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Secrets are dangerous, but he wanted to tell her - everything.

Dark Moon

Gemini League Book 1

A Realms Book #13

by J. Risk

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Suspense

Ava had no last name that she knew of. She didn’t know who her father was. Her mother died when she was born—she knew nothing about her history. All she had were questions that no one could answer. Her memories were like clipped versions of videos that showed her a few parts but never told her enough. She didn’t age like others. In fact, she wasn’t sure how old she really was.

Thirty years ago, she’d done something so horrific that she’d never told anyone. She’d killed the only person that had answers. Every moment since then had been spent trying not to do whatever it was she did again. She was some abomination with wings. Useless appendages that she couldn’t use and couldn’t fly with. She’d tried.

The group of women she lived with were like her and born in the time of the Gemini. She didn’t even know what that meant. They were her family, and each day, she spent watching over them and doing whatever was needed to ensure they were safe. Except for the one week of the year, she was compelled to go back to that place that caused her more misery with each passing year.

He had secrets. The kind that would get his powers blocked so he’d end up a decrepit old man with no purpose in any realm. He’d once sworn to protect a princess and had failed. When given a second chance, he swore to protect another princess. She was more than his charge. She was his friend. The secrets he kept from her would destroy her—and create a rift so wide in their realm that there would be no recovering from it.

Years before, he had made a promise, and now he wasn’t sure he could keep it. The one that could complete him was unaware that he existed and had the answers she sought. His people would never accept her, so he was stuck between his heart and his loyalty. If he confessed to her, he would have to explain to his queen and her daughter that he had failed them and there was no coming back from it once he did.

All he wanted, more than his next breath, was to tell her—everything.

6 worlds work together to save each other.
J. Risk’s Realms Books span 6 different series with common characters and an ongoing, suspense-filled plot.
Dark Moon is the 13th in the Realms Books

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6 worlds work together to save each other.
J. Risk’s Realms Books span 6 different series with common characters and an ongoing, suspense-filled plot.

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J. Risk is a pseudonym used by Jacqueline Paige

I wanted to write a story that would fit into new adult levels as well as adult. Something that was serious with fun elements--paranormal / fantasy that everyone could read and enjoy.

I've decided to use J. Risk as the pen name for this to separate this series from my other writing which is definitely adult reading material.

Jacqueline Paige lives in Ontario in a small town that's part of the popular Georgian Triangle area.

She began her writing career in 2006 and since her first published works in 2009 she hasn't stopped. Jacqueline describes her writing as all things paranormal, which she has proven is her niche with stories of witches, ghosts, physics and shifters now on the shelves.

When Jacqueline isn't lost in her writing, she spends time with her five children, most of whom are finally able to look after her instead of the other way around. Together they do random road trips, that usually end up with them lost, shopping trips where they push every button in the toy aisle, hiking when there's enough time to escape and bizarre things like creating new daring recipes in the kitchen. She's a grandmother to six (so far) and looks forward to corrupting many more in the years to come.

Jacqueline loves to hear from her readers, you can find her at

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