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Book Title: Synthetic Code for Sincerity 

Author and Publisher: Naya Zayn

Release Date: May 25, 2023

Genre: Sci-fi MM romance 

Tropes: wealthy heroes, dark themes, tragic past, morally grey characters, HFN, slow burn

Heat Rating:  4 flames      

Length:  260 pages      

It is the first book in the series and does not end on a cliffhanger. HFN


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Alpha, Vincent Zakari is as roguishly handsome as he is cunning.

Made to feel, yet with callous disregard for most people, he hides his synth identity beneath a charming smile.

To foil a major political threat, he worms into the life of an orphaned billionaire, but soon finds himself at the mercy of his own emotions.

Plagued by horrors from a tragic past, Yugo Jordan has shields for days, and never leaves his New York estate.

When another disaster forces him outside, he meets the insanely attractive Vincent, and is quickly undone by dark eyes and honey-slick words.

To Vincent, Yugo's a fatal error in the making.

And to Yugo, Vincent is weakness personified, steadily breaking down those walls.

Both are helpless against the pull between them, even while confronted by stubborn inner demons and looming external threats.

As they navigate this heated, uncharted territory, they must also unravel the lies and secrets surrounding them…

or cave beneath all-too-human flaws.

Synthetic Code for Sincerity is an addictive blend of light scifi and heavy MM romance — deeply sensual, evocative, and marked by thrilling moments sure to stay with you long after turning that last page.

It's the first in a series where each installment has a different couple, but follows an overarching plotline.

Readers can expect a host of morally grey characters, a smug bastard MC who's brought down to his knees, another MC who's shoved out of his comfort zone, first times, and a happy-for-now ending.

**Warning: This book has content which may not be suitable for all audiences. Check the author's website for more information. Reader discretion is thoroughly advised.

"Strip for me, Yugo. Nice and slow."

He opened his eyes, blinking repeatedly to clear the haze. As he focused, he spotted Vincent—already several paces away, and seated on the high back. His dark eyes locked on Yugo, fiercely intense and with hidden depths, pulling Yugo to a trance-like state.

Yugo couldn't help it, he lost himself completely and before he knew it, he began to strip. He removed his jacket, took off his shirt, slipped out of his pants, all without looking away. He should've been wracked by nerves, but those eyes had him in the tightest grip and he'd never felt more powerful, more desirable. He cracked a smile and took his time with his shorts, inching here and there as he slowed things down to an aching halt. 

Something wicked flicked across Vincent's stare. In a flash, Yugo was fully naked and up against the window. The glass sent chills down his spine. A solid weight crowded over him, filling his nose with spicy-sweet as lips met lips. 

Things unraveled quickly from there, flying into a whirlwind of tongue, heat, and very few breaths, becoming a kiss of greed. It seared through Yugo, stealing moans and cries too wanton for common decency. He hadn't known he could sound like this. Wild and desperate. Like his life depended on it…

About the Author . . .

It all started when she received that first picture book during her diaper days. Naya Zayn, aka NZ, has binged on stories since then.

As a consummate daydreamer, she spends many hours exploring the horizons of her own mindscape — lurking around terrains flush with gay romance and happy endings.

There, she embraces the gripping elements of scifi and fantasy, then ventures into darker outskirts where many rogues and anti-heroes reside.

Though troubled, her morally grey men pine hopelessly and flirt shamelessly. They're also persistent, haunting her in the waking world, till she finally puts pen to paper… bringing them alive.

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