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Quicksand Series Boxset
Delaney Diamond

Publication date: Jun 16, 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary,

Quicksand is a series of stand alone stories based on love, sex, and romance. You can’t fight your way out of quicksand, and you can’t fight your way out of love. Books four, five, and six are available in this box set!

Are they just two people on the rebound seeking comfort in each other’s arms?

When Tamika Jones arrives at the apartment on Hargrove Street, she expects to find her boyfriend, the money he stole, and the woman he cheated on her with. Instead, she finds Anton Bevins, a young attorney, who’s good-looking, bewildered by her appearance, and also a victim. The two end up in a sexy, fun-loving relationship that takes them both by surprise, but is it really love?

Fiery passion wages a war between two destined hearts.

Layla Fleming may miss the toe-curling nights between the sheets with Rashad Greene, but it took a long time for her heart to heal. So when she sees the cocky playboy years later, she ignores his advances and moves on. With the first glimpse, Rashad knows he must have Layla back in his bed, but he still holds a dark secret and worries the chemistry between them will fizzle if she knows the truth.

Their friendship is strong. Their attraction is stronger.

For years, English professor Dana Lindstrom has been crushing on her friend, ex-NFL football player Omar Bradford. When another man sparks her interest, she embarks on a new relationship to help her get over those feelings. When Dana’s new love interest stirs intense jealousy, Omar will risk their friendship to show her once and for all he’s the only man she’ll ever need.

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Bang. Bang. Bang.

Rubbing sleep from his eyes, Anton rolled onto his back and squinted against the sunlight coming in through the curtains.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

The noise was coming from the front door. Someone was knocking. Loud.

Rolling onto his side with a groan, he checked the clock beside the bed. Seven-thirty on a Saturday morning. What the hell? Who would—

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Irritated, he tossed off the sheets and marched to the door with angry strides. The person on the other side better be dying, or they’d be getting their butt kicked.

Though upset, he took the precaution of peering out the peephole to see who was attacking his door and was taken aback when he saw the petite woman out front. Wearing a baseball cap low on her head, he could tell she was attractive even through the distorted lens and the angry pucker of her lips.

“Open the door, Calvin!” she screamed. “I know you’re in there, and I’m not going anywhere, so you might as well come out.” She started banging with her fist again.

How could someone so small make that much noise?

Anton swung open the door and her hand remained suspended in the air, mid-bang. Her eyebrows winged together in a startled expression, and then her gaze traveled from his bare chest, down his pajama pants, to his bare feet. His skin tingled everywhere she looked, as surely as if she’d dragged her palms down his chest.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

“I should be asking you that question. I live here, not this Calvin person you’re looking for. You have the wrong address.”

She smirked. “Nice try. I know he doesn’t live here, but I know he’s here with that b*tch.” She then lifted a baseball bat he hadn’t seen through the peephole, over her right shoulder, as if she were standing at the plate ready to swing.

Anton’s hands lifted in defense. “Whoa, hold on. There’s no Calvin here, and I don’t know who the b*tch—I mean, woman—is that you’re looking for.”

One sculpted brow lifted above her skeptical dark eyes. Despite the volatile situation, he couldn’t help appraising her features. When was the last time he’d seen anyone quite so… stunning? With a round face, high cheekbones, and catlike eyes that glared at him but managed to look sensuous at the same time. Her nose tilted slightly upward at the tip, and her full, thick lips could be too much on the wrong face, but settled on hers in a way that drew the eye and made him temporarily forget the damage she could do with that bat nestled on her shoulder.

She wore a red top that, well… it was rather revealing, exposing her midriff and showing off the dark walnut of her flat stomach and the white-gold belly ring nested in her navel. He had to force himself to look at her face and keep his gaze there, which wasn’t an easy task.

Anton swallowed hard to beat back the lust that reared its head as he admired nature’s handiwork.

“Sure you don’t know them. Unless you want some of this”—she waved the bat—“I suggest you get out of my way and let me handle my business.”

“This is my apartment,” Anton insisted.

These gated communities weren’t worth the money. Why pay extra when it was so easy for crazy people to slip in behind someone else, like this psycho obviously had?

“Calvin!” the stranger screamed. When she tried to shove past him, Anton slammed his hand on the doorframe.

“Listen,” he said, lowering his voice to a lethal level, “I don’t need you waking up my neighbors and causing me problems, all right? This is my apartment. I’m not telling you again. There is no Calvin here. This is 2516 Hargrove Street Apt C. You have the wrong address.”

Bad enough she’d woken him up out of bed after a long week, but now she was getting on his nerves with her insistence of trying to get past him to find this Calvin dude.

“No, I do not have the wrong address. Tell me this, do you know who Melissa is?”

Shock jolted Anton’s back ramrod straight. “Melissa?”

The stranger smirked knowingly. “You do know her. Where is she? Tell her I want to talk.” She tapped the bat in her left palm, looking like anything but someone who only wanted to talk.

Author Bio:

Delaney Diamond is the USA Today Bestselling Author of black romance and interracial romance in the contemporary romance and romantic suspense genres. She reads romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, and a fair amount of nonfiction. When she’s not busy reading or writing, she’s in the kitchen trying out new recipes, dining at one of her favorite restaurants, or traveling to an interesting locale. To get sneak peeks, notices of sale prices, and find out about new releases, visit her website and join her mailing list. Enjoy free stories on her website at

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