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Daughter of the Goddess Lands

Kalie's Journey Book 1

by Sandra Saidak

Genre: Prehistoric Fiction, Feminist Spirituality

Only one woman stands in the way of marauding horse nomads bent on conquering the peaceful Goddess-worshipers of prehistoric Europe.

Captured by warriors from the eastern steppe, Kalie, a young healer, escapes and returns home to warn her people of the attack she knows is coming. But with no concept of war, her people forego defense. They focus instead on healing Kalie, assuring her that her nightmares of violent bands of men who kill are figments of her tormented imagination.

Determined to save her home, Kalie embarks on a desperate gamble to take the fight to her enemy. She returns to the place of her captivity, knowing the struggle that follows could cost Kalie her life.

Volume one of the Kalie’s Journey series, Daughter of the Goddess Lands is a must read for fans of Jean Auel, Mary Mackey, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, and anyone who loves stories of strong women triumphing over impossible odds.

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I’ve loved escaping into other worlds for as long as I can remember. Sometimes, through books and movies, I found worlds created by others. Sometimes, I created them myself.

The upside of this quirk was two ready-made careers. The first is teaching high school English so I could share my passion for books and stories with the people I believe need it the most: teenagers. The second is writing, so I could share the worlds I created with everyone.

While not all my fantasy life centers on history, all of my early writing did, probably because of the huge impact Jean Auel and her Earth’s Children series had on me. Despite the rich niche of prehistoric fiction, and authors like Sue Harrison, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, Mary Mackey and Michael and Kathleen Gear, I couldn’t get enough of it. More properly, I couldn’t find the exact story I wanted to read.

So, I wrote it. And in 2011, published Daughter of the Goddess Lands, Book 1 in my Kalie’s Journey series. I added alternative history with From the Ashes and That This Nation Might Live, and historical fantasy with The Seal Queen.

This year, I am taking the plunge into epic fantasy, with Songs of Light.

When not writing, I enjoy dancing, music, attending science fiction conventions and hearing from my readers. I live in California with my husband and fellow author Tom, our two daughters, Heather and Melissa, and a cat named Oreo.

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