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Sisters in the Craft
Book Two of the Triple Goddess Series 
By Sage Adderley-Knox 
Genre: YA Fiction, Paranormal, Magical Realism 

In book two of the Triple Goddess Series, Laura's story is unveiled as she navigates life after her mother's death. The viciousness of her father's mistress continues to haunt her thoughts, and she uses magic to guide her next steps. On her new path, Laura connects with a free-spirited man who pulls at her heartstrings, and their bond dramatically shifts the direction of her life. 

Maggie's magical abilities enhance as she teams up with her new best friend, Polly. The girls unite through witchcraft to solve a problem that pops up in the small town of Hawthorne. 

Can magic and fortune-telling bring clarity in the darkness for two young witches? 

Sisters in the Craft is a journey of friendships that strengthen and break, budding love, and the mystical thread that connects three generations. 

An Excerpt 
We heard bells clanging outside, and I stood up to see the wind chimes on the back porch swinging around. “The wind must have picked up.” But as the words left my mouth I noticed the tree branches were still. 

Polly stood up and walked to the back door to look out the glass window. “Nope, you have fairies.” 

I laughed, but Polly’s face was serious. “C’mon, fairies?” I smirked. 

Polly shifted her head. “Are you going to tell me that you’re a witch who believes in magic but not fairies?” She shook her finger at me in disappointment. 

“Well, it’s not that I don’t believe in them. I just haven’t seen them before.” 

“You should create a fairy altar and leave them offerings. They’ll love you forever. I have a fairy circle in my backyard with a little altar. I leave them milk and honey.” 

“Whoa, that is freakin’ cool. Did you see them after you started leaving them treats?” 

Polly munched on a cookie. “No, actually I’ve seen them since I was a little girl," she said as she swallowed. "Our old backyard had a fence that was full of morning glories. I used to see sparkles ...” 

I screamed before she could finish her sentence. “Sparkles?! I see sparkles! No one ever understands what I’m talking about, well, my mom did say that it could mean that I was connecting with spirits, but I ...” 

“Maggie, take a breath!” Polly said with a laugh. 

I jumped out of my seat and grabbed Polly by the arms, and we jumped in circles until my mom’s hutch cabinet started to shake. “This is so exciting! I don’t feel like the ultimate freak anymore. Now you are a complete freak with me!” 

Polly shook her head and said, “I'm not sure if I should be flattered or upset, but okay.” She shrugged. 

“Okay, sit down,” I said “Tell me more about the sparkles. I need to hear your stories and see if they’re similar to mine.” 

Polly began to tell me about how she would stare out of her third-floor bedroom window and watch the fairies jump from flower to flower. They moved so fast that all she could see were flashes, like fireflies jumping around her yard. It always happened at dusk. Finally, she decided to tell her mom, who encouraged Polly to set up a fairy altar and leave offerings for them. She said Polly had a special sight to see the realm of the fae. Throughout the years, Polly kept an active connection with the fairies, and they adored her and always made themselves open to her.

About the Author 
Sage Adderley-Knox resides in the magical land of Olympia, Washington, where she swoons over the breathtaking view of Mount Rainier. She is a writing coach, a single mom of three, and a vintage typewriter collection. Sage is passionate about coffee, kindness, and snail mail. 

Instagram: @sageadderleyknox 

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