Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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Looking for something a little different? She Dreams in Blue Light is the debut novel by A. R. Malecki which forces readers to think about the implications of our tech-driven society.

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She Dreams in Blue Light Publication Date: June 27, 2023

Genre: NA Fiction w/ Sci-Fi Vibes “A wonderful ode to love, autonomous thinking, and the possible implications of living in a tech-forward society.” - Reedsy Discovery 

Eleanor Crawford believes she can solve any problem with computer code. At just twenty-six years old, she holds a coveted software engineering position at Atlanta’s hottest startup, Agora, dubbed “The Gathering Place of the Internet.” She might be the only woman on her team, but that won’t stop her from being at the forefront of the platform’s most exciting new feature: Assemblies. But the pressure for profit will change the nature of Eleanor’s work, challenging her idealistic, build-something-great mentality. Swept up in the fast-paced, prestigious world of Big Tech, she becomes entangled in ethical gray areas as well as an unexpected romance. When tragedy strikes her family, she’s forced to confront the consequences of the very technology she helped create. Eleanor’s naive ideas of success come unraveled-caught between the company that’s defined her career and identity and her growing sense of responsibility to society. Told with empathy and insight, “She Dreams in Blue Light” is both an inspiring story about one woman’s journey to find meaning in her work, and a scathing critique of today’s profit-centered, corporate mindset. 

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About the Author. . .

ANNA “A.R.” MALECKI is the author of debut novel “She Dreams in Blue Light.” Her writing has appeared in Infinite Worlds science fiction magazine and she’s a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association. She’s worked as a software engineer and in product design/research.

You can find her on Instagram and Substack.

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