Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Sexy #Nerd #Review...Charlie Crawford New York Homicide...#Prequel #Mystery #Detective #Murder #Mayhem


This was an amazing short story about one of my favorite characters, Charlie Crawford, from the Charlie Crawford Palm Beach series that Tom Turner writes.  What I love about the prequel is that it delves into how we came to get such a raw and gritty character.

Charlie hails from New York City.  We learn the reason why he is now down in Palm Beach, Florida.  There is so much information packed in this prequel, I’d be giving away all the juicy bits and pieces of this awesome character I love so much.  Charlie reminds me of the character, Lenny, from the original Law & Order TV series.  He’s a no nonsense, laid back type of detective that believes in getting justice where justice is due!  And his sense of humor is to die for.  He always has a smart, catchy phrase to say leaving the reader wanting more.

Turner has yet to create a cover for this book.  I belong to his newsletter and I’m a big fan of his writing, so he sent me the link to read the prequel.  I can’t wait until he gets a cover for this fast-paced story.  It’s so short, you can read it in a couple of hours, if not less than that.  Again, I’d love to give you more information about this story, but to do so would spoil the story for anyone who is a fan of the character as I am.  And you already know I do not do spoilers over here!  Believe me when I tell you this book was so good!  I have to go back and finish the Palm Beach series.  

If you aren’t familiar with this series, I urge you to check  out Turner on Amazon or go to Goodreads and review all the books he’s written.  Turner is very prolific.  Like I said, I’m a huge fan.  Until next time, Nerds, open a book and get mind blown.  This one will definitely do it for you!

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