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Deirdre Griffin thought she was the only vampire left alive. She was so wrong...

**30th Anniversary Edition**

Blood Secrets

A Vampire Legacy Novel #1

by Karen E. Taylor

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror

The only vampire left alive?

Deirdre Griffin spent over a century searching for others of her kind. Now after the last ten years in New York City, she’s almost given up hope. Until people she’s fed on start to turn up dead, drained of all their blood. The murder scenes are cleverly staged to implicate Deirdre and her once uncomplicated life soon becomes difficult. Who is doing the killing? And what should she do about detective Mitch Greer, who keeps chipping away at the secrets that protect her life? Feed on him? Kill him? Or the most dangerous choice of all -- fall in love?

For the first time in her unnatural life, Deirdre finds herself trapped between love and hate, betrayal and revenge. She must prove her innocence and find the real murderer or pay the ultimate price: her death.

Author's Note: This book is a reissue of the original novel BLOOD SECRETS. It is not a new novel.

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Karen E. Taylor was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. Despite being a voracious reader her entire life, she’d never intended to be a writer; instead, over the years, she received training in art, sculpture, dance, voice, speech, needlework, sewing and fashion design, as well as lessons in charm and horseback riding. She enjoyed them all. In college, as an English Literature and Communications Arts major, she also discovered her love of theater, but none of that long list of creative endeavors ever really stuck.

While working as an Episcopal Church secretary in January, 1988, Karen began writing her first novel (the one which eventually evolved into Blood Secrets), just to prove to herself that she could. (English Lit majors are like that.) The book was never intended to be the first of an ongoing series, but friends and neighbors who had read the original manuscript demanded a sequel. From that point in time, an author and a series was born.

From that humble beginning, the Vampire Legacy series grew into seven full novels; two novellas and an eighth novel (The Vampires’ Daughter) are in the planning stages. Karen was a two time finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, and has produced numerous short stories, a stand-alone ghost novel (Cellar,) and two cook books. In her spare time, she can be found streaming retro video games on Twitch under the screen name OldVampireLady. After bouncing around the country for the last 40 years, she’s ended up (for now) in Vancouver, WA where she appreciates the gloom of the great Pacific Northwest.

You can find more information about Karen’s books at her website at or on Amazon.

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