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Welcome to the tour for Sydney Dell's Take My Hand. Read on for more details!


Take My Hand

Publication Date: July 7, 2023

Genre: LGBTQ Romance/ Action/ Adventure

Celebrity Cho Hyejin has been living the K-pop life that so many fans can only dream of. She is dancing happily with her group, Sky Power, and is even dating the youngest, Eunkyung. Other than having to hide her relationship, she is the famous idol she’s always dreamed of being. Then the day comes where Eunkyung tries to end her own life. Her girlfriend of several years refuses to believe that this was only a spontaneous decision. As the beloved maknae spends her time fighting for her will to live, Hyejin is hunting for answers– answers for why suicide was thought to be the only way out. However, all information comes with a price.

In a million years, Hyejin never could have predicted where her search for the truth would lead, all while she’s struggling to deal with her girlfriend’s deteriorating mental health, a world that grows more hostile with every passing moment, and the weight of her group’s reputation resting on her shoulders. The future of Sky Power is more uncertain than anything and Hyejin is about to break. She wants nothing more than to be happy with Eunkyung and if this includes exposing an awful darkness within the K-pop realm, she is willing to take the risk.

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About the Author. . .


Sydney was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She became interested in the world of K-pop at a young age and learned about both the bright and dark sides. When writing, she is often interested in action-packed plots, as well as LGBTQ+ stories that are representative of the community. Take My Hand is her first novel.

Sydney Dell

Book Tour Schedule

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