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The Vampire
Jack Townson

Publication date: January 23, 2024
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Thriller

Trade your entire life for fame, fortune, and eternal beauty. The only thing have to lose is your soul… Magic is real. And real damn scary.

A man down on his luck trips and stumbles into a world of bloodthirsty monsters hidden among the precipices of New York City. A chance encounter with illustrious vampire Alexander LaMont ensnares the clumsy yet hopeful James Donovan in shadow and treachery, thrusting James into his new identity, The Vampire Jack Townson. Will Jack survive the vampiric politics of Manhattan, or will final death come to claim him at the next sunrise?

Welcome to New York. We bite.

Jack Townson’s contemporary fantasy series, The Vampire Jack Townson, is a perilous tale about the dangers of love, deception, and vampiric grit where the action of Jay Kristoff meets the decadence of Anne Rice.

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Onto the landing we danced, Alexander’s blonde hair bouncing as he brought me closer to the railing, edging dangerously near a fatal fall. All it would take was a wrong step or playful push to seal our fates.

“Jack. I have to tell you something,” he began softly. “I have not been entirely truthful, you see. There is something more I need to show you.” His voice was barely a whisper, his eyes falling to the stone beneath us.

I couldn’t imagine what he was about to divulge. My thoughts wheeled over possibilities like the mafia, or perhaps he was something of a Russian spy. My pulse thumped violently in my chest, the anticipation making my sternum ache.

“Alexander?” I matched his thoughtful tone, placing my hand over his on the railing. “Whatever it is… I’m here. I’m not leaving. You’ve shown me so much magic in a single night. How much more unbelievable could this possibly get?”

He smirked darkly, as if some great secret lived there beyond his violet stare. “Don’t be afraid. Close your eyes.” He instructed and so I did.

I heard the slight shuffle of heeled shoes and the metallic tapping that followed. The railing vibrated under my hands and fear was the very thing that forced my eyes open.


There he stood upon the metal bar, the wind whipping about his ethereal hair and the dark mesh of his shirt.

I reached for him in my panic. “Are you insane? Get down from there!”

My stomach lurched, my fingertips splayed as I tried to grasp the hem of his pants and then… I failed.

My gut shot up to the roof of my mouth as I watched Alexander La Mont spiral off of the edge and down… down… down. His screaming voice vanished as so, too, did his body.

“Holy shit!” I shrieked. “He killed himself. He fucking killed himself! What the fuck!”

But before I could spiral any further and get sick all over the balcony floor, the most peculiar thing happened. A voice. A tiny whisper of a thing beckoned to me.

“Jack. Jack, look down.”

His voice called to me from the side of the building. It was impossible. He was surely dead. This had to have been some sort of trick. Was I losing my mind from the trauma of watching this man splatter on the pavement far below? Wait. Did I actually see him hit the pavement? I leaned over the railing, my raven curls interrupting my view of the streets below as wind swirled them about my face.

There he was.

Standing on the wall, staring up at me, feet pressed against the brick and completely disregarding gravity, was my mentor. He stood there as effortlessly as some arachnid-themed superhero, the lights of the city shining behind his head creating an almost angelic halo about his blond curls.

The world spun rapidly as I white-knuckled the banister. What was happening? Perhaps it was still the absinthe playing tricks on me. Yes. Perhaps all of my drinks had been spiked that evening. There was no other way to explain it. This had to be the product of some intense hallucinogenic.

“No. You weren’t drugged,” he stated simply. “What you are seeing is very real, and I imagine very confusing. I had to show you. I needed you to believe me. There was no other way.”

“Alexander!” I screamed, my eyes welling up with tears, watching them rain down over where he stood. “Please, please come back up! This is unnatural!”

He shook his head in protest. “No, no. How about you come down here.” He laughed, twirling in his spot with his arms outstretched to demonstrate he was truly not affected by the earth’s gravitational pull.

I hugged the railing, my hand gripping the metal bar tightly as fear turned my blood to ice. “N-no! I can’t!”

He cried up at me, “You’ve been telling yourself ‘no’ for so long! You’ve restricted yourself to a mediocre life, when so much more awaits you! Stop living in fear! Release yourself! Be free! Come to me! Now!” His hand outstretched towards me. Lightning cracked overhead.

I exhaled sharply, my fingers twitching in fear as I brought one leg over the ledge. I squeezed my eyes shut, focused on remembering how to breathe. Then came the other leg until I stood on the dangerous side of the railing, gripping to the metal and what might have been the last moments of my life.

“Jump, dear Jack,” he laughed.

“I can’t! I’ll fall!”

Terror gripped me to my core and reduced me to a little boy again. My heart lodged itself in my throat. The world beneath me spun in vicious circles as all the lights started to blur like watercolor. If I didn’t step down, I would surely fall forward with the vertigo. Few options were left now.

“I will catch you! I will keep you safe, if you only trust me!” Alexander promised over the rush of the wind, his smile flashing across his beautiful face.

His velvet words coaxed me enough at last, and down the lip I went. For a moment, time froze, the city fixed in place as my life flashed before my eyes. My mother, Bradley, Dad, Chloe—all happy and awash in sunlight. What if this was all truly a hallucination? What if I just hurled myself into my doom? Time resumed as I tumbled, arms flailing, the world about me smeared in violent color. Everything I had ever known was both literally and figuratively flipped upside down.

At last, arms wrapped about my body, holding me in place. Alexander hardly moved as he caught me against his chest with inhuman strength, his tight body acting like a bed for mine. He grinned up at me, our forms finally closing the distance that had plagued me all evening. I could feel my heartbeat slamming against him, yet his didn’t respond. There was nothing there.

“What… are you?”

He grinned, his lavender eyes sparkling as they beamed through the darkness into mine. “I am what rules the night. A master of the starlight, a fiend of flesh, both angel and demon as one. I am walking history—legend and myth, and you’ve known it in your heart all along.”

Author Bio:

A 2023 Witchy Award nominee, Jack Townson, a multi-talented artist, is the heart and soul of the thriving FangFam community across various social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch. With an ever-expanding following that now exceeds four hundred thousand devoted fans, he’s left an indelible mark on the digital landscape, garnering an impressive 4.2 million likes under the #Fangfam hashtag.

Beyond his online presence, Jack is a versatile artist, encompassing the roles of actor, singer, and writer. His most celebrated work to date is “The Vampire Jack Townson,” an original story that first captivated audiences on TikTok and has been endorsed by New York Times bestselling author and 5-time Bram Stoker Award winner, Jonathan Maberry. This immersive narrative plunges into the hidden world of a supernatural being and the profound journey towards rediscovering one's humanity.

Jack extends an invitation to his followers, beckoning them to peer into the psyche of an undead bohemian—an artist and a creature of the night, eternally ensnared in a world of nightmares. It’s a life devoid of sunlight’s warmth and the enduring embrace of true love, offering a unique glimpse into the enigmatic existence he portrays through his creative endeavors.

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