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Mary has a secret that she mustn’t tell. But in a care home, with her mind wandering, she’s starting to slip up. Clearing out her grandmother’s old room, Lucy finds something hidden that wasn’t supposed to be found – a locket sheltering a shameful family secret.

She can’t tell her mother. Not with their father gone, one brother absent and another acting up. Her mother was struggling with her mental health just a few years ago. Lucy will have to make sense of it all herself.

In a beautifully told drama of family secrets, Helen Stancey once again picks through the everyday of life to uncover poetry, pain, and love.

The Sexy Nerd Review

I’m a bit on the fence with this story. As much as I tried to get into the story line, I found it to be extremely slow for my reading tastes.

Lucy’s grandmother went into a nursing home because she and her family could no longer care for her. While she and her mother and siblings were trying to put normalcy back into their lives, Lucy reclaimed her old bedroom where her grandmother had previously been staying. As she was cleaning, she found an old box containing all sorts of trinkets, pictures, and documents. In other words, Lucy found her grandmother’s life summed up within its content.

She felt funny thumbing through her grandmother’s box of life, but it was a photograph she found that gave her pause. After putting two and two together, she wasn’t sure what she should do with the information she learned. It would cause an entire upheaval within the family, and she wasn’t sure she would be able to manage the aftermath. There were a few times, Lucy questioned her mother about what she knew of her own mother’s past life and surprisingly, Beth didn’t know much.

So, Lucy heads back to the nursing home to ask her grandmother questions and what she admits to her granddaughter changed Lucy’s life forever. Although what I just wrote may sound exciting as the reader navigates Mary’s, Lucy’s grandmother’s past, I found the story to be lackluster and it was—dare I say it, boring! I just couldn’t stay focused as I read this story. I truly struggled to finish it. I almost abandoned it. But, as my readers know, I always give authors respect. I will read a story even when I struggle through it. Even though this story was not for me, doesn’t mean it will not be for you.

The Sexy Nerd gives Relative Secrets three additional family members. If you have a few hours to kill and enjoy reading family mysteries, this will be the story for you. Until next time, Nerds, you know what to do.

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