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He’s a beast to all …. but for her, he cages his beast.

Hidden Scars

Jade Book 1

by A. Akinosho

Genre: Forbidden Age-Gap Contemporary Romance

He’s a beast to all …. but for her, he cages his beast.


My days of being an alpha are long gone. I’d resigned myself to staying hidden forever.
Out of nowhere, she walks in. Surprising us both, I asked her to “Sit with Me.” Three words that would change everything.

I would later realize that the universe had slowed me down, then gave me a second chance and that second chance came with Jade by my side. Like I told my dad, “I would destroy a thousand men for Jade.”

No one gets it. Jade is a need that I cannot do without.


“Sit with Me,” he said. Little did I know those three words would be the beginning of us.

Subconsciously, I knew the word “US” would only be temporary because I’m the girl from the other side, and they all consider me unworthy of him.

The beast is the one that makes my heart thump.

Unfortunately, the beast is forbidden.

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Chances Are

Jade Book 2

I’ve waited five years. She’s not getting away from me again.


Five years ago, I took the money, signed my love away and ran far far away as agreed. Now, I accepted the job that would be a game changer for my company and my team. Unfortunately, for me he’s a partner in the company that hired me.

We now work in the same office, which is too close for comfort and I must hide my secret from him. It gets harder everyday with every lie I tell. I’ve asked for a divorce, he laughed at me. My fiancรฉ is a perfect shield from him but for how long can my shield stand?


I’ve waited five years for her, now she has a fiancรฉ and children. That hurts
I know she’s hiding something from me, even as she perfectly weaves lies and truths daily. I intend to find out what she’s hiding and if she thinks there’ll be a third time of her getting away from me, she’s in for a rude awakening. She’s mine and I’m never letting go.

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A. Akinosho lives in her own little nest in Illinois. An avid reader and enjoy reading thrillers, suspense and romance novels (partial to romance genre). When, She’s not reading or keeping up with life. She enjoys writing and creating twist to stories. She loves writing about diverse characters, friendship and overcoming challenges through, what is perceived as a weakness.

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