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Beck's Pack

Silver Springs Pack Series Book 2

by Kay Doherty

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Beck Landusky is new to being a wolf shifter. Having grown up an orphan surrounded by humans he finds pack life to be fascinating though not without difficulty. His only experience with shifters is from the pages of the paranormal romance novels he would find in his foster mother’s bookstore. Some things come to him naturally but for those that don’t, he relies on his mate, Shawn, and his friend and pack prophet, Jett, to help him learn.

Shawn Montgomery is slowly adjusting to his role as Silver Springs Pack Alpha while also helping his young mate find his place among the pack. Beck only recently learned what he is and still doesn’t have a complete understanding of what it means to be omega and mate to the Pack Alpha. While Shawn is struggling to find his balance between his new mate and his responsibilities to the pack, a sense of foreboding hangs over him. Shawn’s rival, Thurston Demers, Pack Alpha of the Golden Plains Pack has been entirely too quiet.

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Beck's Wolf

Silver Springs Pack Series Book 1

Beck Landusky was five years old when he lost his parents in a car accident leaving him without family. Thrown into the foster system, he bounced around until he was twelve when he was placed with Ellie, a used bookstore owner in the small town of Drummond. Life in Drummond was slow, quiet, and sometimes boring. Certainly nothing extraordinary. Until one cold winter morning when a tall, dark, and handsome man arrived in town and changed everything.

Shawn Montgomery knew the moment he held newborn Beck in his arms that they were fated mates. When Beck and his parents suddenly disappeared one night, he was devastated. As soon as he turned eighteen, Shawn began searching for his lost mate until fourteen years later, mere weeks before his ascension to Pack Alpha of Silver Springs, Shawn got word that his mate had been found.

With his ascension looming near and the appearance of a rival pack in Drummond, Shawn must find a way to tell Beck they are fated mates and claim him. There’s just one problem – Beck has no idea who or what he is.

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Kay is an omnisexual/polysexual who lives in Colorado with her poly-family. Her house is overrun with cats and dogs. Family is important to her so there are daily texts, frequent visits to her parents, and constant banter with her brothers. She happily suffers an addiction to coffee and Mexican food. She loves to read and write and can easily become consumed by it for hours, much to the dismay of others. On occasion she can be convinced to venture out into the world of the living despite being annoyed with the sun shining in her face.

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