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Book 2 of the Father of Contention series
Science Fiction and Fantasy, Paranormal
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Date Published: July 29, 2019

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When evil finds a way, man becomes beast.

In the small town of Thunder Bay, 2002, Angelika Juris becomes unexpectedly linked to her guardian angel, Gavin, after a suspicious near-death experience. While trying to figure out the complicated nature of their connection, they uncover a plot so disturbing, it threatens to shift the delicate balance between life and death and eradicate the precious human gift of free will.

When her sister goes missing, Angelika must search the unforgiving terrain of the Rocky Mountains, with her guardian angel as her guide. But they find more than just her sister—a familiar face, Renner Scholz—and a secret lab teeming with his ongoing, unhindered experiments, including the most powerful of his offspring—the triplets.

Now, Angelika must find a way to free her sister from her evil captors, along with a newfound love interest—Anthony—Renner's only normal son. Will they be able to thwart Renner's malevolent schemes and escape with their lives, or will they suffer the same fate as so many of his previous victims?

Chapter 1

Tomas – 1984

Tomas Scholz sits upon a throne beside his father above the stones of fire. Surrounded by splendour, he bursts with pride as all bow down and honour them, bestowing gifts of great riches: precious gems and stones—sardius, topaz, diamond and onyx—silver and gold, and the rarest of artifacts collected from all over the many
realms. This destiny, although not yet achieved, awaits him aftert his world has passed away, or so the shadow has promised.

In time. He must be patient. A three-toed woodpecker, normally a quiet, shy, little bird,
hammers out a tune on a nearby dead spruce, redirecting Tomas’ thoughts away from his daydreams and back to the matter at hand.

Carrying the device with painstaking care, he reaches a clearing in the mountains. This flat fold of land has been carefully selected for the job, unchartered territory, a place no man has previously travelled. The device is light despite its enormous potential for destruction, light enough for his nine-year-old hands to carry.

The wind swells in unpredictable gusts sending uprooted weeds  and debris to tumble across the dry landscape. It is not ideal weather to test out his experiment, on the contrary, but he is impatient, insistent. If it were anyone else attempting this feat they would be prudently dissuaded, encouraged to wait for more opportune conditions. The summer had been a dry one, and the arid conditions mixed with the gales of wind are a recipe for disaster.

But Tomas is not like other children. His abilities are powerful enough to defy even the wind.

Besides, Tomas is too excited to see how it finally works, unable to wait a moment longer. Adrenaline almost palpable as he flits and floats across the glade despite his clubbed foot, preparing for the initial trial of the weapon he has designed and built all by himself.

He is a genius. Wisdom doesn’t grow on trees; it is inherited. Or prepared in a lab. Both methods are responsible in Tomas’ case. Born of Renner’s sperm, he has inherited the genes for brilliance, but his earthly father further manipulated Tomas’ genetic structure to enhance his potential for genius. In this Renner has been successful.

Just a child, Tomas is already capable of recombinant DNA technology and minor medical procedures. Always the perfect pupil. Always eager to learn more. Technology and inventing advanced weaponry are his preferred hobbies, skills that come to him naturally, and had he been allowed to go out in public to submit these innovations for patenting, he would earn millions, perhaps billions. But they are billionaires and have no need for more money. And he is not ready to go out in public, to be exposed to the world—the world not ready for him yet. For Tomas’ talents don’t stop there.

Surpassing his higher level of intelligence are his supernatural abilities, having both fathers to thank for this gift. By the shadow entering Renner’s body that fateful night in the abandoned chapel, his DNA changed, which was then passed on to his offspring.

These changes increased the development of DMT produced by the pineal gland and the subsequent presentation of supernatural abilities, the like of which have never been seen in humans.

Renner had also manipulated Tomas’ genes, splicing them with favourable animalistic traits to increase his special abilities. The final product is a boy who has powers that are both profound and intense. Unrestrained. In this Renner has also been successful.

Tomas is a telepath, able to read other people’s thoughts and desires with great ease. Most impressive are his telekinetic capabilities, able to teleport any object, from the size of a grain of sand all the way up to a massive Gothic castle to any location he so desires. Able to transport his own body.

But impressive though this is, Tomas is not perfect. None of them are. Flaws remain in Renner’s recombinant DNA techniques, glitches he still struggles to correct with each series of experiments.

There is always an element of trial and error when it comes to experimenting in new unexplored areas, but he has faith he will overcome these limitations and the supernatural abilities that all the offspring display prove he is on the right track.

Tomas is the most handsome of them all if you could call him handsome. Hair, worn long and unruly. Taller than most nine-year-olds, he is more muscular as well but not a giant like some of his brothers. He prefers to wear mostly jogging pants, jeans, T-shirts, and sweaters for there is no need to dress up here.

