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Returning early from a disastrous date night with my husband, I know something is wrong the moment the wheels crunch the gravel drive of our home. Inside, the TV is on and a half-eaten meal waits on the table. My heart stops when I find our little girl is alone in the house and our babysitter, Sasha, is missing…

Days later, when I’m arrested for Sasha’s murder and torn away from my perfect little family, I’ll wish I had told someone about the threatening note I received that morning.

I’ll hate myself for not finding out who the gift hidden inside my husband’s wardrobe was for.

I’ll scream from the rooftops that I’m innocent – but no one will listen.

I will realise I was completely wrong about everything that happened that night…

But will you believe me?

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

There’s nothing worse than when you’ve been married for quite a few years thinking your marriage is pretty solid and secure, and then one day everything changes to make you wonder was your entire marriage a lie!

Libby was a great caterer and her husband a veterinarian. They shared a four-year old daughter, Alice. Life was really good for them. Both were living their best lives, until one morning when Libby found a note attached to her car windshield that changed everything. The note read, “your husband is cheating on you.” Hmm, was this some teen prank? Possibly a disgruntled employee trying to get even with her husband, Sean? 

No matter how hard Libby tried to erase those words from her mind, they were forever burned in her memory bank! She called a good friend to discuss the note and what she should do about it? Of course, her girlfriend told her she shouldn’t worry about it because she and Sean had a great marriage and neither of them had cheated on each other before, and why would she want to rock the boat now?

She chewed on the advice her friend gave her, but no matter what, at the end of the day, she could not peacefully digest what the note said. So, what does Libby do? She places the note away for safe keeping and decides to confront Sean. Of course, Sean flat out denied an affair and told his wife she was being silly for even thinking he’d do such a thing.

Even though Sean denied the affair, Libby wasn't one hundred percent convinced. But, despite her misgivings about the whole thing, they decide that what they need was a good night out. A date night to be exact. They call seventeen-year old Sasha, their babysitter, to come over to watch Alice while the two wannabe love birds patch things up. When they arrive at the restaurant, everything was going smoothly until Sean’s phone began blowing up. Umm hmm, there it is! His lover is texting him while he’s having a supposed romantic date night out with his wife. Well, Libby had had it! That was the final damn straw that broke the camel’s back. Enough was enough, or was it?

The couple leave the restaurant early and head home to find that Sasha had all but disappeared and left four-year old Alice alone to her own devices, and that, readers, is where this story gets sick and twisted even farther.

Holy cow, Batman! Talk about a story with twists and turns? My goodness, I had no idea where this story was going to lead me. My mind was whirling all over the place, but I’m happy to say, I managed to figure out a couple of things along the way, but the ending did come as a surprise. Overall, I felt the story line was strong and managed to keep my interest, but at the same time, I felt the story dragged on too long and could have ended much sooner than it had. Many times, I felt myself yelling at my Kindle, “enough already, let’s get to it!” As my readers know, I like to get right down to it and I do not like when stories tend to drag on and on, but I realize that is the style some writers tend to use. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of that, but having said that, this was still a damn good book though!

The Sexy Nerd gives Date Night four more nights out! If you’re looking for a good psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing until you just can’t stand anymore, then Date Night is for you! It’s currently available wherever books are sold. Make sure you download your copy today.

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