he thinks I don’t catch. But the more time I spend with him, the more closed-off he becomes – and the more I want to break through his tough exterior. When Will and I’s relationship takes a turn for the worse, Casper helps me escape my prison. But I never expected the secrets that would be exposed… or the danger that’s about to come for us both. In over my head, I quickly realize that at least one more time, I will have to submit to someone else’s control.

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About the Author. . .

Jillian has worked in the healthcare industry for over 10 years. With no formal education in creative writing, she sat down one night during the pandemic to give her mind a break from facts and sterile objectivity. In doing so, she discovered a love for losing herself in a story all her own. Even though she continues to work her “regular” job, she’s always planning, plotting, and scheming for ways to make her next characters fall in love. Her characters are inspired by people she has met over the years and their stories could happen to anyone. Realistic, flirty, quick reads are what you’ll get when you crack open one of her novels. When she isn’t working or writing, you can find her in her garden, on a plane, or 50ft below the surface of the ocean breathing bubbles and chasing fish. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and three stepkids. 

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