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Like Courtney, Katie believed she was a living fairy tale life that was tailored just for her, starting with a picture-perfect husband. However, the handsome, successful dentist known as Dr. Reynolds was nothing more than a calculated, clever fraud that said "I do" one too many times. Matching wedding rings, identical Range Rovers, and two expensive brick homes purchased in the same neighborhood were all part of his double life. Dr. Reynolds sold Katie and Courtney a dream that didn't belong to either of them—a dream he'll confiscate without warning in an ending not even the wives could see coming . . .

The Sexy Nerd's Review. . .
This was an interesting read because it took me places, I never thought I’d venture down, but at the same time, I feel as though I’m on the fence with this.

Dr. Reynolds was the epitome of what a good-looking man was supposed to look like. He was very tall, dark chocolate, handsome and well hung. What was not to love about this man? Hmm, if I were a single woman, sign me right on up! Dr. Reynolds was a well-respected dentist in the community and lived in an affluent neighborhood of Potomac, Maryland. (Funny, I used to watch the Real Housewives from that area as well). When Katie met Dr. Reynolds, to say it was love at first sight, was a definite understatement. They instantly hit it off and before long, the two were engaged to be married. Life couldn’t get any sweeter than this, thought Katie.

But Katie had issues. She was a narcissistic mean-girl spirited woman who thought she was better than everyone else. She liked to throw up her white privilege and her good looks to her sisters named Kyle and Epiphany. (Ahem. . .please note, I was thrown off by the name choices for these two characters.) She couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful life she was going to have with her new husband and how degrading and belittling it would be for her sisters to never experience the type of life she had. Talk about being full of yourself and extra. Hmmph!

Katie’s sisters suspected something wasn’t quite right with the brother-in-law to be and tried to warn her about it, but of course, they were haters and trying to destroy her happiness. (I was once accused of that very thing. . .but that’s a story for another day). Anyhoo, Katie dismissed her sisters’ cries and kept right on with her life. That is, until she realized that her hubby, Dr. Reynolds, was an absent husband. He didn’t spend much time with her at all. She understood he was a doctor, but they were newly married and was supposed to be in the throws of passion every night and enjoying each other’s newfound love and happiness, but all he seemed to care about was handling his patients. So, the only time Katie got to see Dr. Reynolds were a few days a week and that was stretching it if that.

So, secretly while Katie cried her blue eyeballs out every night refusing to believe her sisters had a valid point, she kept putting on airs. Where was Dr. Reynolds, Katie wondered?

What Katie didn’t know was that her Dr. Reynolds was living a double life because about a few blocks over, Dr. Reynolds’ other wife, Courtney, resided. As the reader continues on the journey of Katie and Courtney, the picture soon becomes clear just as to who was really being hoodwinked.

Eh, ok, let’s get to what I liked about this story. I truly enjoyed the storyline and watching the two wives try to figure out what was going on with their husband, but this is also the part where things began to go south for me too. It truly grated on my last nerve how dumb Katie and Courtney were. These two had to be the dumbest people on the planet. Although I know that most doctors’ lives are hectic much like that of attorneys, there isn’t any person that darn busy. For your man to be gone the same days each week like some sort of schedule, that would have raised a huge flag for me. Neither of them ever thought to follow their husband or listen to their family and friends when they raised flags about things Dr. Reynolds was doing? The very sisters that Katie constantly put down were the ones she ended up going to for understanding. She was downright nasty to them. I was pissed with that because I would not have been that forgiving.

The other thing that grated my nerves were the back and forth between Katie’s and Courtney’s chapters. It was like watching a tennis match. I might have been able to stomach that more had they both not been so stupid. They were the type to believe donkeys can fly. That drove me nuts. I found myself screaming at my Kindle. “Wake up!” The ending didn’t help me any either. I found it to be a bit immature and reaching. It just didn’t make sense to me at all. I get what happened and why it happened, but the explanation was so weak. I had a few endings I thought would have paired well with this story, but it’s not my story to tell. At any rate, I found this story to be just ok.

The Sexy Nerd gives My Husband’s Wife three more spouses to keep up with. This wasn’t a bad read. In fact, it’s quick to get through. I think the story needed to be a little more developed and this would have been an outstanding read. In fact, I wouldn’t have minded seeing this story in a movie. I could see me now eating some popcorn and delving into these characters’ lives. Overall, it was an ok read that I liked. You will be able to get through it. It’s not a struggle read at all. Until next time, Nerds, you know what to do.

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