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Far From Perfect

By Kristina Horton

Genre: Memoir, Self-help, Anxieties & Phobias

In 2010, at the age of 40, Kristina experienced a complete mental, physical, and emotional breakdown. Far From Perfect details the aftermath of the breakdown and her painful climb out of the pit of anxiety and despair. Her story is riddled with normalcy, tragedy, and humor.

Over the past decade, Kristina has been on an expedition of discovery and healing by seeking answers to the questions “Why am I like this?”, “What can I do differently?”, and “Will I ever be rid of this horrible disorder?”. Along the way, she realized that she is not “broken” and she doesn’t need to be “fixed”. She also determined that hiding her “dirty little secret” of dealing with anxiety and panic attacks only made them worse.

As much as she was anxious about sharing her story, Kristina knew that if it helped just one person know that they aren’t alone, and that someone else does understand what they’re going through, then she had to write this book. Included is a compilation of various methods and products Kristina has tried, as tools, to help manage, and alleviate, symptoms of the anxiety and panic disorders.

About the Author. . .

Kristina Horton is a licensed professional land surveyor, currently working in the public sector. Being a native of the Pacific Northwest; she and her husband – together since high school - settled into their hometown after a decade in Alaska. She rarely passes up a chance to pet a dog, or share a laugh. She recently fell in love with traveling to historical sites in Ireland and the UK; with of course a few stops at local pubs along the way, for a pint of Guinness.

Far From Perfect, released in early 2021, is her debut book. It’s the story of her journey living with anxiety and panic disorders since childhood, and the sharing of the wisdom and knowledge she picked up along the way.

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