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A wealthy couple is brutally murdered in their kitchen. The only witness, their six-year-old daughter goes missing. The child’s birth mother is charged with the crime.

Small town lawyer Cass Leary takes the case that could rip her family apart. Her sister Vangie stands accused in the double homicide of an affluent, Ann Arbor couple. All the physical evidence points to Vangie’s guilt and Cass knows she’s been keeping secrets. But, is she truly capable of murder? 

As Cass digs deeper, dark suspicion grows against her own sister. It’s a race against time as the clues pile up against Vangie and the chances of finding her little girl alive dwindle. To find the truth and unmask a killer, Cass will have to risk her reputation and her life. 

Silent Witness is the second book in series of high-stakes legal thrillers. If you like blood-pumping action, compelling characters, and twisted crime conspiracies, then you’ll love Robin James’s page-turning tale 

The Sexy Nerd's Review

I’m not exactly sure who wrote the synopsis for this novel, but when you read it, doesn't it just make you want to dive in and get it going?  I’ll say this, the synopsis was much more entertaining than the actual book itself. Once again, I’ve been duped into thinking I was getting one thing when in actuality what I got was something else. 

If I were a betting woman and someone asked what would I classify this book as, I’d place my money on ‘family drama.’ To call this book a legal thriller is an insult to legal readers and I do not take too kindly to writers who put their work product out and place it under a genre that clearly their book does not belong. 

There were a multitude of problems I had with this book. You already know the first, it’s not what I would call a “legal thriller.” In fact, the only thrill I got out of this read was completing it so I could move on to something I really want to read. 

Our main character, Cass Leary, is an attorney on a mission. Cass’s mission this time around was to save her sister from the death penalty. A couple was found brutally murdered in their home and Cass’s sister was accused of murdering them. Vangie, Cass's sister, was accused of murdering this couple because they were the adoptive parents to Vangie’s little six-year old daughter, Jessica, who is now missing. So not only is Cass having to deal with her niece’s disappearance, she’s got to figure out if her sister murdered her niece's parents. 

To add insult to injury, Cass’s brothers were up-in-arms because they wanted to know why Vangie was being accused of this heinous crime. Needless to say, Cass was the mother hen to her siblings and all of them looked to her for the answers. What angered the hell out of me is that none of her siblings gave enough damn about Cass and her dilemmas because all the legal advice she gave them, they continually ignored her warnings. They kept inserting themselves in the legal affairs and Cass was the attorney.  Since they knew so much, why the hell didn't they go to law school, was what I kept thinking!  This went on throughout the entire book. Not only did they insert themselves, but there was so much description on how each character was feeling and what they were thinking. It got to the point I found myself thinking “why am I continuing to read?” But, as my readers know, I give every author respect, even though my time and feelings certainly weren’t considered here! 

So, as I pressed on, these characters got dumber, if that’s possible, and I kept waiting for this “thrilling” “legal” story to unfold. I read, and read, and read, and read, and all I managed to find was an attorney who definitely knows the law, but unfortunately doesn’t know how to relay it in a “legal thriller” so that there is courtroom drama and not “family” drama that unfolds. Trust and believe, there’s a huge difference!! Wait for it! Wait! For! It! And nothing! What the hell? 

The more I read, the more frustrated I got and as you can see from my review, this is the best I can manage. It’s hard for me to find anything decent to say about a story that had nothing to do with law. Oh, sure it had plenty of family issues and drama but very little legalese. You cannot call a book a “legal thriller” and the only legal parts dealt with the law that Cass knew about, but where was the courtroom scenes? What happened to the other side of the law? Why was it just one sided? Like I said, the synopsis is so much more enticing than the actual story itself and that’s a real travesty. This could have been a really good book. Just because a real-life attorney knows the law doesn’t mean they can write a book!

The Sexy Nerd gives Silent Witness two loud stars! I did not like this story by any means! There was way too much description of things that didn’t matter. The characters didn’t behave in the manner in which you would expect and why invest your time in them? Unfortunately, you’re not going to find any courtroom drama with this novel. Good luck in finding much legal thrills at all. As I stated above, the best thrill I got from this novel was when I finally finished it. Oh, and when you do find out what is really going on, the ending was extremely disjointed from the entire story line. It didn’t make sense to me. Why was this book written is what I’d really like to know? 

Until next time, Nerds, open a book and get mind blown! 

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