Monday, October 2, 2023

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History, mystery, danger and treasure...

Egypt beckons the Risky Business team to a heart pounding new adventure.

Hidden Treasure: Secrets of Cleopatra's Gold

The Risky Business Chronicles Book 5

by Hep Aldridge

Genre: Action, Treasure-Hunting Adventure

Cleopatra: Rich, powerful, seductive, cunning. She is perhaps the most historically recognized ancient Egyptian ruler, but to this day, Cleopatra’s tomb has yet to be found.

In this adventure, Colten Burnett’s Risky Business team takes on the daunting and dangerous challenge of recovering stolen statues that may hold the secrets to the famous pharaoh’s life, death and fortune.

Criss-crossing the middle East, the adventurous team of highly skilled men and women encounter antiquity smugglers and dealers, looters and even otherworldly beings as they race to uncover one of history’s most enigmatic mysteries.

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Hep Aldridge is a certified scuba diver, cave diver amateur archaeologist, and retired college administrator whose main area of interest in Pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas has expanded to mysteries of ancient civilizations worldwide. He has led or been part of archaeological expeditions to Mexico and Honduras, making discoveries that have been reported in National Geographic Magazine. Hep’s related interest in space and “things unknown” was fueled by his time living in New Mexico as a teenager when he began to question the many strange and unexplained things he saw in the the night sky in the mid 60’s. Some years later, chance meetings in Florida with well-known treasure hunters, Art McKee and Kip Wagner developed his interest in salvage operations for lost undersea treasure. The combination of these interests led to the genesis of the Risky Business Chronicles, a series of books which now spans five distinct sagas with a recurring memorable cast of characters. Hep is an Air Force veteran and resides on Florida’s Space Coast.

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