Friday, September 15, 2023

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Indoctrination by Medusa Stone is Live

The Underground Series: Book 1

 Hurt/Comfort, Enemies to Lovers, Stockholm Syndrome, Dark Mafia, Forbidden Love


The Underground is a dark tale filled with mystery, intrigue, conflicting emotions, and love. As our main characters embark on a journey to happiness and freedom, they will captivate us, making us laugh, cry, suffer, and deeply feel their passions and frustrations, keeping us always at the very edge of our seats.

Tony, a lonely boy with little to lose, places his trust, devotion and his life in the hands of Alex, a charismatic, mysterious young man, who makes him the center of his world.

After suddenly breaking up their relationship, Alex disappears one night, leaving Tony heartbroken and desperate for either the answers he needs or the closure he deserves.

Instead, he finds himself tangled in a net of dark secrets, leaving him with more questions than he started with and only one dangerous path leading to Alex: The Underground.

Determined to follow his lover, Tony agrees to enter the shady clan, after pledging his allegiance to Dominique, a powerful, controlling Master, and ruler of the society, who will charm his way into Tony’s trust, in order to gain his will and his heart.

As a dark world of submission, domination, rules, and limits unfolds in front of Tony, he's left wondering just how far he is willing to go in order to get back the man he loves.

This series contains explicit Adult content and smut. It also includes some MMM/MMF scenes for the development of the story.

Book 1 in The Underground series, ends in a cliffhanger.

Book 2, Alexander, coming October 2023.

Trigger Warnings: This series is rated R and not recommended for readers under 18. All books contain explicit content, scenes of dub-con, violence, and very graphic material. Some books might contain non-con. 

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