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Have you ever tried to outrun a past that was always ahead of you?

Meet Assistant District Attorney Lettie Portman, a prosecutor whose past tries to run her todays. The sex crimes prosecutor didn't get into sex crimes by accident: her own past demanded it. When a fourteen-year-old girl is savagely attacked by mother's live-in boyfriend, Lettie is called to the hospital. There, she meets a sweet young girl whose only goal is to go to school and come home to a safe environment. But mom's boyfriend makes the girl's world anything but safe. Soon, the abuse gets worse and Lettie, the prosecutor, goes to the grand jury with the case.

Will Lettie's own past interfere with her prosecution of San Diego's Terrible Man of the Year? Will she be able to make peace with her own abuse and move on to become the hard-hitting prosecutor the young girl deserves right now?

Lettie Portman is a woman you won't ever forget, as you join with her in her march to freedom from her past. A John Ellsworth legal thriller by the master of the genre.

John Ellsworth is a Goodreads writer with over 60,000 ratings and a USA Today Bestseller and a Kindle All-Star.


The Sexy Nerd's Review

Let me start by saying I’ve read a few John Ellsworth novels and they were, for the most part, a pretty decent read, but I’m a little on the fence with this one. 

My first issue was the continuity of the story. For instance, if someone kidnapped your child, would you go to work and continue on with life as if nothing had ever happened? Wait, what? Yes, DA Portman goes through some things in this story and it bothered me tremendously that her child will eventually be kidnapped and she went to work and tried an actual case. How in the hell would you be able to concentrate on a trial, if your child had recently gone missing? Wouldn’t you think her boss would have put another DA in charge to be first chair instead? Umm, not sure about you, but there isn’t no way in hell I’m working on anything if my child is missing. Perhaps that just me! 

My second issue with the story line is the way the characters interacted with each other and their dialogue. DA’s and defense counsel usually have legal arguments, but they don’t carry on with the type of banter these characters did. This story appeared to be all over the place with not much rhyme or reason. I could not wrap my head around how these characters were behaving. 

When you delve into the story, you’ll find yourself scratching one’s head because a lot of this story didn’t make much sense to me whatsoever. I don’t know how you go from a fourteen year old being sexually abused to the DA having to deal with her own past demons and the way she went about attacking the person who sexually abused her for many years. Bottom line, for me, I think this story would have been so much better had it been broken down into sections and each subject handled individually and then brought together, if this makes sense to you? In other words, there were too many things occurring for each character and it becomes a bit confusing, disjointed and leaving the reader, once again, scratching your head thinking, “what did I miss?” 

The synopsis of the story really pulls you in and you grab your favorite drink, collect your e-Reader and snuggle down in your favorite chair or position and begin to read only to keep going back re-reading sections because you’re not quite sure what one subject has to do with the other. 

So, with that, the Sexy Nerd gives The District Attorney three life long sentences. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling this story at all. In fact, I’m not sure why this book received all the high ratings. It makes me wonder were the people who rated this book if they “truly” read it?  And if so, what did they see that I completely missed? Umm, I wasn’t feeling this story by any means. I will not be continuing on with the series. This was certainly not my cup of tea. But, as my readers know, I’m not one to advise anyone not to read something. If you’re familiar with Ellsworth work and would like to give this a try, I say go for it. 

Until next time, Nerds, open a book and get mind blown!

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