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The Kingdom Under Siege 

By Steven Szmyt 
Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy 

About the Book 

The pieces have fallen after the battle at Elm Hills and the Kingdom’s two biggest foes, the Prominent Order and the Wanderers, have regrouped to plan their retaliation. With help from unlikely sources, the Kingdom’s hierarchy is threatened as it also uncovers one of the boldest coups it has ever faced. 

Meanwhile, a key young potential has fled from the Kingdom which has created a ripple effect of dangerous events that the Wolf King must navigate through. As Anne learns more about werewolf lore an unusual ally is revealed. She must also overcome the greatest deception she has ever encountered, a deception that will have every Kingdom member questioning its own. 

This powerful lycan syndicate must unleash all of its might to survive or the future of the Kingdom will finally lie in the hands of its enemies. Even if the Wolf King and his soldiers can endure, these historic events could change the future of the Kingdom as they know it. 

Author Steven Szmyt blends the modern era and familiar locations with ancient legends and warm characters to make you wonder, “What if werewolves existed?” Follow the continuing tale of the Wolf King as he defends his Kingdom against rival wolf packs while keeping his ancient society hidden from human civilization. 

About the Author . . .

A native New Englander, author Steven Szmyt lives in Portsmouth New Hampshire with his wife and two daughters. 

Inspired by the writings of Stephen King, J.R.R Tolkien and Clive Cussler, he attended Notre Dame College then transferred to the Maine College of Art where he honed his artistic creativeness. 

After a few other ventures, Szmyt focused on writing. Starting many stories but never completing, he became frustrated. One cold winter evening, he experienced a brief but vivid dream. He got out of bed, fired up his computer and started typing. His wife woke up a few hours later to find him working feverishly over a growing manuscript. During the next several weeks, he wrote tirelessly before and after work. 

“The story just wrote itself, I was compulsive, I wanted to know where it was going to lead me,” he says. The work he was doing would become his first novel, “The Kingdom.” 

Steven is an avid cyclist and is frequently found on the roads surrounding Portsmouth. He plays piano and drums, and is learning guitar along with his youngest daughter. His passion is rescuing Doberman Pinschers. 

Book Two: The Kingdom Under Siege, promises to give readers an intriguing re-entry, a dramatic delve into darker areas of the story, and breathtaking ending to Book One: The Kingdom. 






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