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The Sexy Nerd's #Review Featuring The Swirling Red Mist: A Tale of Murder...#Thriller #TheSwirlingRedMist #NetGalley

Get inside the head of a psychopathic serial killer as she discovers the thrill of murder. Stalkers rarely become serial killers, and even rarer if the murderer is a woman. But, it happens. In this story, it happens in affluent Solana Beach, CA.

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’
Oook, this review is going to be relatively short and to the point. Unfortunately, I did not like this story for multiple reasons, but my main reason was that it didn’t make much sense. 

The characters weren’t well developed and neither was the story line. In fact, the story seemed to jump from one topic to the next without any rhyme or reason. I enjoy reading an odd book or even one that is completely different, but that hinges on the story making some kind of sense and unfortunately, I just didn’t get that.

We find a few friends who attend college together about to graduate and embark on their lifelong careers, and while they are going about their lives, a strange woman continually pops up in places that she shouldn’t be. On one hand, Riki is terrified of this would be stalker and then when a friend of hers advises she should involve the police, she’s like no I can handle myself, and then she turns around and wants someone to stay with her and watch her every move because she’s frightened. Strange occurrences continued to happen and people kept coming up dead, but I couldn’t figure out what the meaning behind all of this was, except that the killer was crazy.

Often times when two characters were interacting, they would have conversation and then the conversation would end without any resolution and the character would be in a completely different scene. As much as it pains me to say this, the story seems as though an extreme novice wrote it. I’m speaking of someone had watched a great deal of TV and/or movies and figured they could put pen to paper and make up a story. And, although stories often are written like that, again, there has to be some sense behind what you’re stating. Regardless if you’re writing a fantasy book or a murder mystery, one plus one must equal two and if it doesn’t, you need to go back to the drawing board and figure it out.

Needless to say, I didn’t like this book at all. It was all over the place. Every time I thought I was getting a rhythm going, the author would switch it up and take me someplace else, and that began to grate on my nerves to the point I almost abandoned the read. In the synopsis it mentioned to get inside the head of a psychopath, but for me, I couldn't wait to get out, and not because it was too much to handle, but quite the opposite. As my readers know, I do try my best to give every author the benefit of the doubt, but I struggled to get through this one. 

The Sexy Nerd gives The Swirling Red Mist: A Tale of Murder three deadly stars. At the end of the day, I could not wrap my head around this story line at all. I tried to make heads or tails out of this, and I came up with neither. I truly tried to find something to like about this story, but I could not. The Swirling Red Mist: A Tale of Murder wasn’t my cup of tea, but perhaps you’d like to take a sip and see. It goes on sale Fri., Sept. 27, 2019. Until next time, Nerds, open a book and get mind blown!

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