No one to impress. His eyes are as black as pitch and empty. Dead embers. Born with a cleft palate, Tomas underwent corrective surgery as a young baby, but Renner being untrained in cosmetic procedures, the repair didn’t go as well as planned. Tomas can feed and communicate much better than he would have without the surgical procedure, but a resultant lisp when speaking words that contain the letter s has Tomas training extensively to articulate his words. The lisp now more of an extended, exaggerated s sound.

The speech impediment isn’t as bothersome as the thickened scar tissue between his nose and upper lip. Tomas plans on visiting a real cosmetic surgeon who will correct the botched effort his father performed and eliminate the scar—when he is older, when he is permitted to venture out into the real world. He also has a clubbed right foot that gives him a mild limp. These deformities are considered minor compared to his brothers’. So, he has little to complain about, this he knows.

His brothers, on the other hand, have not fared as well. The flaws in Renner’s experiments far more evident. The deformities more intensive, requiring massive reconstruction, the likes of which do not yet exist. Tomas is already working diligently on this limitation, inventing his own brand of prosthetics that will help the remainder of his triplet brothers—his womb-mates—and other siblings to help them be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye or at least less abhorrent while simultaneously helping them to channel their own gifts. Augment them.

But again, in time. Tomas’ preparations slowly come to completion. He lopes across the field through tussock grasses and stunted shrubbery to the location he has deemed most beneficial for his test. He stops amidst a patch of denser grasses and wildflowers, adjacent to a stand of tiny gnarled aspens. Mounds of rhododendron underbrush proudly display their yellow and white puff ball-shaped flowers tinged with pink and lavender.

Soon their beauty will be extinguished. The sound of a river rushing at highs speeds can be detected from this vantage point, an important proponent for this experiment to function smoothly.

He looks over to see if the shadow—his other father, the one that matters most—is watching, desiring his praise. A moment of insecurity?

But, the moment of weakness is short-lived. As soon as Tomas senses approval, he commences, extending his right arm towards the surrounding rhododendron mounds and dry grasses. Clumsily, he fastens the contraption to his extended right wrist with plastic straps and buckles. The weapon, a flame thrower, is like no other.

It is controlled by Tomas’ mind alone, lacking buttons or switches, with nothing to turn it on or off, no dials to increase or decrease its power, except by his mind’s will.

Abruptly he stops, eyes fastening on the shadow as the sound of a woman’s scream pierces his mind. The sound is heard through his gift, although the actual source is not much further than their location, yet still safely out of harm’s way. Their eyes make contact, full of mutual understanding. It is Milena, once more in the throes of labour.

“It will be a boy,” he tells the shadow. “Yes, yes, I know,” the shadow responds. They are all boys, so it is a natural conclusion. However, Tomas knows this on another level, knows it for a fact as the baby’s thoughts can already be heard, although he is not yet born. “He is different,” Tomas adds, before returning to his task without further explanation.

A shiny, black crow bursts out of the shrubbery and furiously flaps its wings, escaping barely in time, somehow anticipating the fire that will quickly follow. Tomas telepathically transmits a message to the weapon to eject a far-reaching rope of flame
from its tip, and the contraption immediately obliges, bathing the mountain glade in fire. He slowly spins in a circle creating a ring of fire around him, the flames dancing and rising as if in adoration and worship. The intense orange from the fire’s light is reflected in his black eyes as if tiny flames have been sparked from within the lifeless black embers.

“It works!” he exclaims. “Father, can you see it?” The flames continue to rise. And rise. And rise higher still, the flames licking and lapping at Tomas’ face and body and limbs. Searing, melting, binding. Until flame and skin become one.

About the Author

 photo author_zpsfculbikm.jpgLanie Mores enjoys travelling to alternate realities, often found with her head buried in a book, binge watching Netflix, or playing video games. Although fantasy and science fiction are her obsession, she enjoys most forms of literature, and has been writing poetry since she was a wee bairn.

She has worn many hats throughout her life: cashier, medical records secretary, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, personal trainer, and most importantly, mom. Her son is the moon of her life, her sun and stars, and she would do anything for him…destroy Terminators sent from a future realm, deflect an Unforgivable curse with her motherly love, and travel through the Upside Down to find him, even if she had to face the Demogorgon himself.

Inspired to write by Stephen King, Diana Gabaldon, Jean M. Auel and Margaret Atwood, she has big shoes to fill, but has always been a huge dreamer and has the determination to aim higher than the stars. GUARDIAN OF ANGEL is the second novel she has written and published, book 2 in the FATHER OF CONTENTION series.

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