Friday, October 9, 2020

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By heather liz 
Genre: Poetry Collection 

About the book

radical lays bare the devastating effects of patriarchy on the lives of women. It shows how beliefs, laws, and even aspects of feminism are used to keep women in place. A place that wounds. These pieces require more from the reader than casual poetry reading. In fact, you may at times find yourself holding your breath as you race to consume the book in one sitting. radical takes you on a journey that even the most self-proclaimed woke person still needs to go on. It is uncomfortable at times to have liz perfectly describe pain, anger, or loss you thought dealt with long ago. And yet, every word validates who you are and what you have experienced in life, as if she knew all your secrets. But don't worry, radical also suggest a way forward. After all, liz wants what we all want, a better way of being human. 

From the book:
So, what does that say about us women? 
Who clearly cannot be trusted 
With their own self 
Having never experienced being a self. 


heather liz wrote her debut collection, radical., on accident. A culmination of events: leaving a high-demand religion, entering her last year of law school, and the discovery of her body as her own (as opposed to belonging to a man) caused her to realize what we have done to women. This collection captures her first observations of the world, as it currently stands, and her critiques and suggestions for how to change it. heather liz resides in the Carolinas with her husband and five children. 







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