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Welcome to the tour for A Blood Deep Darkness by Tish Thomas! Read on for more details!

Tish Thomas 1 ebook

A Blood Deep Darkness (The Dark Reunion Series, Book 1)

Publication Date: June 9, 2023

Genre: PNR/ Vampire Romantic Fantasy

๐ŸฉธWolf Packs
๐ŸฉธVampire Dystopia
๐ŸฉธEnemies to Lovers
๐ŸฉธInterracial relationships
๐ŸฉธWolf Magic
๐ŸฉธAlpha Females
๐ŸฉธForbidden Love

Vampire insurrectionist Camden Moretti is determined to put an end to the vicious blood-system that has held the world captive since the Human Annihilation war. An undercover operative for a rebellion group, Camden feels he can only make up for the failure of his assignment by procuring the only known chapters of the Vampiric Triumph, a secretive book that contains the ritual of the King of Darkness, the key to controlling a child with enormous power.

Beautiful Lycan heiress Danielle Calen is on the run from her lethal pack. Her sister is the beta wolf of a violent extremist pack who believe murder and vengeance is the best means of remaining free. But those views killed their parents and sent her sister down a spiraling path of blood thirsty madness. When that madness results in violence, Danielle is determined to rescue her sister from a death sentence.

Camden and Danielle meet in the storm of their lives. The prophecy they’d grown up ignoring suddenly casts their intense and forbidden attraction in a whole new light. Surrounded by violence and betrayals, in a world where blood is currency, their attraction reveals devastating consequences linked to a time-transcending curse of love and death. Will they have the courage to challenge destiny, oppression, and war, or will their passion be the trigger for their shocking end?

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About the Author

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Tish Thomas has been avid reader and science fiction enthusiast since the age of nine and since then has written six science fiction novels and several short stories. She studied English at the University of Central Florida and is a long-time member of the Algonkian Writers Conference Organization. Tish was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida and currently resides in Jacksonville Florida with her husband and two daughters. Tish writes full-time and enjoys helping other authors improve their craft through meaningful advice and free resources. You can visit her website at

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